Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 17

The episode starts with after Swaragini and Suji left the place Aaryan and Sanslak are facing eachother in blank.
Aaryan: what will I tell Don about Choti
Sanskar: tell him to meet me.
Laksh: No Sanskar It will be a big trouble.
Sanskar: lets face him Laksh I am done with this double face now I am going to have a family if my child comes to know about me means what will he/she thinks about me and coming to Shona I want her to be safe and secured thats it.
Aaryan: I think Biju is right.
Sanslak look at him in shock.
Aaryan: what I know I tried to kill my Choti but after hearing you I cant risk her life.
Laksh: then what are we waiting for lets finish Don Seenu’s game. And the trio joins hands.

In an Isolated Place…..
The man who was with Shekar is caressing a photo and a guy comes to meet him.
Man: did you find about them Jaggu.
Jaggu: Chief Biju did everything perfectly that….
Man: tell me.
Jaggu: after shooting Raj sir he burnt him and mixed the ash in the sea.
The man closed his eyes and hits his fist on the wall.
Man: what about that Pandit.
Jaggu: after ur inquiry on that day (remember guys on second episode one man came and talked to Pandit) that Pandit gone from this city.
That man turns but his face is covered.
Man: because of that Biju my beta died I want revenge I will make him feel the loss wait Biju I am coming.

In MM….
Ragini and Suji tried to cheer Swara but she kept quiet.
Suji: Achaa Bhabhi I heard that in pregnancy ladies will have food carving.
Ragini: Haan Bhabhi…
Suji: Bhabhi….
Ragini: Haan.
Swara: Guys stop it I cant tolerate it.
Suji holds Swara hands.
Suji: Bhabhi I know I made a big mistake by not telling about me and him.
Ragini: him whose that.
Suji: ur Bhai Bhabhi.
Swara: We have so many Bhais.
Suji: vo…. vo…..
Swaragini burst into laughter seeing Suji.
Ragini: I didnt know that my Aaryan Bhai is so romantic.
Swara: Ragini chup what are talking You are a mother of 4 years girl.
Ragini: So wat Di its interesting to tease Bhabhi na.
Suji: what happened Bhabhi.
Swara: Nothing Suji…..
Ragini: What nothing Bhabhi go and see the mirror.
Swara (shouts): No Suji I am telling na.
Ragini: Bhabhi you go and see.
Suji in confusion goes towards mirror and gets shocked seeing Red teeth mark on her right cheek. She opens her hair and it covers the mark. Ragini laughs seeing Suji while Swara hits her.
Ragini: Bhabhi sorry to ask but how was ur night.
Swara: Rago….stop it yaar.
Suji (while blushing): Bhabhi I will go and make tea and she leaves.
Ragini laughs while Swara admires her.
Ragini: what happened Di.
Swara: I starved to see my Rago laughing and teasing like this.
Ragini: when my Life gave me a chance to relive my life I am not fool to leave it Di.
Swara: Rago….

Ragini: Di I know u r angry on them but Di these three only helped in every stage of ur life when all fell from ur hands u made a cage and sat in it. But again God gave u a chance Di and u didnt live it fully and now a symbol of love between you and Jiju is going to come in this world.
Swara had tears in her eyes. Ragini cups her face.
Ragini: Di u got into this unexpected relation but when u start to live it u feel the best feeling I know u r upset but dont regret later Di. Swara hugs Ragini.

Precap: Last Episode…

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