The unexpected (RagSan) – One Shot


Hii guys.. This is my first os.. Hope you all would like it nd as u all know im the writer of fflove(ragsan).. So here we go …

A boy speaking on the phone..

Yes mom… Yaa had my dinner here itself

Yaa i know its 11 pm..

Mom.. Please now stop it…

Okay mok i will talk to you later… Now i should go… Bye mom take care..

He disconnected the call nd looked at the clock which showed 11:10… He then gave a quick glance at his surroundings before picking his bag and switching off his laptop. There was no one in his office.. His angry young boss gave him so much work to finish of before he could leave.. In the urge of finishing it he ended up being late.. He picked his bag nd left his cabin.

He asked the security guard to lock the cabin nd the office and started towards his bike.

He sat on his bike and started driving. There was no traffic he could hardly see anyone on the road except the street lights. There was complete silence. As he moved forward he saw something which was near a street light he couldnt figure it out exactly. But as he was coming closer nd much more closer he saw that its a girl.

A girl in red chudidar.. With hair left open.. His eyes fell on her dupatta first.. Then her lips.. Her eyes nd then the face.. Oh god.. She is looking like an angel.. He thought in his mind.. She was standing there asking for a lift.

He stopped in front of her to give her lift as its so late.. Nd leaving a girl alone at this time wouldnt make sense..

Girl- could you please give me lift to xxxx place..
Boy- okay.. Nd signed her to sit
Girl-thank you.. Nd she sat on his bike.

For few minutes there was complete silence between them.. But however he gathered courage nd asked her from where she was coming at this time?

Girl- actually i work in infosys.. This is my usual time .. But today my scooty got damaged nd i gave it for repairing.. As i couldnt find any taxi.. I was left with no option other than asking lift..

Boy- hmm.. Okay.. Whats your name?

Girl- sanskriti… Ragini sanskriti

The boy started laughing nd giggling..

Ragini- i know my name seems somewhat wierd.. People think that i have 2 names in my name.. But what to do.. The credit goes to my dadi nd dada..

Boy-im not lauging at your name..


Boy- actually my name is sanskar.. Ur name is similar to that of mine.. So it made me laugh..

Ragini-hahaha.. Nice name.. Sanskar..

Sanskar-and yours too

Ragini-where do you work?


Ragini-oh.. My cousin also works in the same office.. Sanskar.. Stop here.. Nd thank you so much for the lift.. My house is the 3rd building from here.. Bye.. Glad to meet you.. Saying so she left waving bye to him.

Sanskar too waved bye at her nd reached his home.

Sanskar is staying with his brother .. His parents stay in some other city.

Sanskar was sleeping on his bed.. But whenever he closed his eyes only image that flashed in was .. Ragini… Her eyes.. Her talks.. Whole night he remembered only her.. Nd an unknowingly he smiled at himself.

Next day he went to office as usual… Though he doesnt had much work.. He stayed till late night. He started off from there exactly at the same time as he did yesterday. His eyes were only searching for ragini. All the way he was praying that ragini should be there.

He stopped at the same place where he saw ragini yesterday.. Nd found her today too.. She gave him a warm smile and sat on his bike.

He started driving nd she informed him that her scooty wasnt ready yet. They had some casual talks and they were talking , laughing all the way. He dropped her nd left from there.

He reached his home and again samething happened. He was unable to sleep. He was thinking of ragini. He felt like tqlking to her more nd badly wanted to see her.

Next day .. He went to his office but was unable to do the work. His colleauge noticed him amd asked him what happened? Are you alright? I think that u haven’t slept whole night.. You look so dull but ur eyes have a spark.. Whats happening yaar?

Sanskar- i think im in lobe with ragini

Colleauge-what.. The girl to whom u gave lift.. Ryt?

Sanskar-yes.. I have never felt like this before.. Its love at first sight..

Colleauge- sanskar.. Are you sure i mean it may be attraction also?

Sanskar- no yaar.. Its love.. Many girls had proposed me but i never even looked at them.. But ragini.. She is something different.. The way she talks it makes me feel like we know each other from years.. Her smile.. Her eyes.. I can live my entire life by just seeing her…

Colleauge-yaar sanskar.. Now its confirm that you are in love i mean look at you.. The boy who never ever talked about a girl.. Is now talking like a majnu… I think you should go and propose her..

Sanskar-yes.. I will…

Sanskar finished his work nd left at the same time as that of yesterday.

Ragini was there waiting for him nd they both drove off. But this time there was complete silence.. Sanskar wasnt knowing how to confess his feelings.. Or how to start.. All thoughts were running in his mind like what if she doesnt accepts him amd all.

He stopped near ragini’s house. She got down andwas about to leave when sanskar called her.
He gave her a letter and asked her to read it now itself.. Saying so he went away.

Ragini opened it. It was written…
Dear ragini.. My age is 23.. I have a brother nd purs is a small family. Till now i have no regret of anything and all these 23 years i lived happily without any complaints against my life. Everything was with me.. I hade a good job.. Good family nd money. But when i saw you i felt the same feeling of happiness which i feel whem im around my family.. This was the first time im feeling like this for a girl.. Nd also this is my first love letter.. Till now i never know that someone’s presence.. Only presence would make you feel so special.. I feel it when you are around me.. I know it might be strange that its just 3 days we met eachother.. But whatever im saying is truth.. I loveyou amd i want to marry you… I will fill your life with happiness.. I want to marry you.. I want to lead my rest of the life with you.. You can take your own time for making a decision.. But please say yes.. If it is yes then just smile.. I will be in front of you… Love sanskar..

She read tbis nd gave a smile unknowingly.. Sanskar who was seeing her from far came in front of her nd said-thanks ragini.. Thank you for accepting my proposal.. Im the most luckiest person ever..

Before he could continue ragini interrupted him..

Ragini-sanskar.. I didnt mean that.. I just smiled unknowingly..

Sanskar who was in cloud nine.. Stopped his dreaming nd h e gave a confused look to her.. Just then he heard some male voice calling her..

Ragini- sanskar.. Im. Married.. Nd the person calling my name is my husband.. Im really sorry for that..

Before she could continue sanskar left from there. He felt as if his world turned upside down.. All his dreams shattered. For the first time he loved a girl nd he got rejected. That too he loved a girl who is already married.. He doesnt know what to do.. He felt like crying. He reached his hoke nd dozed off crying.

Next day.. He completely avoided talking to his colleauge.. Nd this time he made himself so busy with the work that it crossed 11. He started his bike and all the was he was praying that ragini shouldn’t be there.. He doesn’t wanted to see her.

But unfortunately or fortunately ragini was there. He doesnt wanted to stop his bike but his heart insisted. He stopped the bike nd she sat.

There was complete silence between them.. It was as if his silence speaked to her. He was quite nd sad . the smile from his face disappeared in a day.

Soon they reached nd sanskar without uttering a word he started his bike nd was about to leave when ragini called him and said that shewanted to talk to him.

He stopped there nd she started speaking.

Sanksar.. We are in such a generation where people even killed others just because the girl doesnt accepted his love.. But you even after rejecting you you came there nd gave me lift. You had many choices to do something wrong to me.. Harm me or someother thing. But you haven’t.. You didnt even asked what my husband’s name is.. You weren’t angry at me.. But sincerely accepted that im married nd left from here.

So mr. Sansmar.. My age is 21.. Nd i too lived my life happily till now.. I also never felt anything like this .. Ur presence makes me happy too.. I can just say that you are my soulmate.. Nd i never proposed a boy..

Sanskar was shocked at her words..

Sanskar.. Im not married.. He is karthik.. My brother.. I just wanted to test you.. But you proved that u r different from others.. Nd also u r the 1st person for whom i fell.. Yes.. I love you too sanskar nd im ready to marry you…

Listening to this sanskar hugged her so tight..

Soon their parents agreed for their marriage.. They are on cloud nine…. First love is always the best love.. Nd lucky are the few whose first love is also their last love..

Love is all unexpected.. U never know when ur heart starts beating for some person.. U never know when u started falling in love… Love is unexpected.. It can happen at any time.. With any person.. The person may be the one whom you know since 10 years.. Or a person whom you met yesterday……

Guys.. How was this? Is it good… Nd sorry for any typos…. Comment your views nd let me know how u felt reading it..

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