Unexpected Relation Season 2 (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1…….
A big bungalow is shown which looks like somewhat old. But inside the bungalow it looks more magnificent with walls painted with metallic blue colour furnished with mahogony wood. Deep inside the hallway we can hear punching sound from a room which is hidden in dark.
Inside the room a guy is seen punching the punching bag with bare hands. His knuckles are bleeding but he is least bothered about it.
Its Sanskar his eyes are red thinking about something.

One day ago……..
Sanskar came out of his room wearing a blue jeans and black shirt. He came to the hallway and saw his bua Suji arranging the table.
“Good Morning Bua” he hugged and kissed her.
“Morning Sanskar” Suji said and made him sit. And then Aaryan came with Swathi and his daughter Maya.
“Hello Di and Angel” Sanskar greeted them.
“Hi Sanskari Boy” Swathi and Maya greeted him back.
All had their break fast. Swathi went to hospital and Maya to college. Sanskar finished his college and just enjoy his life before joining company. Suji signed Aaryan something.
“Sanskar I want to talk to you something” Aaryan said.
“Haan Mama” Sanskar replied. Aaryan took out a diary and gave to Sanskar.
“Sanskar this is your Dad’s Diary he asked me to give you when you finish your graduation and read it today itself” Aaryan said. Sanskar nodded and took the diary with him.
“I hope Sanskar becomes Don and kill each one of them who killed me Sweet family” Suji said while sobbing.
Aaryan hugged her and said “Don’t worry Suji everything will be fine and I hope Sanskar take right decision”.

Precap: Sanskar reading Biju’s Diary.

Hello everyone finally the wait is over Unexpected Relation Season 2 is now on the track and I hope you all didn’t forget about the characters. If yes means here for this chapter.
Sanskar Maheswari played by VK.
Swathi Laksh Kurvila played by Kanchi Singh
Maya Aaryan Garodia played by Uttara of Swaragini
Aaryan played by Sharvan Reddy
Suji played by Thapki.

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  1. Tulina

    What sanskar dead??????? Is he that person Jaydev Birla?????? Kill him Sanky………kill him post the next part soon……..waiting eagerly for that and please name swara rebirth name as swara only

  2. Nice… i was juz reading season 1 again today n i tot u forgot abt it… but u post season 2… did t story have a leap with swasan son being t lead??? Pls post nex epis soon… waitimg for it…

  3. Abirsha

    Awesome very nice

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    Hey i am confused????

  5. awesome..!!

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