Unexpectedly Fallen (SwaSan OS) Beginning by Marsuu

Happy vala birthday depuuu????
May god bless you.???
This story is dedicated to depuuu(Ndsg)
So here I’m giving a short story on swasan as your birthday gift.
I hope you will like it.???

So this story has two parts this one is beginning and the next one is ending. I will post second part tomorrow itself till then read this one.
Let’s begin:

Unexpectedly Fallen(SwaSan OS)

On the dark road, a man is going in the car. He is talking on Bluetooth and look quite serious. It was pitch dark around when he abruptly stopped the car as he noticed a figure fell on the ground slightly hitting his car. He cut the call and came out. He saw a girl is lying unconscious but didn’t saw her face as long hairs are covering it. He turn her and got shocked to see her head bleeding. There were few wounds on her arms and hands.
The man is Sanskar Maheshwari.
Sanskar was sure she was already injured bcoz a slight hit by a car can’t harm to this extend. Then he noticed her one hand placed protectively on her belly. She is having small baby bamp indicating she is pregnant.
” where the hell I’m trapped?” He mumble frustratedly.
Sanskar Maheshwari, he don’t care for anyone. He is arrogant, selfish and workaholic man. He don’t like to unnecessarily poke his nose in others life and that’s the reason he didn’t care that the girl is pregnant then what she is doing on the road at mid night. He won’t even see her if she was not hitted by his car. But now he has to take her to hospital.
He picked her in his arms and went to car. She perfectly fit in his arms but he give damm to it.
He made her lie on the back seat and went to near by hospital.

Girl was taken to operation theatre and Sanskar payed the bill bcoz he don’t want any blame on himself for hitting her so was doing favour on her.
He signed looking at the mobile screen as it was his mother
” yes mom” he said receiving the call.
” Sanskar where are you?? It’s too late” sujata was tensed for her dear son.
” I’m bit busy will come soon” he tried to act normal.
” okay ” she said and cut the call.

” Mr Maheshwari” doctor said as he came out from OT.
” how is she??” Sanskar asked emotionlessly.
” she is fine but..” He stopped before proceeding.
” but what???” Sanskar wished not to have any other problem.
” she lost her child” doctor completed.
” ohh sad” Sanskar tried to show sympathy.
” but don’t tell her she will be stressed” doctor further said
” hmm” sanskar thought to talk to her and then leave her at home and get rid of this problem.

Later, sanskar enter in the cabin and saw that girl is staring at the ceiling. She look at sanskar as the door opened.
” hmm what’s your name??” Sanskar tried to initiate the conversation.
She look at him blankly as she was not able to speak anything due to the cut at her throat. Sanskar observed bandage at her throat and understood.
” write” he offered paper pen picking from side table.
She took it and wrote her name with shivering hands and give to Sanskar.
“Swara?? Right” he read her name and she nodded in anticipation.
” take rest” sanskar was about to leave but swara tap on the bed to stop him.
” what?” He turn back.
Swara picked paper pen and again wrote something and give to him.
” My baby is fine??” It was written and Sanskar was not knowing what to tell as doctor said not to stress her so he simply nodded in yes.
” where is your husband and family?” Sanskar asked
Tears made their way through her cheeks. Sanskar got shocked bcoz he is not the man who knows how to console and all.
” don’t cry” his words were stern.
Swara look down and wipe her tears.
” you don’t have family??” He again asked bcoz if her family will come then only he can leave her.
Swara shook her head in no. Sanskar was shocked as if she don’t have family then who will take her.
” your husband??” He want someone should be there so that he can escape.
” I’m not married” she wrote on the paper.
” what the hell!! She is not married but then how was her baby?? Illegal” these thoughts came in sanska’s mind but then he don’t care whosever child it was.
” you take rest” he whisper and left the cabin.
Swara lie on the bed and got lost in her thoughts. She caress her belly thinking baby is fine.

Sanskar enter in the doctors cabin as he has called him.
” I think I should leave now you can take care of that girl” sanskar sit on the chair.
” sorry but u can’t leave her like this there should be someone” doctor said.
” but she don’t have anyone” sanskar told.
” I suggest to take her with you. She is weak and when she will recover tell her about miscarriage” doctor tried to make him understand.
” but why I should take burden” he was hell irritated.
” try to think about her its just a matter of few days” doctor said
Sanskar run his hand through his hairs annoyed and nodded reluctantly.

In the morning, sanskar completed the formalities and took swara to his home.
She firstly denied then she don’t have any save place where she can go. So agreeing to sanskar ,she left with him. One nurse was appointed to take care of her.
Maheshwari House:
Sujata opened the door and saw sanskar is standing. Next to him is swara standing with the support of the nurse.
” hayeeeeee finally a girl came in my son’s life” sujata shouted at the top seeing sanskar with a girl.
Sanskar closed his eyes at his mother’s drama.
Sujata went near swara and cups her face. Swara got scared.
” mom let her come in” Sanskar said looking at swara’s fearful state.
” ha ha come inside” she held swara and take her inside.
” mom take her to guest room” sanskar said before leaving to his room.
” what happened to my dil??” Sujata look at bandages and nurse.
Swara’s eyes got wide and sanskar’s jaws hit on the ground in shock listening to dil.
Sanskar assure swara through eyes to ignore her mother and she nodded.

Sujata made swara comfortably lie in the guest room and left to meet sanskar leaving swara with nurse.
Sanskar is working on the laptop when she enter
” who is she sanskar??” Confusion is clear on sujata’s face.
” she got hit with my car and then I took her to hospital. She don’t have anyone so doctor asked me to keep her at my house for few days” sanskar explained carelessly.
” then she is perfect for you beautiful, simple and innocent” sujata started dreaming swara as his wife.
” mom she was pregnant” sanskar signed at her.
” what??? was pregnant,Not now? ” she asked being in dilemma.
” she lost her child. She was already badly injured when she came in front of my car” he said without any emotions.
” haww poor girl, where is her husband?” Sujata was now curious.
” she is not married according to her now either she is lying or had child before marriage which is common now a days” sanskar said.
” she is confusing” sujata make faces.
” don’t stress you mind, she is no one to us just once she will recover I will tell her about miscarriage and then she can leave” sanskar wrapped the topic.
” okay but I will take care of her till then” sujata said
” as you wish” sanskar roll his eyes and left to washroom.

Sujata enter in the guest room with lunch.
Swara slightly smile at her. Sujata sit near her.
” I’m sujata that arrogant man who bought you here, his mom” she said making swara laugh.
” u can treat me as your mother” sujata caress her hairs.
Swara’s eyes got filled with tears seeing her affection.
Sujata feed her and she silently ate. Though she is not that much interested to have food but then for her baby she took.
Sujata keep on speaking and swara was laughing listening to her talks. She liked sujata’s friendly nature.
Sanskar has only sujata in his life.
Swara was laughing as sujata was telling about sanskar’s arrogant behavior.
That time only sanskar enter in the room and was amused to see her smiling. As soon as swara saw him she looked down.
” these are the medicines” Sanskar handed one packet to nurse.
He left without further saying anything and swara and sujata again got busy with each other.

After 2 days:
Swara’s throat injury was recovered and she was able to speak slowly. She has asked nurse number of times about baby bcoz she was feeling different and nurse always lie.Sanskar didn’t came once also to see swara in these two days. Sujata and swara’s bond became unbreakable. Most of the time swara is with sujata.
Swara came out from the washroom keeping hand on her belly. She is not feeling the baby
” my baby is okay??” She asked nurse.
” yes” nurse again lied.
” but I can’t feel” she sit on the bed.
” it happens sometimes don’t worry” nurse said and left from there.

In the hall, sanskar is having breakfast and sujata is serving him.
” sir, she is asking about her baby again and again” nurse said coming near.
” yes Sanskar we should tell her” sujata saw sanskar lost in his thoughts.
Sanskar nodded and trio left to guest room.

Swara saw sanskar after two days. She never came out of the room and if comes he used to be in office.
” swara we need to talk something important” sujata sit beside swara.
” swara act strongly its just your baby is no more” sanskar didn’t thought once also before speaking. Sujata glare at him who tell like this.
” what are you saying sir??” Fear engulfed swara’s heart.
” yes swara your baby is no more may be bcoz of the injuries” sujata side hugged supporting her.
” but you said child is okay” tears has started flowing from her eyes.
” I lied so that u should not stress yourself” Sanskar said
Sujata hugged her as swara was crying badly. Sanskar give her a look and left from there.
” I can understand your condition swara but you have to be strong” sujata consoled her.
” I was ha..ving only my… Baby” she said stammering caressing her belly.
” may be god wants this only” sujata wipe her tears.
” I don’t have any reason to live” swara was hopeless.
” don’t say like this if we lost something it doesn’t means our life ends” sujata said
Swara cried hugging sujata for the long time and slept getting tired. Sujata made her lie on the bed and left.

One week has passed since swara got to know about her miscarriage. Sujata was always beside her. She was giving her hopes to live and Swara got a mother in the form of sujata. Now she is completely recovered from the injuries so nurse is no more there.
Swara enjoy the company of sujata. Swara told many times that she should leave now as she is fine but sujata never let her go. Sujata don’t care about swara’s past just want her in the house.
In this week, swasan never talked to each other. Sanskar used to come at late night and swara was sleeping. Yeah sometimes they used to meet at the breakfast and just shared eyelocks but never uttered a word.

At night, swara is sitting in the garden staring at the stars.
” god has snatched everything from me. Why you left your shona alone in this world. I miss you so much and now even I lost your last symbol also” she was crying placing hand on her belly.
Sanskar who came out to attend the call as there was no network inside listened her talking to herself.
Sanskar thought may be she is talking to the father of the child she lost.
” You are crying??” Sanskar went near her.
Swara quickly wiped her tears and looked at him.
” what are you doing here??” He again asked.
” nothing” swara merely whisper.
” then go and sleep”he said.
Swara nodded and was about to leave when Sanskar said blankly
” when you are going to leave??”
Swara look at him with hurt filled eyes not knowing what to say.
” no need to make your place in this house” he again said looking away.
Swara’s eyes got filled with tears. How can he say like this. She is still here just bcoz his mother said.
” I will leave tomorrow” swara mumble before running inside. She didn’t wait for his answer.
Sanskar signed and left to his room.

To be continued…

Is swara already married??
Who is the father of that baby???
What is Swara’s past??
How will love blossom between swasan??
Will Sanskar’s stern behavior change??
Or is this the end of their journey which even didn’t started??
To know the answers of all these questions. Wait for next part.

You can share your guesses and views.
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Thank you.

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