Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 3


Thanks for ur comments and here we go.
The episode starts with Swasan coming to MM. Suji bring the aarti plate told Ap. A girl wearing salwar came with aarti plate. Hello Babhi I am Suji ur sweet nanand said Suji and does their aarti and Grah Pravesh.
Maa I am going to office said Sanskar. Haan u go but come to house early said Ap and he nodes. Swara u go to ur room Suji take her said Ap and they left.
In the office…..
Sanskar is working in his laptop. He gets a call. Yeah…. Mr. Shah Ok get him to our place said Sanskar and cuts the call.
In an old bungalow…..

Three Men in navy blue tshirt are holding a guy of 30s. His face bleeding. They hear car sound. One of the guy talks.
Guy1: Hey Biju came be careful dont talk too much.
And the other two nodes.
A guy wearing black jacket with red tshirt came inside.
Guy said Welcome Mr.Shah and splashed water. Mr.Shah got up with fear. Plz Sanskar leave me what have I done. Yes its Sanskar.
Sanskar says No I am not Sanskar I am Biju for bussiness world I am Sanskar Maheswari but for underworld I am Biju Ok.
Shah asked What have I done.Sanskar shouts U blo*dy scoundrel if u r asked to be a chief guest means be like that but u…. he took out his gun and placed on his mouth. He continues but u asked cheap things to my Shona yesterday I would have killed u there itself but not now.
Shah shouts but Sanskar shoots him. Shah dies. Sanskar orders Guy 1.

Arun make it look like a suicide Ok ordered Sanskar. Arun said Ji Biju. Sanskar leaves from there and goes to a lonely place and rest his head.
Sanskar says So Mr Sanskar or Biju seeing ur real face ur first and true love Swara ran away from u now without ur effort she came to u what are going to do this Love is a little word but has great impact on u so Now u have to become Sanskar to meet ur Love. Again he started his jeep, returned to his old form.

Precap: Swasan drunkard romance.

Credit to: Rini

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