Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 14

The episode starts with Swaragini are enjoying seeing Sanskar and Swati.
Ragini: Di I think Jiju keeps u happy because I can see my Shona di after five years I am so happy for you.
Swara: because him only I am living Rago.
Ragini: Achaa Di yesterday u called me and asked so many questions.
Swara: Vo Rago ….. that I have doubt that….
Ragini: You mean Di……. and Swara nods. Ragini gets happy and hugs her.
Ragini: Di I am so happy did u told Jiju.
Swara: I have doubt only Rago I didnt want to give him hope.
Sanskar: What hope u r talking.
Swaragini saw Swati in Sanskar arms.
Swati: I love u Mausa Its very tasty yum…. yum….
Swara: Having weird taste like Laksh. Hearing his name all became silent. Ragini thought to change the mood.
Ragini: Achaa Di we will go tomorrow morning Ok.
Swara: Rago why so soon.
Sanskar: Ladies what is happening.
Ragini: nothing Jiju just me and Di wanted to go shopping is it Ok for u.
Sanskar: Ragini why r u talking like this You are my sister ok. Ragini nods simlingly.

In the night……
Swara standing near the window and thinks.
Swara: God what is this I am so afraid I didn’t got this much fear when Sanskar kidnapped me. What will be results if it is positive means how will he react if its negative means I will be sad Urghhh I am freaking. Suddenly she felt two strong arms around her. She smiles leans her head.
Sanskar: something is cooking in my Shona’s mind.
Swara: nothing Sanskar just I was thinking how oir life got changed in this two months its like a dream for me. She didn’t get reply from him. She turned and saw his eyes which is full of guilt.
Sanskar: Shona I am really Sorry because of me u gone through so much I thought If I would ever crossed you….. but Swara closed his mouth.
Swara: Sanskar what are u talking first of all because of u only with ur support only I came out of this trauma. I know that u r hiding something from me about Laksh and I know that u will tell me when the right time comes and smiles. Sanskar removes her hand and hugs her.
Swara: Sanskar…
Sanskar: Hmmmm
Swara: You are sending me with Ragini out r u not afraid.
Sanskar: You know y I didn’t sent u out these two months and I have full faith Ragini because she is more matured than u.
Swara in fake anger : U r telling that I am a kid.
Sanskar: Errrr.. Yes My Shona and laughs.
Swara looks at him angrily and starts throwing pillows.
Swara: you idoit fool don’t talk to me I hate you.
Sanskar laughs: Shona stop because I Love you. Swara stops and both of them slept hugging eachother.

In the morning….
In the tunnel…..
Laksh gets a call.
Laksh: Hello Ravi.
Ravi: Boss Aaryan and Don Seenu planned to attack Swara and Ragini Bhabhi.
Laksh: What are u sure and He switches on the Tv and saw no one in the house.
Ravi: Boss Swara and Ragini Bhabhi are in hospital.
Laksh: Ok as usual burn the phone and sim u will get new one and cuts the call. Then he calls Sanskar. Sanskar is in an meeting and saw Laksh calling.
Sanskar in low voice: Laksh I am in Meeting.
Laksh: Sanskar Seenu and Aaryan planned to kill Swaragini.
Sanskar shouts : What. All the staffs in the meeting turned their gaze towards him.
Laksh: Me and Arun are going to City hospital u come there in five minutes and cuts the call.
Sanskar: Guys I got an urgent work hope we will continue tomorrow and left the cabin. Laksh got ready in blue jean and black tee and jacket and grabed two guns and kept in gun his case and took knives and placed them in various parts of his body. On the other side Sanskar also got ready in same dress code but he took a machine gun with him and Laksh with his gang headed to City Hospital.

City Hospital…..
Swaragini are waiting outside Doc cabin.
Swara: Ragini we come afterwards not now.
Ragini: Di this is fourth time u r trying to escape just wait. Nurse came and called them and both headed to the cabin.
Doc: Hello Mrs. Swara.
Swara: Hello Doc.
Doc: Now only I saw ur reports congrats u r 3 months pregnant.
Swara frozed on hearing it while Ragini hugs her in excitement.
Ragini: Di I am so happy for u.
Swara: Thank u Doc.
Doc: Achaa Swara u have to be carefull you should not take stress and come for monthly check up Ok.
Swaragini nods and they came outside the hospital. Swara is holding her reports.
Swara: Rago what will be Sanskar’s reaction what of he doesn’t want baby now.
Ragini: Di are u mad didn’t you saw Jiju how he was happy with Swati na then how will he deny his own kid.
Swara drops her report when she bends to take it a bullet went across and a car. Swaragini got afraid and soon so many bullets started to fire around them. Swara saw Aaryan shooting towards them.
Swara shocked: Bhai….

In no time Laksh came and he starts shooting towards Aaryan and he came infront of them. Soon Sanskar and the whole gang surrounds the area.
Sanskar: Aaryan I know its u only if have guts then come and fight with me how dare u to harm her.
Aaryan: stop ur nonsense Biju don’t show off infront of ur wife.
Laksh: You bastard come infront of me I will bury u in this place.
Aaryan who is behind a wall saw Suji and Swati coming. He grabbed Swati and came infront of them. All aimed him.
Swati: Mausa help me…Hearing Swati voice Ragini peeped out and saw her.
Ragini screamed: Swati leave her Bhai plz I beg. Then only she saw Laksh standing with a gun.
Ragini: Laksh…. and she came infront of him. Both of them saw eachother but there is no time for them.
Laksh : Ragini first u go inside I promise u our Swati will be safe. Ragini doesn’t understand anything but nods and went inside.
Aaryan: Oh so Mr. Laksh wah what plan yaar u itself planned ur death now wthout knowing I got a bumper offer that is ur daughter.
Laksh: Aaryan the fight is between us leave Swati. Then Sanskar saw Suji behind Aaryan and she hits him behind. He leaves Swati and she hid behind Sanskar. Then Swara came out and saw the whole scene with Ragini. Suddenly a black hooded man in a bike shot a bullet in the direction of Swaragini and they fall apart. And again shoot out and Laksh took Swati, Suji and Ragini in his jeep while Sanskar came to Swara and saw her conscious. He took her and the things his had and made her settle in his jeep and ordered Arun.
Sanskar: Arun get Aaryan to our tunnel and find about that guy I am going far and Laksh also make sure everything fine.
Arun: Ok Biju u go and Sanskar rode off.

To Be Continued…….

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