Unexpected Love- Swasan (segment-1)

Hellooo sweeties!!!! This is Savanshi back with a new story…
A story which u can say is something emotional or has a tinge of unfathomable feelings..
It’s a story how inappropriate decisions can destroy or make someone’s life…
Everything has it’s limit.. so let’s see where is the limit of the overflowing emotions of our character’s…..
Sooo here presenting my new creation….
Hope u all like it?????
                  I NEED U!!!!

Yes!!! I love her…
Yipeee!!! I love her…
I was dancing like a maniac.. jumping merrily all around my office’s cabin. It has been more than a year since we married and it’s now that my heart realised the fact that I LOVE HER!!!

I just wish she accepts me and I know her she forgives everyone easily so she will forgive me too but still I need to make it grand.
I want to give back her; all the happiness she deserves along with an amazing proposal as a sorry gift. I just can’t wait to take her in my arms. I wanna hug her and sooth all her worries; love her to infinity and make ourselves complete. I wanna fill up all the faded days;now with colours of our togetherness. I wanna give our called relation a meaning.. a relation where there is trust.. love.. care..worry.. possession.. jealously.. fights.. and above all immense respect for one another.

Finally I have realized that I love her. What an idiot I’m to be so unaware of my feelings. Can u believe it??? I’m  such a pathetic man who has a beautiful.. adorable wife.. who loves me inspite the fact that she will gain nothing in return.. I just can’t understand this!!!!
Means seriously how can one love someone soo much despite the fact that there’s nothing but darkness and pain in return…
Is it possible in this world??
This world where envy.. cruelty.. disloyalty.. lies are the payback for someone’s love… then how can I be so blessed to have such a lovable person who is ready to sacrifice her everything just to gain nothing but pain and tears…

Now this is it… I can’t wait anymore… in this short span of life that is bestowed to me I’ll make everything fine.. I’m going to rectify each and every mistake of my life.. I’m gonna fill ur life with immense happiness and joy.. I’ll love u to such an end that will fulfill all the deep cuts of sorrow and pain that I have given u in this one year…
Till now you have seen the monster side But now u will see the antagonistic side of me…
The person u have never seen… I’m gonna shower u with all the merriness… I’m gonna make ur life heaven to make up for all the tears u have shed…

Thinking this I reached my villa to see the most shattering and devastating seen…..

But plz don’t be angry… if u all are interested in this story then do tell me… if I receive a good response then I’ll surely come back with the next part… but I’ll take some time….
And I promise next part will be the extreme long and will be a good extract of the story..
So do let me know sooonnn….
And highly apologies for any grammatical error?

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  1. nice update next part sooon….

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u soo much

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks dear

  2. Deeksha

    interesting…!!!!!!!!!!!continue soon……….

    1. Savanshi27

      Thanks dear I’ll be back soon

  3. Simin

    Here comes our vanishing queen
    Who all of a sudden disappears n then reappears
    Coming to story u have to continue it
    How can u leave us in cliffhanger haaannn…..

    1. Savanshi27

      Hehe!!! Sorry for sudden disappearance. . But I’m having my exam next month so that can become a barrier in update… but yet I’ll try my level best to show up…
      And thanks for appreciation ☺

  4. Nice continue soon

    1. Savanshi27

      Thank u soo much priya

  5. Awesome….

  6. Arshaanya

    Hey savanshi welcome bck…
    Wud love to read bt i dun want sad ending ??

  7. nice…continue soon

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    Loved it

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    Please….please post next part soon. Its interesting… I CANT WAIT!!

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    interesrting, but no sad ending please

  13. nice dear..continue soon

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    Nice one..

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