Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 4


The episode starts with Sanskar coming to the house and Ap doing arrangements. Sanskar first u go and get ready we have to finish some rituals said Ap and he nodes and leaves from there silently.
In the temple…..

A middle aged man came to meet the same Pandit who got Swasan married. Who the hell are u to do this u know about Son then why u did this asked the man. Because it is written in their fate replied the Pandit calmly. U and ur kundli I planned so my thinks the man blabbered when his phone ringed. What shouted the man amd cuts the call. This is ur start soon u will face them both when that time comes it wont be good for u said Pandit and the man leaves.
In MM….

Sanskar enters the room and saw Swara is tieing her Saree. Sorry I came on wrong time said Sanskar. Swara who faced Sanskar backward made herself presentable and says I am finished u can get ready and starts to leave. Sanskar golds her arm. Why u r doing this Shona am I that much bad asked Sanskar. Sanskar u know very well I am a criminals wife now but for the world I am Sanskar Maheswari said Swara without any emotion. Shona plz dont do this it hurts me pleaded Sanskar. Then what about me you r cruel creature only know to kill people even now I can see that scene infront of me…. sobbed Swara. Sanskar raged and pushed her on the bed. I told u its all because him If he would have left you when I told him he would have been alive now and dont try to make that cruel creature then u will regret that day warned Sanskar and left to get ready.

Swasan came down where Aaryan and Suji waiting with some friends. Swara go towards Aaryan. Ryan did u forgave ur Choti asked Swara. I am not angry on u Choti but the person who is behind ur calm doings said Aaryan and looks at Sanskar. If Re… said Aaryan. Ryan plz I will feel low pleads Swara. Then Ap and Suji does ring finding ritual and both of them win it. Then Ap and Suji goes to kitchen and Ap mix something in juice. Maa r u sure it will work asked Suji. Yes it should else all will go in vain said Ap. Ap gives the mixed juice to Swasan while Suji serves normal juice to others. Soon all guest leaved and Swara feels dizzy. Suji I will go to room plz u manage said Swara and went room. After sometime Sanskar goes to his room and feels all the things rotating. What is happening to me asked Sanskar himself and locked the door. Down Ap and Suji are relieved to see their plan worked and goes to their room.

Swasan room…….
Sanskar saw Swara sitting with her hands on the head. He placed his hand on her shoulder and turns her. Now both of them are not in their sense. Shona my darling I missed you so much said Sanskar and hugged her. No leave me u didnt missed infact u forgot me said Swara with pout. Why I really missed u said Sanskar. Then where my miss kiss u always give me kiss whenever u miss me said Swara like a child. Oh baby said Sanskar and kissed her cheek. Oh God exclaimed Swara nd got up nd walks but not properly. What happened Shona asked Sanskar. Oh dont u r criminal u killed my chasmish dont come near u r murderer shouted Swara. Sanskar boils in anger and holds her tightly. I am not a criminal and about ur chasmish yes I killed him because he loved u and he talked to me like he is ur hubby but now I am ur husband dont tell his name said Sanskar. U r insane creature u r not even a creature a beast gorilla ma……said Swara but she was startled Sanskar who kissed her hard on her lips. She cant cant do anything, she loosed her sense and now he is melting her physical strength. He broke the kissed and said drunkard voice now talk wait why should u talk I have heard enough for years now I want show how much u mean to me as u said I am cruel then the cruel who was patient till is awake u cant stop me.

Swara looks at him and he holds her hair tightly and she winced in pain. He says scream how much u want but nothing will happen. He throws her the bed and removed his shirt. He came on her and saw her eyes are closed. He bited her neck and she winced. He goes to her ears and said I told u you will regret now u get ready. Swara didnt said anything and he started to enter into her. He pressed her hands and made her to enjoy his torture. He tried hard hard to enter into her.Slowly he got half conscious but as he said the cruel creature is awake so made all the things hard she will feel the pain of his torutre. He presses himself on her and sucked her neck and again made it hard but this time even more harder which he couldnt control himself. Swara feels pain in every inch of body mainly her lower body she couldnt handle him.

She tried to move him but he didnt gave her the chance. He came up saw her eyes are.opened half. He sucked her as if he was waiting for years to eat her. He pressed her hard on the bed and made it hard for her. Soon he entered into her. The pain she was going through started to fade away but she could feel him. He loosed her and made her to feel her womenhood. Now either of them energy. The room is messed up with her clothes on the floor and the pillows are thrown and the bedsheets are crushed. Both of them fallen asleep and tear of pain, happiness, sad, anger came out of her eyes. And both of them had a sweet smile on their face and the night passsed.
Next Morning……

The sun rays fall on them who have to remember what happened in their life last night. Swara and Sanskar got up holding their head. Swara opened her eyes and saw the room messed and realized she is naked and the same with Sanskar. Swara feels pain and saw marks all over her body. Slowly Swasan remembered what happened to them. Her eyes filled up with tears. But Sanskar is causal like nothing happened and leaned his back.

Precap: U R Going to Hell Sanskar

Credit to: Rini

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