Really sorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys I know ow that I’m very very late but aur kya kar sakti this…. I wasn’t well these days ….. bukhaar …. cold cough …, body ache ….. many many ….. problems …. really sorry .. now back n yup I read in comments that you all were having some problems I’m mean confuse
First of all here is the link of previous part
Part 11

Now let me clear ….. gaaauuurrr se dekhiye aur samjhe
Kuyu = kunj & sayeeda di
Twinj = twinkle & kunj
Twiraj = twinkle & yuvraj
Yuyu = sayu di & yuvraj
Hooe it’s clear n yeah I now main abhi bhi sayu di ka birthday party latki hui hun …. … now let’s move on to the epi

Kunj & sayu di r dancing n Twiraj r too on the dance floor …… kunj is just looking at Twiraj n boiling in anger while sayu di is just enjoying ……
Yuvraj was dancing with twinkle …….. uv puts his hand on her naked belly n twinkle looks at him with awkward eyes .. though they both avoid it but our kunj ……
Kunj (mind ) saalaa meri biwi ko choo kaise raha …. aur twinkle …m twinkle toh kuchh kar bhi ni rahi ……… iss yuvraj ki toh main band bajaunga
They dances but the partner get exchange
Now twinkle was with kunj ….. n kunj boldly held her in his arms n twinkle was surprised with his gesture ….. n widened her eyes …. kunj was all in his attitude n looked straight into her eyes whereas twinkle in awkwardness starting looking somewhere else n her eyes met with yuvi who was confuse with there actions
T : kunj ( pressing her teeth) what nonsense is this … yeh kya kar rahe ho …
K (raising on eye brow ) : what ? Biwi hai tu meri …. kuchh bhi karu …
T ( disgusting ) : yuvraj is looking at us ….
In not interested look he turned his face n saw yuvi looking at him n twinkle who quickly broke the eye contact n kunj turned twinkle to his side n tight the grip but not with rudeness to prevent herring from loosing balance ….
The song plays
Nashe Si Chadh Gayi
Ton sourire m’ensorcelle
Je suis fou de toi
Le désir coule dans mes veines
Guidé par ta voix
(French Lyrics Translation)
Your smile enchants me
I am crazy about you
The desire in my veins
Guided by your voice
Kunj started a slow dance with her n do the lapsing of the song
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi (x2)
Aise khenche dil ke penche
Gale hi pad gayi oye
Nashe si chadh gayi oye
Kudi nashe si chadh gayi
Patang si lad gayi oye
Kudi patang si lad gayi
He do the same dance which he did in tei when twinkle was angry with him for being choosing other girl for the add with him except her n assembly to make twinkle smile antakshari was played in which at last twinj danced …. I’m sorry for not describing scenes ..
O udti patang jaise
Mast malang jaise
Masti si chadh gayi
Humko turant aise lagti current jaise
Nikhla ho warrant Jaise ……
He dances with her with an attitude where as twinkle was just admiring his gestures ……
The song ends n everyone leaves they bid bye to sayu di n yuvi left from there was back ….
Twinj were heading to there room n were doing up through stairs…. both wanted to say something but ……….. kunj is kunj
Kunj : kya zaroorat thi uske saath chipak chipak k dance karne ki
Twinkle (confused ) : chipak chipak k ?? ….. ohh so Mr kunj sarna jealous ho rahe hain
Kunj : jealous aur vo bhi main…. lol ( folding his arms )
Twinkle : what lol …… n yaa one more thing he was very handsome haan
Kunj : handsome ? I mean seriously ….. Teri choice itni ghatiya hogi twinkle yeh mujhe ni pataa tha …
Twinkle : ghatiya aur vo bhi meri choice……. excuse me Mr sarna you are also my choice so better think before saying anything …
Kunj : main aur vo bhi Teri choice ( in his tei wala attitude) Mrs twinkle kunj sarna I’m not your choice you are my choice ….
Twinkle thinks of something n smiles but her smile soon fade away n was looking lil bit upset n kunj realised what he said .. twinkle was leaving from there when kunj held her hand which gave her a jerk n was about to fall but kunj held her in his arm ….
Both were looking into eo eyes …. Sajna ve song plays
Kunj in soft tone :as you are my choice so see everyone praise me so much n especially Bebe…… tu badi achhi voting laya hai kunj putter
He make her stand
Kunj : aur Vaise bhi agar main Teri choice hun bhi to kya hua life k kuch exceptions bhi toh hote haina ….
Twinkle smiled looking at him where as kunj was happy n admiring her … both left to there room ……
Kunj was about to sit on sofa when he saw a diary ….. he looked at twinkle who was sleeping on her bed n then at diary

Precap: kunj is opening the diary …….. and ………… honeymoon
??? I know Precap is lil bit funny but I gave gap …… I know a short one but not much well so that’s why ….. n chiku wanted it badly so here it is …
Lub u all ?????

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