Kunj came out of washroom n saw a sleeping twinkle but then his eyes fell on a diary kept on the table ……. He went near n took the diary into his hand n then looked at twinkle
K: kunj nahi ……. That’s wrong kisiki personal diary padhna boori baat hoti hai …..
But nahi ….. twinkle meri biwi hai ….. uski diary toh main padh sakta …….

But meri biwi hai toh kya hua … personal diary toh personal hoti hai ….. kunj vaapas rakh table pe
He kept the diary on the table n in antic way he turned his face opposite to the diary …….. but then only his eyes turned around towards the diary ……..
Now kunj in frustrated mood
Kunj : dekh kunj diary padhni hai toh padh varna soja …. Vaise hi raat ho gayi hai aur upar se phir dark circles bhi aajayenge ……
But watt kuch ni haa ya naa
Haaaaa … I mean sirf padhunga lekin iska zikar kissi k saamne ni kaunga ..
Kunj open the first page of the diary but accidently due to wind the pages started fluttering n last page of the diary came out ……..

It’s been 2 months ….. I’m married to kunj …. everyday just living in a debt …. we both are friends to eo …… n lovely couples in front of the family ….. but something always keep us in the reality ….. don’t allow us to imagine our future …. just wish that night never happened in our life ……. kunj ! ( smile ) Kunj…. he is the best person on this world to understand me ……. not only this soon we will be living our life happily …… ummm maybe I won’t be …. just want his happiness ….. he ruined his precious months of his life just for me … I will give him that back …… its difficult …. Difficult for me but not for kunj .. n these minths I have also understood this that kunj has too a dark past ( kunj took long breadth n looked at twinkle with amused n guilty eyes but then again back to the diary ) I to have a dark past ….. which wont keep our future . one has to move on in his or her life n I want him to move on . we will have nothing living with eo ….. I will divorce him .. ( these words started echoing in kunj ears .. he looked at twinkle with moist eyes ) divorce him …. Ya difficult for me ….. but wait wait its not love …. Okay ! …. Its just that 2 months are enough to get attached with someone …..let it be … its time to goodnight .. hope to have a bold n powerful morning …..
#diary ends#

Kunj’s eyes were moist .. he wiped them off
Kunj : I cant believe this … I thought im giving all happiness to twinkle n trying to help her to move on her in her life …. But I got defeated …. No kunj no….. after this much I have decided that I will give her a good n better life from this .. I will give a chance to this relationship … I don’t care about the past n especially of mine coz of way of thinking about same for the others was wrong ….
Kunj went to the couch n closed his eyes …

Bebe : kunj ! kunj ! ( shouting )
Bebe : twinkle puttar kunj abhi tak uthaa ni kya..
Twinkle : nayi bebe … aisa toh nahi hain … voh toh subah subah hi office k liye tayaar ho gaya tha
Kunj : kya hua meri pyaari bebe ko
Bebe ; tu idhar hai …. Chal yeh sab chodh aura b meri baat dhayan se sunn
Kunj looks at twinkle suspiciously waiting to know what bebe wants to talk but twinkle was too confused so she nodded in no …..
Bebe : tum dono honeymoon pe jaa rahe ho ……..
Twinj eyes popped out listening honeymoon …
Twinj : honeymoon ….. !!!!!!!!!! ( nervously )
Manohar : haan ….. honeymoon ……
Twinkle : but
Manohar : no butt watts….. kunj your meeting has been fixed in goa so you can’t deny …. n as it is of 20 days twinkle jle you will go with him ….. n yaa yuvi will later join you …
Bebe : yuvi …., arre voh kyun … honeymoon haaii yeh
Kunj : seriously honeymoon hai dharamshala ni
Twinkle widened her eyes n looked at kunj a with open mouth to which kunj replied innocently through his eyes to which she made disgusting face …
Manohar : kunj ! Stop it …….. it’s not only your honeymoon but a meeting place too…… n I’m really sorry twinkle for spoiling your honeymoon …….
Kunj : ( thinks ) Uska honeymoon ….. ( mimicking ) uska uska toh aise kar raha hain jaise mere saath ni akele honeymoon banayegi …. mere bina kya karegi …. Mere bhi honeymoon hai ….. mere saath hogi tabhi toh honeymoon banega …. haan ni toh ….
Twinkle smiled at the situation considering everything is right ….
Later they left from there

Precap: twinj argument…… their honeymoon …. n jealousy …………

I know short one but kya karti ……. itna hi likh paayi … now please guys give your comments coz they are only my support system …
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  1. Sohi

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    The dairy part was awesome precap me jealousy made it more interesting and more over kunjs dialogues were nicely written in short I enjoyed it plz post next episode soon

  2. Vipul

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    Hey Daamini! it was amazing awesome superb episode….. loved that diary scene…. n kunj ka dialoge “Mera bhi Honymoon hai… Mere bina kya karegi…Mere sath hogi tabhi to honymoon manega manayegi” yarrrr just loved it…. pls post next asap… eagerly waiting to see their jelousy…


  3. Adya

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    Damu di..hayeeeee….soo romantic….
    Nd the last dialogue of kunj 😂😂😂
    Can’t think of more…..pls pls pls post soon…..can’t wait plssssssss post di…..
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  4. Monica

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    It was so cute but emotional as well. The last part where kunj was thinking to himself was epic 😂 Anyway, hope you’ll be able to post soon with a longer update.
    Lovess! xx 💙

  5. Zuha Fatima

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    Daamu….It was stupendous!! Just loved it!! And the dialogue of Kunj was so beautifully written…Simply amazing 🙂 Maza aa gaya 😂😂 Love ya!

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  6. Paavu

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  7. SidVee

    Wow superb epi.. loved it.. the diary part was so emotional n the words which twinkle said.. n Kunj’s dialogue at the end “mere bina kya karegi.. mera bhi honeymoon hai.. mere saath hogi tabhi toh honeymoon banega” was 😂😂.. do cont soon ❤❤

  8. Ayu

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    😂😂😂honeymoon!!! Kunj ke dialogues❤️❤️❤️
    Mein abhi tak hass rhi hoon!!! Meri jaan!!! Mujhmein na desperation aa rhi hai…i want to know kya hone wala hai…to thoda jaldi post kardo🙏🙏

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    or ab yr srsly luvd d episde d diary partt bt goa mujhe hmesha satayega hmeshaaa…
    yr i miss dem well d episdoe was osm hahahahahaa honeymoon n twinjs reaction bt den uv ka name suntee hi kunjs reaction 😀 hahaha loved it 2 core 😉 post next asap yr cant w8 dammi
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