Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 9


Recap: Sanskar buying Swara college and Swara wants TC.
And Guys from now on I refer Reju as Laksh.

The episode starts with Swara coming to her house with Laksh. She looks dull and pale. Shona don’t be like this I talked to Ragini we will leave tomorrow Ok says Laksh. What u called Ragini why I told you na don’t disturb her we will see some other college here itself na says Swara. Shona did u gave ur wits to that stupid Biju come on after whatever happened he assumed u as his wife then will he leave u simply says Laksh and Swara pouts. Achaa Ok now tell me what happened to ur secret lover you used to praise him infront of me asked Laksh. Don’t talk to me about him its been a month only and u called him my secret lover asked Swara with her hands on her hip. Don’t try to lie Shona u know it very well so tell me the truth asked Laksh. Ok I love him so what don’t you love ur wife Ragini baapre I cant even imagine u both got married and its been a year said Swara dramatically. Meri Choti behen stop plz if Maa or Papa hear it means I am dead says Laksh crossing his hand over his neck. Swara giggles and says so when we r leaving. Laksh says tomorrow morning and don’t be late Ok. Swara teases cant wait to see ur wife na and leaves to her room.

In the night……
Swara is packing Laksh clothes while he is speaking to Ragini. Haan Ragini I took all the things u told and see Swara also helped me plz my ears are paining says Laksh. Ragini says how mean let u come here first I will seeu afterwards and cuts the call. Laksh falls on the bed and Swara smiles seeing him. Ok I know what u will tell before that I leave as I have to pack also na and good night says Swara and leaves. Swara enters her room and switches on the light. Sanskar is sitting on her study table and see her from top to toe. Swara is wearing pink baniya and thigh length trouser but Swara doesn’t notice him and starts packing her things. Oh my Shona is looking cute and hot in this dress I want to kiss her now but I have to control myself thought Sanskar. Oh no I have to make it asap already its late then I have to sleep oh God finally I am free from this Biju aka Sanskar says Swara and lets sigh out. Oh my dear wife is planning to run away said Sanskar in low voice in her ear. Swara stands still feeling his breathe on her neck and bites her lower lip. Sanskar her towards him by her waist. What are u doing here asked Swara who is shivering in fear. Don’t u want to see ur love Maheswari asked Sanskar with a grin. Swara looks at him with shocked expression. What did u do to him plz he is innocent he don’t even know me plz says Swara. Her eyes are welled with tears. Sanskar smiles seeing her and smiles. You love me this much Shona I am very Lucky to have u he says and kissed her forehead. Which means….. starts Swara and Sanskar completes her confusion. Yes my dear wife I am Sanskar Maheswari I told you na you gave birth to a the dead person in me and this is I am he says. Swara couldn’t say anything but hugs him tightly and cries hard. Sanskar cups her face and says No more tears in my Shona’s eyes I hate them. Swara says You scared me like hell y u did this with me I hate you…….. I hate you…. Sanskar says because I love you and hugs her. Both had a smile on there face.

Sanskar wipes his tears and says Shona I know what u r going through I cant make it out myself when I am stucked into it, I know u are in depression for more than five years and to ease u I have to take this and to protect u from Don Seenu we were in this unexpected relation sort out our hurdles Shona and when time comes I will tell u everything for that I have to be like this and kissed her forehead. He gets a call and says Yes I am coming make sure no one can track that Ok and cuts the call. He says Shona we will both together open up the biggest mystery of our Life and make them suffer that death will be afraid and gets confidence.

Precap: Laksh death by Sanskar and Sanskar gets call from Don Seenu.

I know you all will bash me after reading this past and many questions will as I have mention these are unexpected relation slowly the relation between Sanskar, Swara , Laksh and Ragini will be revealed. Post ur comments and don’t worry I read ur comments and for ur each question I answer them through my story till then if u feel bored and want some emotional scenes read my Love is Painful and its complicated Bye

Credit to: Rini

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