unexpected sweet story of life.. Short story


Heyy everyone.. I am writing a ffs first time.. I hope you people like itt..
Arvi- main lead.. 20(( arjun of manmarziyan))

Isha- main lead..19((radhika of manmarziyan)

Isha was a funloving girl.. She loved visit different places in her holidays.. She had great believ in love.. She had no boy friends but she was a good and sweet heart.. Arvi was a cute boy.. He liked to roam around exciting places.. He used to respect girls and was a good at heart..
One day isha was sitting on the corner of a launch..she was going to sylhet( imagine a place).. She was very excited.. Although she was travelling alone on a launch for the first time( her friends used to accompany her earlier).. She was sitting on a chair outside her room and looking at the waves of water..all of a sudden she saw a person was floating.. She immediately call the persons of launch and they succesfully bring him up.. He was a handsome and cute guy.. Yup this is arvi.. His head was bleading badly and he had a high fever.. We( the persons of launch and me) took himto my room.. It was a room with a double bed and a single .. Well i had taken it as we three were supposed to go.. But destiny..
Well the persons made him sleep in the double bed( no other room was available.. All were full) and i was studying doctorate ( sorry I don’t know what it is called exactly) so i just gave him a first aid to stop flowing of blood.. All went outside.. I was just staring him.. Well this was first time i was attracted so much towards someone..
I in my thoughts started carresing his head.. And i realised he had a high fever.. I without wasting time bought a bowl and was keeping the wet cloth on his forehead to reduce fever (you know what i mean.. Sorry couldn’t write clearly.. Maaf kar dena is bechari ko) well it was almost noon to evening.. I gave him some medicines also to reduce his fever( studying doctorate.. I myself had no idea why i was caring so much about him.. It was night now.. I was worried sbout him.. He was still unconscious.. He needed urgent tratment.. I had nothing from the morning for this sweet sleeping prince…. Whatttt.. I called him sleeping prince.. I had gone mad..
I found his body moving.. He was trying to open his eyes.. After struggling for sometime he opened his eyes and was staring me..i asked him what was his name..was he okay.. He was still staring me like an alien.. But i was liking it in my heart.. His eyes suddenly had fear.. He started moving back.. He shouted stay away.. I was seriously going to be mad. He started to panic which was much risky for his health.. I hugged him to calm him.. I was just patting his head and hugged him tightly.. This is the first time i hugged a boy so tight.. I had no reason..??.. I managed to calm him.. I cupped his face and said to him with a cheerful face.. Heyyy i am isha.. He was again staring me…
Ughhh.. He started crying all of a sudden.. This time he hugged me tightly and i started carressing his back to calm him.. He cried for whole half an hour.. Then he stopped crying and looked at me.. Thank god.. He stopped crying.. I was going to drown .. He asked me…. Are u my friendie?? I just found out he had lost his memory.. I said yes to avoid his crying seesoon again.. His face light up and he hugged me again..
When he did not move for sometime i found that he was feeling dizzy.. I made him sit and feed him.. And made him slept.. I had no idea who was he.. So much happened in a day.. Well we will reach sylhet next day evening… I did not had my dinner as well because of tiredness and went to sleep.. Don’t worry.. In my single bed..
In the midnight around 2 i heard someone shouting.. I opened my eyes to find my sleeping prince
shouting in sleep and was shivering badly .. I went to him and waked him up.. He was damn scared.. I hugged him tightly ensuring him he is safe.. I made him lie again.. He was still shivering.. I covered him with blanket and made him sleep on my lap.. I would not mind giving him my life.. I had started to love him.. Yuppp.. I was in love..

Next morning i get up early in the morning to see him sleeping hugging my stomach.. He was just like a kid.. This time i was staring himm… And blushing.. Heeheee???. He wakes up and gave me a cute smile.. Arvi…Ummm what was your name friend.. I forgot.. ??
Me: isha…
Well i was observing he was behaving like a kid.. I have to think about it and find it but it is not the right time..
Arvi..ummm what are u thinking isha..
Me.. Nothing friend.. What do i call you…
Arvi.. Umm I don’t know??
He said with a crying face..

Me..Are u not hungry.. I have something tasty for you..
Arvi.. Foodd.. Yess i amm veryy hungry… Even my stomach is racing..??
Me.. Wait i am bringing it..
I said.. I was about to stand when my head starts paining.. I was feeling dizzy.. I sat on the bed with a thud.. He Hugged me and asked with a crying face..
Ar.. Ishi are u okay..
Me.. Yahh.. Look at me i am fine..
I just remembered i had nothing from yesterday.. Well this was the reason for this dizziness.. Huhhhh
Ar… I am sorry.. This happened because of me sorry..
He said crying.. I cupped his face and assured him i wad fine.. I grabbed a chocolate from my bag and started to eat it.. He was looking at me hoping to get a share.. I grabbed another one and gave it to himm.. We both haf good company and enjoyed lott❤️.. These two days were the best days of my life.. I had a sudden wish to be with him always.. I prayed sincerely to god to make him fine and mine.. Together♥️♥️♥️.
But god had already decided to make them one.. It is destiny and love??

Well i know it was not good.. Well please suggest me whether I should continue or not.. Please do share ideas or else i may end up in pool of sea? i mean tears.. Hahah..

Credit to: isha

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  1. Yes continue with the story, I want to know what happens next. 🙂

  2. it was so cute….plz wanna no what happened next…plzzzzz

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    i enjoyed it
    the way u narrated is like hilarious
    do continue
    i m eager to know what happened after

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  6. Its nice Isha…….but I got confused in the beginning portion…..plzz dont mix 1st person and second person narration..( hope you are not offended )……..and the chocolate scene was cute………..plzz continue….. in which class are you studying Isha ?????? let me guess 9th ????

  7. nice one 🙂

  8. Lol…..isha it’s good…..actually all of us r pshyco here……we enjoy arjun n radhika in every manner…every way……carry on

  9. choo chweet nice

  10. Hay it’s sounding interesting !! U should continue !!

  11. Pls continue dear…it was realy amazing start…

  12. I really like kid type lovers so i myself ask smtimes my bf 2 become a kid n it becomes a lovely time sharing n caring of him being sooo innocent its kind a cute feeling.

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  19. Hey isha…
    The storyline was nice …bestjob.
    I think you used doctorate to indicate she(you) is studying MBBS.generally doctorate is said for Phd.those who study to become a doctor is generally said doing MBBS or doing medicine.
    Hope i dont said anything wrong or hurt you…
    Thanks for your story

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