Unexpected Relation (swaragini)


Hello everyone Its Rini I am going to try an One shot so plz bear with me and the title is Unexpected.

Story starts with a girl is seen getting ready in a beautiful pink and cream colour saree. A lady comes and says Swara get ready fast we have to reach temple on time. And our Swara turns and face the Lady.
Swara says Sumi Maa I am ready lets go down Papa will be waiting and both them goes down and met Shekar. He says Meri Beti is so beautiful in this dress and Swara smiles. Sumi says Haan we have to get her married to see her age. Swara says Maa I dont want to get married. Sensing the situation Shekar asked them shall we go and they let.
At the same time a guy in a navy blue suit is eating his breakfast. A man came and said Sanskar today we have to go to temple before going to office. Yes its Sanskar. He says Papa I dont have belief in these stuff. The man is Dp and Ap comes there. Ap says For my sake and he nodes and they leave to.

In the mandir….
Both family came at the same time. Swara and Sanskar stepped at the same time and the Pandit who is doing Puja gets some feeling. Pandit says Devi Maa for what purpose u r giving this sign. Pandit turns and sees Swasan coming followed by their family. Panditji smiles and thanks Devi. Swasan stand beside eachother and prays closing their eyes.
Swara prays God I know Maa Papa want me to see in the bridal attire but because of that Man I cant get out of it plz give courage.
Sanskar prays dont think too much I know once I had belief in u but when u separated me from her y I have to believe u Its waste to talk to u.
Both of them opened their eyes and turns facing eachother. Both are shocked as well as happy.Pandit comes to them with a plate.
Pandit says both of u stand beside eachother. Swasan says What. Ap and Sumi sees this. Ap asked Pandit ji what r u doing. Sumi says Yes y u want them to….
Pandit says I will explain u everything first let me do the work. All are tensed. Ap and Sumi asked Swasan to do as Pandit says. They unwillingly does. Pandit does tilka of Sanskar and does their aarti. He joined both of their hands and tied it with mauli thread. Pandit says Both of u go and around the tree 7 times like this. Ap says Both u do as he says. And Swasan left.
Near temple….

Both are rounding the temple. Sanskar says Shona I…. but she shuts him. She says Listen I am here to pray with my family and by fate I met u after that worst night ever since I wanted not see ur blo*dy idoitic face. Sanskar says Thank God u talked to I thought u wont but plz Shona let me explain. Swara smiles fadely and says Explain u will give ur explanation for that game and I will come to u again I think now also u bribed that Pandit is it not I know about ur tricks go get a girl. Sanskar squeezed her hand and says Dont dare to talk like this If I want I would have made u mine when u thought to leave but I…. Swara says I hate the word to hear and we have finished the rounds.They came towards mandir.
Same time when Swasan taking rounds….
Shekar ask what is this. Pandit says they are meant to be one when they stepped together in the mandir Devi Maa signed me. They are have to become one to open the biggest mystery of their life. Ap says we cant understand Pandit ji. Pandit says first u all come inside and they followed him.
In the Pandit room……
Can u give their birth details asked Pandit.
Ap says Sanskar Maheswari Date: 21 Nov 1989 Time: 7:59 pm.
Sumi says Swara Garodia Date: 21 Dec 1991 Time: 8:00.

Pandit does some calculationa and says they have to be together else they will bear a pain in their life which cant be definied. Dp says we dont even know eachother then how come this. Pandit says they know eachother since their birth does anyone of them get nightmares frequently. Ap and Sumi says Yes. Ap says Sanskar always get a dream where he and a girl are buried alive when both of them getting apart. Sumi says Swara also get the same dream.
Shekar asked is there any solution for this. Pandit says get them both married as soon as possible else a great disaster will happen. Both the families are tensed. Pandit says I know u are worried but Devi Maa signed me if they get married it will bring peace to all.
Shekar says Ji I know this sudden things happening but for our children…
Dp says I know what u are going to tell Pandit ji get a good date for their marriage. Sumi says Shekar u both talk to Pandit ji Ap ji we will speak to them. They came outside and Swasan coming.
Swara says Maa where is the I have to go to school.
Sanskar says Maa what is happening.

Ap says Sanskar we have to u both something. Sumi remembers Pandit saying and asked Shona do u know him pointing Sanskar. Swara stays silent. Sumi says Swara dont try to lie infront of God. Swara with tears nodes positively. Ap and Sumi are shocked. Ap asked Sanskar do u know her and Sanskar also nodes. Sumi says then the Pandit words are true. Swara says Maa I didnt meant to hide but….. Sumi says Swara u both are getting married. Swasan are super shocked. Sanskar says what type of joke is this Maa. Ap says this is not joke but the truth Sanskar. That time Shekar and Dp comes there. Sumi asked Shekar what did the Pandit told. Dp says we have to get them married today itself as there is no date for six months. Ap says Dp ji ask the Pandit to do arrangement and Sanskar I know about dont u try to go against me word. Sumi says Swara we are doing this for ur betterment only. Pandit came and opened the thread. Sumi took Swara to get her ready. Swara looks with tear eyes at Sanskar who is in frustration about the happenings in his life.

Precap: Swasan marriage.

Guys this is not a story of rebirth but maybe it can be. i know this sudden thought driven crazy and I hope u like it.

Credit to: Rini

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