Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 13


Sanslak are in the car Laksh nervously holds Sanskar’s hand. Laksh relax says Sanskar. Sanskar I am very nervous says Laksh. They arrive at airport. Arun comes there and says All is clear. Sanslak gets down and they wait behind a car so that they can see Swaragini. His eyes stops at his beloved. His eyes reflects the pain and he closed his eyes. Hamari Adhuri Kahani…… plays. Yes its Ragini wearing white saree and yellow blose. Her face had no charm because the cause for the charm haqd left her. The eyes of her tells the sleepless nights she had. Totally a body without soul. Laksh falls down and hits his hand on the car. Am I alive to see this Sanskar she is not my Rago she is not says Laksh and Sanskar hugs him.
In the airport before Sanslak arrival….

Swara enters the airport and saw Ragini with a four year old.
Swara: Ragini.. and hugs her.
Swara: till how many days u will be like this
Ragini: Di my source of life left me five years before now I am living because of u and Swati. My beautiness is to only for one person that is my LAksh I have faith he will come he wont die.
Swati: MAusi where are we going.
Swara: to meet ur Papa and they came out. Sanskar looks up and saw Swati.
Sanskar: Laksh who is that girl.
Laksh in walkie talkie: Arun send Nimmi near them. Nimmi goes near Swaragini.
Swati: Ragini Maa where is Swara Mausi.
Ragini: She will come beti u r like ur Papa he also hate waiting.
Swati says spreading her hand: Really I love u Laksh Papa
LAksh gets shocked hearing it and goes to flashback.

Flash Back……
After Swara left LAksh room. So My dear wife I can hear a change in ur voice what happened asked Laksh. Ragini blushed and says I want to give u a special gift for that u have to come here. Rago u know na I cant wait plz tell me says Laksh. No I want to see ur face now sleep Good Night says Ragini and cuts the call.
Flash back ends…….

Sanskar she is my daughter my Swati says LAksh and cries.Sanslak saw them and starts following.
In a lonely place…….
Swara stops her car infront of a tree and Ragini gets down with Swati. Sanslak are behind the tree. Ragini feels Laksh presence.
Ragini: Today I am here because five years before I want to give u a special gift see ur daughter Swati Laksh Kuruvila I am fed up LAksh everyday I woke up with a hope to see u because I feel u r alive u r not that much weak to leave me and go away when they said u r burnt I had hope that ur somewhere alive that y why I here in front of this tree I am fed up to hear these peoples taunts but u before leaving u gave me a new hope ur love for me our Swati as u wished now I will not speak anymore ur Swati will speak Swati if speak to this tree Papa will hear u.
Swati goes to tree: Papa…
Laksh feels something different he was urged to take her in his hand and kiss her but Sanskar nods no.
Swati: Papa Maa said u can hear me I want to tell u that plz come back Maaa always says u r with me every minute to protect me so plz come and hug me and she hugs the tree. Sanskar dragged LAksh from there.
Swara: Ragini Pandit is ready.
Ragini: No Di I am not going to come take Swati with u. Swara takes her.

In the tunnel…..
Laksh throws the things here and there.
Laksh: Am I holding my life to see these things I cant hold my daughter when she is infront of me Sanskar did u saw Ragini she is like….. I cant tell that word. If that blo*dy Seenu didnt crossed our life we would have been happy na.
Sanskar: Laksh hold on.
Swara calls Sanskar and he picks up.
Sanskar: hello
Swara: Sanskar I cant take Ragini to my house.
Sanskar: Swara u take her to our house I come in half hour.
Swara: Ok bring some smoke candies.
Sanskar: why.
Swara: I forgot to tell u Raglak have a child her name is Swati for her only.
Sanskar: Ok and cuts the call.
Sanskar: she is like u Laksh.
Laksh: Sanskar.
Laksh: I know I made arrangements and he turns on the tv it shows MM.
Laksh: THank u yaar and hugs him.
In MM…

Sanskar comes and saw Swaragini and Suji talking.
Suji: u r cute Swati.
Swati: I am not cute and rubs her nose.
Sanskar: can I join u girls.
Swati: First of all who r u dude. Sanskar bends to her height.
Sanskar: I am ur Mausa and this is my house.
Swati: then y r u asking me go inside.
Sanskar: achaa I waiting for Swati I brought these candies or her.
Swati: I see she went outside bad luck u can give it to me.
Sanskar: for that u have to catch me Swati Kuruvila and he runs.
Swati: No I am Swati Laksh Kuruvila and chase him. Swaragini smiles seeing him while Laksh had tears in his eyes.

Precap: Shoot out

Credit to: Rini

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