Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 5


How could u do this to me asked Swara with tears. Its not my fault I had warned u said Sanskar playing in his phone. Then they heard knock on the door. Swara wrapped the bed sheet around her not to come out. Sanskar weared his night dress and made the room little presentable. He opened the door and saw AP. Maa do u need anything u came this early asked Sanskar. Ap’s eyes scanned the room and saw it is normal. Nothing where is Swara ask her her to come down quickly said Ap. Haan u go Maa she will come replied Sanskar and closed the door. How can I confirm it let her come down thought Ap and left. Back to Swasan room. The minute he closed the door Sankar was attack by pillows. You cruel creature how could do this with me sobbed Swara who wore the saree she weared last night. See again I am warning u, You only provoked me to do that after all I am also a human Shona he said sat on the couch. No u r manimal not u r a devil vampire ranted Swara. He pulled her towards him and locked her in his embrace.

Shona plz understand I didnt want to hurt u but ur words it made me do it I was not in sense told Sanskar in calm voice. U know Iam going to police I will complain about ur evil doing as Biju and today u raped me…. she didnt complete she left a pain on her cheek. Sanskar slapped her. He grabed her by hair. I am talking to you in calm voice means that doesnt mean u can rant ur non sense and about my police U dont know my dear Shona the police station in this Kolkata all is mine I made the station and ucant do anything and second about yesterday I came to conscious before touching u but all cared about ur sweet chashmish na I wanted to show u what can I do I waited so nearly 5 years to touch and to feel u said Sanskar and she closed her eyes in disgust. He continued and to make u feel me now You are Mine by heart or by body I made u mine now stop ur non sense. He kissed her hard pressing her her towards him. She helplessly cried. He broke and saw her. Now u will understand I think be my sweet Shona like before and get ready he said and patted her cheek. He went to get ready.

Swara couldnt supress her emotions. She thought about her time with him and saw him shooting someone in front of her. She heard a message tone of his phone. She thinks for sometime and opened his phone and saw the message.”BIJU WORK IS COMPLETED WE DISPOSED MR.RAJ SHAH’S BODY AS YOU TOLD” Swara’s world turned upside. She felt a shiver in her legs. She is frozed reading it. Sanskar who came wear brown suit saw Swara holding his phone and snatched it. Y..o..u wh…a…t u di..d to…… Raj…… asked Swara. What happened with ur chasmish the same happened to him he said casually. Swara took her phone and called Aaryan. Bhai can I meet u come to school I will tell the time later she said in crying tone. Choti what happened dont cry I will come I will bring Raj also said Aaryan. Bhai He left us Swara said crying. What Choti come quickly… but the call is cutted. Oh God I made a big mistake cursed Aaryan.

In Swasan room…..
Sanskar snatched her phone and cuts the call. You are not going anywhere I have been fired from ur school yesterday now get fresh and be in home he ordered. Swara didnt payed him heed and got ready in red sarre and went down. HE followed her as he know about his Shona.

Ap and Suji are waiting for Swasan. Swara came followed byt Sanskar. She went and took Ap blessing. Swara today is ur first day after ur marriage u have to prepare food in the kitchen as Sanskar paa went to office u prepare it for dinner. Swara nodes while Suji took a look at Swara and showed postive sign to Ap. Maa I have to go to my school to give resignation I will come in the afternoon said Swara. Sanskar kept mum as he cannot talk against his Maa. Ok Swara and Sanskar u go to office quickly said Ap and left. I am again again warning u Shona dont test my patience said Sanskar but she didnt pay heed and left. He called Arun made some plan.
In the school…..

Swara came and collected her certificates and came out waiting for Aaryan. Aaryan came in his car and Swara sat in it. Arun who watched it started follow them. Aaryan car stops near a park. Choti…said Aaryan Swara hugged him and cried. Bhai I cant take it he killed Raj he is not a human first Reju… now Raj what have they done Bhai said Swara. Aaryan saw Swara having red marks. Did he touched u Choti asked Aaryan. Swara nodes. Both innocent soul died for u Swara how could he do this blo*dy hipocrite crused Aaryan. Suddenly they are surrounded by Sanskar gang. They saw the whole park is isolated. Sanskar came in her jeep wear white tshirt and black jacket. Swaryan got down. Sanskar came towards them and Aaryan blocks him by coming infront of Swara. So my dear Saale what r u doing here asked Sanskar. Dont u have heart why did u killed Raj asked Aaryan. Sanskar raged and says how could he propose Shona and she accepted it I would have killed him like Reju but I didnt do it. So u planned with that Pandit and married Swara right asked Aaryan in irritating tone. See Aaryan its not my plan but it happened now she is my wife said Sanskar. Wait a minute I have a doubt if she is Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheswari or Mrs. Swara Biju asked Aaryan. Sanskar is stunned as he didnt thought about it. U see u itself dont know who u r so dont show ur tantrums to me I will take Swara with me and drop her If didnt like it means I dont care first u clear this said Aaryan and took Swara.

Precap: Sanskar cruel torture and about pat.

Credit to: Rini

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