Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 7


Hello everyone you all know that I write four ffs on Swasan
Love is painfull
Unecpected Relation
Swaragini new dimension and
An unknown love story. So to manage it I will write these ffs on Mon to Sat and on Sun I will post Teasers and soon I will finish anyone of these four ff before this month lets concentrate how Sanskar got Swara’s love.
The story starts with Reju and Swara board on the college bus and while boarding Reju feels Sanskar’s gaze is not an ordinary one and gets in. Sanskar starts following the bus. It became his daily routine. Reju noticed his activities but he doesnt let Swara know it. Sanskar started to lose his calm and one fine day Swara was absent on that day. He entered the college as he was the senior no one bothered him. He watched Reju chatting with Raj and goes to him.
“Where is Swara ” asked Sanskar.
“So he is the one Reju” questioned Raj.

“Yes and who r u and y r u asking about her” back bited Reju.
“Its none of ur business I have other sources also so better u tell me” warned Sanskar in his cold voice.
“Do whatever u want I wont mind it and stay away from me” replied Reju in the same attitude and left with Raj. Sanskar was literally mad on the whole day and he was in his parctice area. Arun came to him and adviced him.
“Biju I know u very well u r not a person to fall for a girl so tell me what is ur heart maybe u will feel lite”
“Arun I dont know I as have already told u she was worth of sight seeing and I started to follow her in these six months I never felt this much restless her criping voice, childish voice, innocent eyes, pure heart her every single doings became my part slowly she became….”
“Your Fitoor Sanskar” completed Arun.
Sanskar looked at him with shock, surprise, anger, happiness, sadness every single emotion flowed from his eyes.
“Yes Sanskar her every doings brought back the Sanskar who is afraid of this society, thid world I think its enough for u to think about it but one thing dont supress ur emotion” said Arun anf left.

Next day Swara was waiting in bus stop.
“Oh God plz I came here to get my bus on time but to my surprise I camr here before half hour what will I do that idiot Reju will be sleeping by now Ufff….” bursted out Swara. A dark grey Polo car came and stand beside Swara. As she was busy in her phone Sanskar came down and pulled Swara into the car and locked her to front seat and started his journey. Swara couldnt react as it all happened in micro seconds.
“Hello who are u Y u kidnapped me” questioned Swara after coming out of her shock.
“Your going to spend this whole day with me and u r not kidnapped just shut ur stupid mouth” replied Sanskar.
Swara’s mind went blank and she started to read Bible. She again went blank reading it.
You are going to heaven with ur partner who helped u, guided u and couraged u in all ways. He was chosen by God to be with you.

Swara shuts the Bible and starts mumbling Prayers. Sanskar became irritated and closed her mouth with his hand. Swara opens her eyes and wiggles his hand.
“Swara if u keep ur mouth shut it will be much better” said Sanskar. Swara nodded in fear and took his hand. He stops the car in a lonely place and gets Swara down.
“Plz leave I didnt saw anything that day I dont even know who u r plz dont kill me” bursted Swara. Sanskar came closer pulls her towards him through her waist and tucks her hair strands behind her ear

“How will I kill u Swara when you are my Life” said Sanskar in soft voice. She gets mesmerized in his voice and looks at his eyes.
You know for all I am Biju the killer I am a ruthless killer but in reality I am sweet caring guy Sanskar Maheswari I thought he wont be fit for this society but ur nature ur smile ur every single doings brought back the old Sanskar U r my world Swara I dont want to lose u” flowed Sanskar with all the emotions in his words. Tears welled up in Swara’s eyes and she released his grip. She moved back and turned to the otherside. She took out her diary and writes something and puts in her bag and wipes her tears.

“Sanskar whoever u maybe I can feel ur love but now I am not in a situation to love because its all fake, love is fake one the mere attraction between two opppsite s*x is said to be love in this love so better u forget and move on in ur life and I think this will be our last meet” said Swara and turns to see Sanskar who is burning in anger.
“You are calling my love fake how could u, you know I cant control myself when I didnt saw u yesterday” He holds her shoulder tightly and continues ” You are my fitoor Swara I cant handle myself I need to feel ur smile then my whole day becomes beautiful and today even if u agree or not u r my wife Swara Sanskar Maheswari” Swara is hell shocked. Sanskar cuts his hand and fills her maang. She touches it and looks at him.
“Dont think I am joking now u r my wife I am not forcing u but that doesnt mean u can escape from me I will keep my eyes on u and even if I see u around Reju or Reju around u I swear I wont control myself” warned Sanskar and kissed her forehead.

Swara woke up and saw Sanskar cuddling with her and left disgusted. She tries to move him but he tightens his girp on her shoulder and waist.
“Dont try to get up I will not allow you I informed Maa yesterday we will come late so shut up and sleep” said Sanskar and digged his head in her neck.
“Plz Sanskar you cant control me like this I have my own opinions first let me go off” said Swara.
“The second I applied this sindoor u became mine so u dont have ur oen opinions first shut ur mouth and sleep dont irritate me or again u will regret” replied Sanskar.
“Hmmm I am dead soul Sanskar how much u will try to kill it….” she didnt completed her sentence Sanskar bited her neck and pressed her hands.
Swara smiled with tears. “Try as much u want to satisfy ur inner peace I wont tell anything because the Swara u r trying to bring back had died with Reju that day” she said. Sanskar got up and pulled her through hair.

“Even now ur heart is preaching his name then what about me Shona” he asked with pain.
“U r a man with fitoor and lust towards me and u cant change my heart You are just a worst nightmare happened in my life” he told and wrapped herself and went to washroom.
Sanskar took out his gun and looks towards the washroom…..

Prcap: Conflict between Sanskar and Reju

Credit to: Rini

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