Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 8

The episode starts with Sanskar sitting on the bed with gun. Swara comes out and saw him looking at her with gun She thinks What is doing with this gun. Dont think much I am not going to die or asking u to kill me its for our safety now we are to my den Arun wanted to see u he said. No I am going to school and I dont want to see anyone ok says Swara. Swara walks past him but he grabs her and pins her to cupboard. I told u to be in house but u dont listen na he asked. Plz leave me its hurting me she pleads. No I think u r out of control and throws her on the bed. Plz leave me Sanskar I beg u she cries. He holds her neck and says No u always make an animal the more I want to love you the more u hurt me he says and hurts her. She cries and he kissed her hard. And he made love with her but its a pain for Swara and and frustration for Sanskar. Swara dose off while Sanskar thinks about the memories after his proposal.

Sanskar cuts her hand and fills her maang. From now on u r my wife if I see u around Reju or Reju around u I will bash him. Swara slaps him hard. How dare u what do u think of urself how could u do this am I toy u r buying from a shop she ranted on him. No Swara u r not understanding me I am feared to lose you u became my world I am not ready to lose u to anyone now u r mine come we will go to ur college he said cupping her face. Swara says No I am not ur wife what do u think by filling my maang u will be my husband No Mr.Sanskar and wipes her maang. She continues see now its wiped off and plz dont come after me and about Reju dont be on his back and leaves from there.
Next day Swara comes to college and tells everything to Reju and Raj. What is he think of himself I should teach him something said Reju. Reju u promised me u will not take the path ur brother did. But Shona Reju is correct said Raj. Shona nice name my dear wife a voice came from behind. The trio turned and saw Sanskar standing there with his gang. Reju boils in anger but Swara holds his hand. { Sorry forgot to tell u they are in auditorium } The college dean and principal made an announcement. Students this college from now onwards belons to Biju group of companies says Principal. All the students are shocked as they know about Biju and his doings. Sanskar now smirks at Reju while swara is shocked and looks at him. Sanskar goes to stage and says so students so for now we have some rules and regulations so Mr. Arun Viyas will read out and for today u will have half day so thank you everyone. All the students felt happy but hearing the rules all went to hell. Arun reads out the rules.

Rule No 1: The college will be divided into two blocks. Boys and Girls will be in separate blocks.
Rule No 2: Boys and Girls should not meet or speak to Girls if it is over ruled u will be punished.

Rule No 3: No outsiders should enter to meet the students and if it is important the students will be informed.

Rule No 4: Your college President should be present in the Dean cabin everyday. Now u all can leave. All the students look at eachothers face. Swara, Reju and Raj goes to canteen. Reju call Papa I cant be here plz Reju says Swara. Reju nods and calls Shekar and tells him the situation here. After sometime Shekar comes there. Swara hugs him and cries. Shekar asked Reju Shona is crying are u both trying to hide something from me. Swara says Papa I dont want to stay here plz. Shekar nods and goes inside to meet the dean. He knocked and went inside. Its Arun who is inside the cabin. Shekar says Sir I want my daughter and son’s TC. Sanskar who is seeing this fumes and calls Arun. Arun attends and cuts the call. Arun says Sir we can give TC to Reju Mehra but for Swara we cant. Why she is not in the final year also then what is the problem asked Shekar. Sir I think u came to know about the change of management so as of the new rule if a student want TC he/she have to submit a form before a month and should have solid reason I think u got the form but the reason is not enough says Arun. Shekar goes out and Swara comes to him and asked Papa what happened. Shekar signs Reju and they went to a corner. Reju I tried but they are not giving TC so I thought of something says Shekar. Reju saw CCTV camera and holds Shekar hand. Papa we will talk about this in house I know what u r thinking Ok and dont worry I will talk to her says Reju and nods. Sanskar who is watching this through CCTV break the glass and thinks what are they talking about and blood oozed from his hand.

Precap: Sanskar coming to Swara room.

Sorry guys my mood was off but even though I worte If not upto ur expectation burden me.

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