Twinj were in the cab …. completely trying to ignore eo …. the cab stopped they came out …. kunj went to to the back to take out the luggage but …… but he only took his luggage not even caring about twinkle who had a wound on her right hand … kunj gave the money to the driver but twinkle was struggling to take out…. kunj went from there inside the hotel but the gaze of the driver was only on twinkle ………
Driver ( in mind ) : yahi time hai thoda mazaa lene ka …..
The driver went at the back n put his hand on twinkle’s who awkwardly looked back to him ….
Driver : arre madam ji let me take out the luggage , ur not looking well I guess …
Twinkle back off her hand with a thud n attitude …
T : that’s very sweet of you but I don’t need any help I can do it myself …
Driver ( sarcastically ) : arre madam ! I’m helping u N u r behaving so rude with me …. atleast u should respect me , your husband left you here like this not even thinking that her wife won’t be able to take out the luggage…

T ( pointing finger ) : Xcuse stop interfaring in my life… ur work was only to drop us here so tay away from me …
Twinkle was about to take out with all of her strength n the driver was about to keep his hand on twinkle’s hand but before anything could be done a hand came on twinkle’s hand who removed her hand from the luggage n himself took out …. yes he was none other than kunj … kunj was aggressively looking into the eyes of driver …. the driver left from there n kunj held twinkle’s hand n took her inside the hotel … twinkle was just eyeing kunj … her mind was blank for the first time … her body was moving … her feet were moving her eyes were watching kunj but her mind was blank ….. suddenly twinkle’s head became heavy she loosed her balance n fell ….. yes about fall but kunj saw this …. kunj held her with his bold arms …. he started patting her cheek
K ( with concern n fear ) Twinkle ! Twinkle!
Twinkle opened her eyes …. she held kunj shirt n tried to get up n she succeed…
K : twinkle tu theek toh hai na !? ( twinkle are u fine !? )
Twinkle nodded in yes…
T : hmm

Kunj held her hand took the keys n went to their room ….
Twinkle sat on the bed holding her head n kunj gave a glass of water to her …..
The only their room bell rung …… a bouquet was handed to kunj …..
Man : sir it’s for ….
Kunj : for whom ? …
Man : I was ordered to give this in room no. 345 …
Kunj : but who gave this ..
Man : I don’t know sir ….
Kunj : what do you mea….
Twinkle : thank you …

Twinkle cut kunj n let the man leave from there … kunj looked at twinkle with what the hell look …
Twinkle : what!? …. why r u staring me like this… bechaare ko nahi pataa tha kisne diya toh jaan life kya uski ….
Kunj was angry with twinkle but as per seeing her health he thought to be polite n change the mood n smirked …
Kunj : yeah yeah !! U will say this coz u ,u still be knowing who sent you this …
Twinkle: what !? How do I know but I can guess this must sent by bebe …. she can be the one …
Kunj ( coming towards twinkle ) : ohh really …. but what if turns out to be from ur boyfriend …..
Twinkle ( smirked n she starting coming close to kunj n have started stepping back ) : but what if it turns out to be from your gopirlfriend ….
Kunj smiled n smirked : yeah it can be … actually you r right… in fact it can 100% possible…
Twinkle made haaww face …..
Kunj looked at her face n said : I had many gfs in my schl college not a big deal of some still thinks about me n mad about me ….
Twinkle: oh really Mr! …… so why don’t we open up the whole matter ….
Twinj sat on the bed n twinkle out the card n reads….
Dear children

I hope you enjoy this honeymoon to the fullest n have great time n memories n make it a memorable one …. for u N Foe us too ….
Twinj looked at eo n screamed : BEBE !!
Yeah now u both must be knowing it’s your bebe Urf babe demanding for babiessssssssss ( twinkle made this word long both looked at eo awkwardly ) but not forcing …. just have a great time …. n yeah one more thing I knw you both must be tired but there is a couple dance n you both have to be a part of it atleast for ur bebe …. now good bye … love you both
Your pyaari bebe
Twinj looked at eo awkwardly after listening babies
Kunj : we aren’t going …
Twinkle looked at kunj first with puppy eyes but in fraction of seconds: yeah u r right even I’m not interested
Kunj : no ! I didn’t meant that … it’s just that u r not well twinkle … u need rest ….
Twinkle: Xcuse me ! ….. what’s do u mean I’m unwell .., did I came here for rest…..
Kunj: this is not the time for this twinkle just sleep …
Before twinkle could say something the door bell rung again ….
N again it was the same man
Kunj looked frustrated at the man where as the man made puppy eyes …
Man : Sir ! …. this is the card for the tonight dance n yeah bebe said one more thing …
Kunj ( sarcastically in crying way ) : What !?
Man : that she needs tonight dance pic ….
Kunj made puppy face but twinkle was happy n open her mouth in excitement but again closed it ….. kunj came back ….
Twinj : vo ! …
Twinj : pehle tum …
Kunj : jana hai ?
Twinkle huh ?

Kunj : mera Matlab party mein ….
Twinkle: of course…
Kunj looked at twinkle who was happy inside but behaving normal outside…..
They both wore their dresses …
Kunj : vaiiiissee acchii lag rahi
Twinkle ( raising her one eye brow ) : just achhi …
Kunj smiled : haan haan bilkul Mrs kunj sarna ….
Both laugh n left from there ….
So guys here I ended …… the Precap is the same which was in the last ….. will try to post next one soon …. n chiku di I know it’s not big enough but I’m really we surrounded with a lot of work try to post next one soon ….. n guys n silent readers please comment yaar … coz this is only support system n if u won’t so sadly I have to stop or end this ff …. it’s a request guys do comment coz it really takes a lot of effort …. n a special thnx to those who comment n r supporting me n a big one to chiku di coz i was never failled to see ur comment …. thnx alot di ???
Love you all ?????

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