Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 6


Hello everyone I want tell u the new characters playing in my ff.

Suji played by thapki of thapki pyaar ki.
Aaryan played by Neil of Manmarziyan.
Reju played by Laksh.
Raj played by Kunj of Taashan e Ishq.
Arun played by Vihaan of Satraangi Sasural.

The episode starts with Aaryan dropping Swara. Choti dont wory about anything If do anything face him bravely do become weak said Aaryan. Swara nodes and goes inside. Ap asked her to do the first rasoi by preparing dinner. Swara prepares dinner and arranges the table. That time Sanskar and Dp came from office. Swara saw his face is blacked out. All had dinner but a pair eyes is watching Swara. Its Sanskar’s. He thinks Oh madam got that much confidence I have to broke I am also to feeling to do but If I break her she will be inside the house then I can protect her from Don Sahil.

In Swasan room…..
Swara changed into her night wear and is preparing bed. Sanskar came and said Oh what your sweet bro told to u Shona. She turns and says Listen Sanskar I am not the old Swara to see all ur doings and keep quiet Ok. He moves towards her and says so what will u do and holds her from waist. Leave me she said . No I will not he replied and leans towards her. She slaps him hard. His face turns red and throws her on the bed. He comes over and says I think u have not learnt from ur mistakes I make u. She hits him and shouts u leaves bastard… Ma… Suji….. He smiles and says shout as much as u want, this room is sound proof. The brave wall she built around her is finally broken. Tears started to fall from her eyes. Sanskar saw this and pressed her hands and kissed her neck. and started to enter into her. He made it hard and she cried as she couldnt bear the pain. He sucks her lips she didnt participate but she feels him. he made love eith her and made her feel him and after sometime he fell asleep on her. Tears are continously flowing and she thinks about the past where it all started.

5 years back…..
Swara got ready for her exam as it is already late she missed her college bus. Oh God what is this today I am going to be failed in exam she crused herself. That time she saw jeep coming. Guess who it is….. Its Arun. Swara stopped the jeep. Sir plz drop me to XYZ college I have exam today pleads Swara. Arun was speaking in the phone. On the otherside of the phone is Sanskar. HE heard her pleading voice.
Arun drop her to the college he said. Are u serious what about Varma asked Arun. I will see it and on the way ask about her details Sanskar said. Arun did as Sanskar said but all the way whenever Arun asked her question she was reading Bible and didnt answered him. He dropped her to the college. Sorry I didnt answered u because I wont talk to strangers anyways thank you Swara said and left. Arun returned to Sanskar bungalow do u remeber the same bungalow where he killed Raj. Biju she is hard nut yaar all the way she was reading Bible only said Arun. Sanskar smiled at him and said her name is Swara Garodia first year BA English have brother Aaryan studying final year engineering. Her habit is she will not talk to strangers so to keep them away start to read bible. And has friend named Reju. Arun opened his mouth. How did u know this asked Arun. Because I know her from yesterday when I met Varma I saw her watching me brhind a tree I thought something but she is nothing but worth watching smiled Sanskar. I think u became mad exclaimed Arun. Sanskar smiled and went to see her in the college. At the same time Swara came out with Reju who is wearin power glasses. Swara saw Sanskar watching her from the jeep and holded Reju. What happened Shona asked Reju. Chasmish I told u na yesterday gun fire that same guy he is watching us said Swara. Reju saw him and felt something uncomfortable from Sanskar gaze. Shona he is not looking at us come lets go said Reju and both boarded the college bus.

Precap: Past Phase 1 and some Present moments.

Credit to: Rini

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