Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 16


The episode starts with Swara wakes up and saw herself in Sanskar arms. She smiled and kissed his forehead.

Swara: Good Morning Sanskar.
Sanskar: Good Morning Shona.
Swara remembers what and all happened and gets up suddenly.
Sanskar: Swara slowly what happened.
Swara: Sanskar Laksh yesterday I saw Laksh and Bhai. Bhai tried to kill me.
Sanskar: Swara look at me (she looks at him) till I am here nothing will happen to you (keeps his hand on her stomach) or our child.
Swara looks at him with tearful eyes and hugged him.
Swara: I am sorry I should have told you.
Sanskar: its ok Shona now see the time u have to take food or else my baby will be hungry.
Swara: this is too much you are concerned about ur child and not me.
Sanskar: (pinched her nose) Meri Shona u look cute when u get angry if u r hungry means obviously our baby will be hungry na now come BTW its not our house so you wait here I will arrange things for us. Swara nods and Sanskar leaves.

In the hut…..
Aaryan woke up and saw Suji sleeping peacefully hugging him.
Aaryan: thank you Suji for making my life complete and he thinks about Sanslak.
Suji woke up and saw Aaryan in deep thought.
Suji: about Sanskar and Laksh Bhai na.
Aaryan: I don’t want to lose you Suji I want to you to be my side.
Suji: I will always be with you.
Suddenly Suji’s phone rang.
Suji: Hello.
Laksh: Suji its me.
Suji (with tears): Bhai.
Laksh: I know everything come with Aaryan to Sea bridge now in 10 minutes.
Suji: Ok Bhai and cuts the call.
Suji: Laksh Bhai asked us to meet him at Sea bridge. Aaryan nodes and hugged Suji.

On Laksh side…..
Laksh after speaking to Suji turned and saw Swathi looking at him and then Ragini.
Swathi: Maa who is this.
Ragini: Swathi you asked ur Papa to come na see he came.
Swathi: Saachi he is my Papa. Ragini nods in yes. Swathi ran and hugged Laksh.
Tears started rolling down his eyes and he hugged her back and took her in his arms.
Swathi: Papa finally you came I really missed.
Laksh: Papa too missed you baby.
Swathi: You won’t go back na.
Laksh: No I won’t go back and hugged her.

After 10 minutes…..
All the six are present in the Sea Bridge.
Sanskar: You blo*dy you tried to kill ur own sisters how could you.
Aaryan: you know our underworld rules na Sanskar no emotions no sentiments.
Sanskar: Achaa then let me show you that.
Sanskar took his gun and aimed Aaryan but Suji came in between them.
Sanskar (in anger): Suji leave.
Suji: No Bhai if you want to see ur sister widow then shoot Aaryan and cries.
Sanskar lowered his gun in shock. Laksh told him everything.
Sanskar: Suji I had so much trust on you but today you buried him alive.
Laksh: Sanskar listen to me.
Sanskar: No Laksh look at her eyes she didn’t regret to love this man who is trying to kill his sister If one day he gets to kill his wife means he will kill her without thinking.
Suji: Bhai its not the truth.
Sanskar (shouts in anger): this is the he’ll truth Suji and throws the gun.
All are startled to see Sanskar thus. Suji shivered in anger and Aaryan supports her.

Aaryan: Its between our three don’t drag Suji in this.
Sanskar: Oh I am dragging Suji fine then let clear everything to these three (pointing Swargini and Suji).
Laksh: No Sanskar don’t do this.
Sanskar: its high time Laksh we have to tell them.
Swara: what are you talking Sanskar.
Sanskar: the truth is Shekar and Sumi are not ur parents Swara.
Swara frozed hearing it. Tears flowed down her eyes.
Swara: No…..No…. I won’t believe it Ragini tell him not to joke.
Sanskar: its not a joke Swara this is the truth they are not ur parents and Shekar is trying to kill you and Aaryan is working for him.
Swara: No.

Sanskar: Swara I know you won’t believe see when u were 1 year old Ur MoM and Dad were killed by Shekar as ur father didn’t have him money and Shekar was a local Don named Seenu. He brought you home as Sumi liked you he didn’t kill you. But when you were about to go to Mumbai with Laksh that night we got to know that ur real father was a billionar and all his shares were on you if you die in accident means ur shares will automatically transfer on ur guardian name.
Laksh: And then that night I heard Papa taking to someone and planned to kill you and me. Then I called Sanskar and with his help we planned my fake death and then you know everything. And you know that Raj blo*dy he proposed you because your father added a clause that if you get married ur shares will transfer to ur child name. But Lucky we killed him because he is Papa’s man.
Aaryan: and then Papa got to know that Shona is pregnant so he sent me to kill her.
Swara stood there silently without speaking anything and she looked at all of them.
Swara: You all made me fool with ur acting but in all this I were true to you all but you three took advantage of my love and now what else should I say.
Sanskar: Swara listen…..
Swara: No Sanskar I want to be alone Ragini lets leave and Suji are you coming with or not. Suji nods and Laksh signs Ragini to take care and Ragini assured him.

Precap: Revelation of second man with Shekar.

Credit to: Rini

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