Unexpected marriage turn my life-part 2

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Om’s p.o.v.

Standing at the chhatrapati shivaji international airport as the familiar air hit my face. I felt like being back in home.Though right now there are unwanted people in my home whose presence make me suffocated bt then there are my 2 brothers and my whole family except mr. Oberoi whom i love most in the world are waiting for me. And i can’t help but smile as the thought our good memories come to my mind. Sufdenly ombody shook me breaking my thought process and i look at that person and my smile become more wide as the person standing there was the newest member of my family my love my crazy wife mrs. Gauri omkara singh oberoi. Ya crazy and bcoz of her this craziness i have fallen hard for her. And i hate myself for the time before our marriage when I have been very harsh to her.
Suddenly gauri said that she is going to change into boys costume making me realise that though she is going to live in oberoi mansion bt not as the bahu of the house bt as a boy.
And i hate my namesake father mr. Oberoi and my so called fiancee shwetlana for giving the pain to the 2 most important women of my life one directly and to other indirectly.
As I look at gauri coming out from the changing room as a boy, i remember our plan. Plan made by shivaay, bhabhi, me and gauri.

shivika and gaurika are at gauri’s house in bareily discussing something very seriously.
Shivaay: we need to find some clue or something about svetlana’s past om.
Om: yaa shivaay now i can’t tolerate that women in our home.
Anika: we can trace her call na shivaay.
Shivaay: no, we can’t do that anika.
Om: hmm shivaay is rgt we can’t do that bcoz she can find out that. And it will be risky.
Gauri: then woh omkara ji you said na that you both have hired a detective to find about her. Didn’t he said anything.
Anika: yaa shivaay gauri is rgt. Call tat detective and atleast ask him rgt now what svetlana is
Shivaay called the detective and came to know that svetlana is rgt now searching for a servant cum detective means a personal servant for herself and detective to know about om.
He told the samething to them.
Anika: then we should make someone who is our trustworthy do that job. What you guys think.
Om: hmm i agree with you. But whom should we hire to do that task.
Shivaay: we can’t hire anyone bcoz she knows about every trustworthy person of us.
Aniri: if guys have no problem then can I/ gauri become the detective cum servant of svetlana.
Firstly they both(shivom) say no bt then they agree as noone can be more trustworthy than her.

No one p.o.v.

So now she is standing in front of him not as his wife but as chulbul sharma.
As they came out of airport they see shivaka standing there with their charming smile to wekcome them.
Anika: welcome newly weds.
Only by hearing this they both started blushing.
And seeing that both shivika started teasing them.
Anika: haye they both are blushing.
Shivaay:seeing their cheeks i think they can even put tomato to s**me.. What do you think anika.
Om knew that if they both started then may be the whole ngt they are going to stay there… So before anika can open her mouth he said them to move to car as they need to drop gauri to hotel on their way.
Hearing that all the atmosphere turned serious and they moved to their car.
As shivaay started the engine all were busy in their different yet same thoughts about what will happen after the journey will be completed.
Uff finally complete ho gya…

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But guys if you like it even 1% then pleaseeeeeeeeeeee share your views…as on that thing only the timing of me posting the next part depends…
So till nxt update tata bye ? ?

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    it seems like.different track.. I really love Om. I like this keep writing dr. Do some romantic moments fir omri

  2. Verna

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  3. Yaar. . .what a story I liked ur story very much and even I am a fan of barun sobti….can u guess?? I too loved all love stories so I am frnd for u……

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    Love omri?????, nice epi,

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    Was waiting for a GauriKa FF…keep rocking dear

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