Unexpected Relation Season 2 (Chapter 3)

“Why this key is sticked to diary” he thought and kept in his pocket.
He again opened the diary and starts reading.
“Everything was fine when I saw your Maa Swara…. Uff her eyes its like a ocean. You know when I saw her first time she don’t even know about me and she have not even saw me. I followed her without hee notice. Laksh got to know that I love Swara. He told me that she is his saali cum sister. I started to chat with your mother through FB and one day Laksh came to me and told that Swara’s father Shekar is Don Seenu. He is the head of our rival. And another thing is Swara is not his own daughter. Seenu killed Swara’s parents and kidnapped her because the property of Swara’s parents is on her name so he raised her now he is planning to kill her……………..…………………………………………………………….” ( I don’t want to drag this diary part as it’s the all about first season )
Sanskar eyes are red due to anger as well as tears.
“Maa Papa Mausa Mausi I promise you all I will avenge for your loss” Sanskar said.
(I know you all will confused because I didn’t told how did Swasan and Raglak died but wait if I tell all this in the diary itself then what is for our heroine)

Sanskar went towards the window and took the key from his pocket.
“ This is the way for everything I will Dad I will this is my promise” Sanskar said and downstairs.
Aarji are waiting for Sanskar. He came to them and sat beside Aaryan silently.
“ Mama I want to go to the tunnel” Sanskar said causally.
Aarji are shocked and looked towards him.
“Sanskar” Suji said.

“Mama Mami I want to continue what Dad left” Sanskar said. Aaryan hugged him and Suji kissed his forehead.
“Promise me Sanskar you will not leave anyone even it his child you will kill Krish Brilla and his family” Suji asked and Sanskar nodded.
Soon Aaryan and Sanskar started their journey to the tunnel.

In the tunnel…….
Sanskar and Aaryan entered the tunnel. Its just lit by a dim lights.
“As you know Sanskar its your Papa’s secret place I don’t know more about this place and Haan meet me and Di in the old house” Aaryan said.
“Does Swathi Di knows everything” Sanskar asked in amuse.
“Sanskar don’t forget she is your Di from the childhood she knows everything in fact she only took care of the underworld business” Aaryan said and kept his hand on Sanskar.
“We all waited these many years for you Sanskar only you can solve this puzzle” Aaryan finished and left.
Sanskar took the key and looked at it.

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