Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 15 Maha Episode.

Hello Everyone this one is a maha episode and there are three jodis as you all know Swasan, Raglak and Aarji i.e., Aaryan and Suji.
Aaryan played by Aaryan of Krishnadasi.
Suji is played by Thapki of Thapki pyaar ki.
The episode starts with Arun after sending off Sanskar came back and doesnt see Suji and Aaryan.
In a dense forest beside the hospital……
Suji walks supporting Aaryan by holding him. She saw a hurt and goes inside and made him sit comfortably. She ties her dupatta around his head and lights fire to warm him. After sometime Aaryan gets to conscious and saw Suji rubbing his leg. Suji saw him conscious ans turns to otherside as didnt covered her with dupatta.
Suji: You take rest I will go and get food for you.
And she gets up but Aaryan stops her by holding hed wrist and gets up. She tries to free herself but he doesnt let her.
Aaryan: I know you more than urself Suji dont try to run from me.
Suji: who are u to me Aaryan u r nothing better u stay here or let me go.
Aaryan: then y did u save me Suji you know that one day I will die by ur brothers hand then y this concern.
Suji cries hearing his words.

Slowly he hugs her from back and keeps his hand on her belly.
Aaryan: If I am nothing then y r u wearing this mangalsutar in my name. And takes the holy thread which she hid in her dress.
Suji turns and hugs him tightly and cries in his embrace.
Suji: I cant live without you, u r my everything Aaryan why did you left me in this world.
Aaryan: I am not that much strong to lose you Suji I cant see you in pain which is because of me. Both of them separate from eachother.
Suji: You are weak I will bring something to eat. But Aaryan doesnt let her go.
Aaryan: Suji from now on I cant let u go away from me will you give me the right to make you mine forever. Suji gasped hearing him and clutched her dress. Aaryan slowly made her to face him and she nods positively. He carries her and made her lie on the stack bed and both consummated their relation.

On the otherside….
Laksh calls Sanskar.
Laksh: hello Sanskar did Suji is with you.
Sanskar: what but I sent her with you na.
Laksh: No Sanskar and he turns to see that Ragini is tensed.
Laksh: Sanskar I know where is she and I will call u back and cuts the call.
Laksh: Will you tell me where is Suji.
Ragini tensed: Ha…. Vo…
Laksh: I asked u Ragini.
Ragini: she is with Aaryan Bhai.
Laksh stops the car with jerk. Swati starts crying.
Swati: Mumma….. Papa….
Laksh takes her in his arm and calms her. She sleeps peacefully hugging Laksh.
Laksh: why the hell you sent her.
Ragini: I did not sent ur sister I have sent a wife to take care of her husband.
Laksh: what Suji and Aaryan.
Ragini: I had only got Aaryan Bhai and Suji Bhabhi married.
Laksh: when…. how….

Ragini: when I was five months pregnant I was with Aaryan Bhai and I got to know that Bhai loves Suji but she was afraid of her brother and I got them married yesterday only I got to know that Bhabhi is Jiju’s sister she took promise from me not tell anyone.
Laksh: These relations are complicating everything What will I do.
Ragini: Laksh these relation are unexpected and y did u faked ur death did you know how I was in tjese five years and Swati….
Laksh: I know Rago u have so many questions but for all that the answer is Swara is in danger and we have to safe guard her. Ragini keeps her head on his shoulder.
Ragini: Laksh I trust you and u dont worry about Swara.
Laksh pats her head and smiles.

On Sanskar side…..
Sanskar stops his car infront of the tunnel and carries unconscious Swara inside the tunnel and makes her lie confortably. He gets her reports and meds and sat on the chair and closed his eyes. Sudennly something strikes his mind. He saw the report and takes it.
Sanskar: Swara Maheswari… what happened to her she didnt told me anything.
He opens the report and tears welled up his eyes. He saw Swara and goes towards her. He keeps his hand on her belly.
Sanskar: Bachoo I am ur Paa u know u r gave me biggest happiness in our life. I promise u that I will protect u and ur Mumma from all odds and kissed her belly. He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead.
Sanskar: Thank you Shona for giving me this great feeling and happiness and sleeps beside her taking her in his embrace.

Screen Freezes on All the three couples.

To Be Continued……..

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