Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 2


Hello everyone I know u all are confused if its a OS or TS or FF. I started to write an OS but I was surprised to see a beautiful story creeping my mind so its a FF.

The episode starts with Sanskar saying Maa plz why u r doing this. Ap says because we want it so plz be quite. On the other side Sumi says Shona I know many questions are creeping u but its for ur future only and dont feel I am doing this because u know Sanskar. Swara says but Maa…. Shekar says Sumi bring Swara Pandit ji calling.
Sumi brought Swara and made her sit beside Sanskar. Pandit asked Shekar and Sumi to do Kanyadaan. Shekar and Sumi does Swara kanyadaan. Pandit asked Swasan to stand for pheres. They finished pheres. Sanskar filled Swara maang with Sindoor. Swara closed her eyes and he made her wear mangalsutar. Pandit says now they are husband and wife. Swasan took the elders blessing. Pandit says I know u both are shocked of this sudden change but a secret is hidden in ur life to know it u have to be together and I also know that u both dont like eachother but soon u will know the truth. Pandit called Sumi and Ap inside and said something. After sometime they came. Sumi says Ap ji we have to do the other rituals because we all didnt expected this sudden things will happen. Ap says Haan Sumi ji first we all will go to ur house from there we will take our bahu and caressed Swara head. And they head to Swara house.

In Swara house……
A boy is seen reading newspaper wearing half coat suit. He heard car sound and removes the paper. He is Aryan of Krishnadasi. He came to door and saw Shekar and Sumi coming. Aryan says here came the king and queen of Swayan villa Maa in this early where u went even Choti is not in her room. He then saw Swara coming with Sanskar and is shocked. He whispers Sanskar. Sumi says Aryan I will explain u everything but now dont scene here and goes inside to get aarti plate. Aryan looks blankly at Swara who is looking down. Sumi came and took aarti of Swasan and asked them to come inside followed by Ap and Dp. Shekar says Pandit ji told 8 am is a good time for grah pravesh I think we will to bidaai around 7:30. Dp agrees. Aryan looks at them in wonder. Sumi asked all to rest for sometime Dp and Ap left to guest room while Swasan to Swara room. Sumi and Shekar explained Aryan everything. Aryan laughs which shocks them. Aryan states seriously r u both out of ur mind we r in modern world and simply u believed that Pandit and got them married. Sumi says Aryan first we also didnt believed him but each and every thing we told that are related to both of them. Shekar says And plz dont try to spoil ur Choti life by ur stupidness. Aryan says Fine do whatever u want and left.

In Swara room……
Swara sits on the bed trying to recall what happened. Sanskar sees her and thinks I have to make her cry or to make her speak else she will get attack. He slowly sat beside her. Swara says I am dreaming yes its a dream only If I close my eyes and open all will come to normal. Swara this is not any dream says Sanskar. No… No It cant be she says and holds his collar. Why did u came back in my life I regret everyday for speaking to u why I left all ur memories in Pune then why the hell u did this says Swara and breaks down. He gave her his shoulder so that she will leave her burden on him. Sumi came and saw Swara and Sanskar sitting either sides of the bed. Shona come down its time for ur bidaai and dobt worry I packed ur clothes already now both of u come down and she left. Swasan came down and Swara saw Aryan not present. Maa where is Riyan asked Swara. Dont worry he needs time now u r going to a new house new relation so take care of urself and be a good girl says Sumi and hugged her followed by Shekar. Swara comes out and saw Aryan in his balcony. Sanskar signs her and she gets into the car.
Shona I know this unexpected relation complicated everything but soon everything will be fine if we give some time to eachother. Sumi asked Ap ji dont forget what Pandit ji told. Ap says dont worry Sumi ji I will see after it and MF went from Swayan Villa.

Precap: Someone tries to kill…….. whom Sanskar or Swara or Pandit.

Credit to: Rini

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