Unexpected Relation (swaragini) 10


The episode starts with Sanskar getting ready to go out and sees Swara sleeping peacefully hugging the pillow. Sanskar thinks to see ur peaceful face I will do anything even if it cost me and he locks the door. Suji sees Sanskar locking the door. Bhai y r u locking the door she asked. Suji ur Bhabhi is sleeping and keep this key and around 12 give her lunch and mix this meds in her food if u tell anything to Maa…He says. No Bhai I will not tell Maa u go she completes and he leaves.
Far Away from MM…..

Its a under construction Metro train tunnel as it take long years to finish Sanskar renovated for his gang works. Sanskar gets down from his jeep and walks into the tunnel and there is only dim light to show path. He reaches a door and knocks it. Its me Biju says Sanskar. The door gets opened and he walks inside. He sees a man facing his back towarda him. The man turns it turns out to be Laksh.

What happened Laksh asked Sanskar. A great bad news Aaryan entered the field to search Raj says Laksh. What no I wont believe it says Sanskar. Biju Don Seenu Till yesterday he was silent because of you but now his one strength has gone so to secure it he got Aaryan into it says Laksh. Laksh I dont understand anything u only guided me in everything I dont know what u saw in me u gave Shona’s responsibilty to me I did each and everything u told but now I fear if it goes out of my hand says Sanskar with feared face. Laksh holds his hand and says Sanskar I know u dont want these things to happen but see after five years God he himself gave my Shona’s hand to you I know in this world the person whom I trust for Swara is you everything will be fine we have to get her out from this says Laksh. Then what about Ragini Laksh after the hearing of ur dead she was seen nowhere you are still trying to find her says Sanskar. I know Sanskar Swara kept Ragini in a safe place because she doesnt want my Rago to get hurt but still she is not spilling the truth anyways what is the progression in Swara case asked Laksh. Laksh I cant see Shona getting hurt because of me but slowly she is coming out of her depression I can see vast change in this one week says Sanskar. Then its good Ok you leave uncle will be waiting for you says Laksh and Sanskar left.
In bungalow…..

Aaryan enters an blackish bungalow and he is dressed like a typical modern goon. He enters a room and two men are sitting facing eachother and are playing with guns.
Aaryan: Don Raj is still missing his usual doings every activity was observed but nothing is there to find him.
Men 1: through Swara….

Aaryan: Nope tied by her husband Sanskar.
Men 2: I think Biju is playing smart move or
Men 1: any master mind is behind him.
Aaryan: I am also thinking about it because three years back he was just a goon but now having the control of whole Kolkata.
Men 1 gets up and walks to Aaryan and says I think its waste to find Raj because Swara told truth and he is death smart move by Biju first we have to get Swara provoke her before she comes out of her trauma U r getting Aaryan. Ji Don Now I will leave says Aaryan and leaves.
In Swasan Room…….

Swara wakes up and thinks about Sanskar. Tear escapes her eyes. Very time I get defeated by you Sanskar but your each touch gives me immense relief and I want to be in your arm but the thing u did to Laksh I will not forgive you Swara and goes to washroom and gets changed herself. She comes to dressing table amd combs hair and thinks about the night before that miserable day.

Swasan are hugging eachother. Swara says I Hate You…… I Hate You…… Sanskar says because I Love You and smiles. Why did u scared me like that it gave me heart attack see now I am leaving you says Swara and pouts. Awwwww If say Shona Shona I am ur Maheswari come lets go and get married means u willl huh so to get you I have to use my powers of being Biju says Sanskar. But Sanskar its not right plz leave that job be like Laksh see he also left all the things says Swara. Swara I dont want to hear his name from ur mouth how many times I have to tell u says Sanskar. No I will talk about Laksh only see tomorrow I am going away so better get practise to be devdas LOL…. imagine urself with dog says Swara and laughs. Sanskar grabs her and she stops laughing. Now what happened laugh says Sanskar keeping his lips inch apart. Leave me Sanskar I have to pack says Swara. Then my dear wife being my wife u have to fulfil ur hubby’s wish na says Sanskar with grin on his lips. U r my husband na then take it if u want says Swara. That it he smashed his lips on her and pressed it hard and in pressure they both fall on bed with Sanskar on top of her. Swara couldnt breathe but Sanskar diesnt leave her and this kiss turns into a wild one with exploring their love for eachother. Both part themselves and looks into eachother eyes and Sanskar hugs her tightly. They slept like that and Sanskar wisphered I wont hurt you nor leave you and this is my promise. Swara smiles and both them slept peacefully.

Swara came out of her dream hearing the door bolting sound.

Precap: Death Of Laksh In Past and Secret Of Sanslak reveals.

Credit to: Rini

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  1. m not getting it…if laksh is behind all this as …aaryan is a pos.character or not???m so cofused..

  2. m not getting it…if laksh is behind all this??
    .aaryan is a pos.character or not???m so cofused..

  3. wow mysterious, cool.

  4. I’m super confused here. Can you please give me a small precap on the story so far…. Please

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