Unexpected marriage turn my life-part 1

Thanks everyone who have commented as well as the one who have read.
Now coming to story….
Gauri p.o.v.
I just wake up from my dreamland just to see beside my seat mr. Omkara singh oberoi my husband. He was sleeping like a baby with mouth slightly open i can’t help but chukle. There was always something strong btw us whether it was hate tat we have for each other on our first meeting or my trust in this marriage and now our love. Love that now I look at my husband i can only think it to be growing more and more after our confession. I slightly ran my fingers in his silky layers of hair and was received by smile as an award from zulfi singh oberoi. He started to wake up as the announcement of landing at mumbai. One part of me was blooming in joy as i am coming to my sasural first time bt other was sad as the wave of sadness reach me i felt someone squeezing my hand i look at him and he always just by his smile make me came out of the shell of sadness. He said tat there is no need for me to do this thing and I can live in the panthouse that he own till he clear everything and he will explain to bade bhaiya and bhabhi… the lines which i have heard from him now like hundred times from the time we have planned. Though it would be dangerous as we can get caught bt i can’t leave his side as i know there is shevtlana residing there. I smiled at him and assured him i can do it.
So for the sake of my love for the sanity i will go to my sasural not as Chiraya GAURI SINGH OBEROI BT AS CHIROTA CHULBUL SHARMA.

So here though a known bt unknown twist ..i have always thought how it would be if om knew already that chulbul is gauri so i thought to write about it… As well as there will be romance between them bt gauri will be chulbul so Here rudy don’t know about gaurika marriage and he would assume om to be maa da ladla bigad so there is this hint of comedy…
I know the part is quite short and i would try to write longer update…also i think its not that good bt its my first time so i am trying…from next part the real story begins…
So if guys like it then please share your thoughts…
Tnx for reading???

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  1. excellent

    1. Kriyaina

      Thank you it means a lot.

  2. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr……… I loved it to the core….. Nice idea…. Waiting for next episode egarly….

    1. Kriyaina

      Thanks…well i have just submitted it so it will post soon.. Do read it and tell about it

    1. Kriyaina

      Thank you it means a lot for me..

  3. Nice thought yaar…
    Loved ur writing…
    Post nxt part asap…….

    It ‘ ll be more interesting….
    All the best dear…..

    1. Kriyaina

      Thanks for liking it.. The next part will be post soon…do read it and tell me your views on it

  4. What a story ?????super super I loved it ……..better u join on IB page we will have fun…..

    1. Kriyaina

      Thanks for liking it… And ya which page..
      If you are talking of fb or twitter
      Then sry i am not on any of them

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