Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 18


So hello friends I read all ur comments and thanks for ur support I know I was bit irregular in submission because I am developing a beautiful story for our Swasan and about the ending this is the first story I am writing for minimal episodes and for the reason you will get to know it.
The finale episode starts with Swaragini and Suji chatting while Swathi playing.
Swathi: Maa did you see Mausa how handsome he was in that dress.
Ragini: Aww Swathi didnt ur Papa was handsome.
Swara: Suji someone is jealous.
Ragini: Haan di so what my Laksh was too good.
Swathi: No Mausa….Mausa…..
Suddenly they hear aloud sound from downstairs.
Suji: Bhabhi what sound is that.
Swara: come lets go down and Swathi be here and dont come till we come.
Swathi: Ok Mausi.
And soon the trio went down and saw so many men in the hall and then Shekar enters in his old avatar.

Shekar: Oh my Ragini u r still alive I thought u r would have died after ur Laksh died.
Ragini: Papa.
Shekar: Wrong…, Seenu Don Seenu.
Ragini: for what purpose you entered here.
Shekar: to take my treasure from here I thought If I kill Swara I will get all my money but I was wrong I will take her from here very long.
A voice came from back which brought smile on the trio face.
Voice: For that you have to cross us Seenu.
Shekar turns back and saw Sanskar, Laksh and Aaryan standing with Guns.
Shekar: Oh wow see Shona three men are ready to give life for you.
Laksh: not to give Seenu but to take your life and starts shooting.
And soon Shekar and his men also starts shooting. Arun with other men came inside and safe guarded Swaragini and Suji.
Arun: Bhabhi you all come inside
And he takes them but injured Shekar get hold of Swara.
Swara: Sanskar…..
Sanskar: Swara…..
Shekar: All of you put ur guns down…… Do as I say.
And they put their guns down.
Shekar: Laughs loudly…… So finally I got my treasure.
Suddenly Sanskar laughs shocking everyone.
Sanskar: Good Bye Don Seenu.
And a bullet from no where hits Shekar forehead and he dies. All looks at Sanskar who turns back and winks at us.

In an isolated Place…….
The second man with Shekar is rocking front and back in the chair with a glass of wine in his hand. His phone rings.
The person in the phone: Mission Accomplished Jaydev Brilla.
The second man’s name is Jaydev Brilla.
Jaydev (smiles evilly): Congrats Biju Bhai well done.
Yes Guys its our Sanskar.
Sanskar: so well whats next.
Jaydev: a short vacation from this stress but get ready to face me Biju.
Sanskar (laughs): Time will tell Jaydev till then Good Bye and he cuts the call.


What happened between Sanskar and Jaydev who was in the verge of killing Sanslak for that you have to wait.
So Guys the reason is I am planning a sequel for this thriller cum romantic Fiction Unexpected Relation and I will start it after two three months but of a totally a different plot but do you all remember the secret for which Swasan got married for that wait for the sequel guys.

Credit to: Rini

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