{Unexpected love} shivika os by Meher

Shivaay singh oberoi had a dream of becoming a famous dancer since he was 6. Dancing was his only passion. But his parents didn’t like it. They never supported his dream. They always thought dancing was such a waste of time.
Priyanka is Shivaay’s sis who left the house 2 years ago because she loved a boy Ranveer but his family didn’t accept them so,she left the house and married Ranveer. Now,Ramveer is a successful businessman in Delhi. Aryan used to share everything to him. Aryan told Ranveer that his family would never support his passion of dancing. Ranveer advised him to leave his house and come to Delhi. Aryan had no other option so he decided to leave for Delhi.
Two days after, Shivaay went Delhi. There he stayed with Priyanka and Ranveer. Ranveer had a sis, Anika. Anika was a fabulous choreographer. Ranveer introduced Aryan to her thinking she could help him in dancing. Anika agreed.
Next day, Anika told Shivaay that a dancing competition was to be held after ten days. The competition required a partner. So, Anika asked Shivaay if he wanted, she could be his partner. Shivaay saw it as a golden opportunity for his dream so he agreed.

Shivaay and Anika started rehearsing day and night. They started spending much of their times together practising. Gradually dance brought them closer and they became good friends. Ranveer and Priyanka had no problem about this.
As the competition came closer, Shivaay had developed a feeling more than that of just friendship. He couldn’t help thinking about Anika when he was not with her. He wanted to spend whole day with her. He remembered all the memories they shared together. He was just lost in Sanchi. He was in love with Anika. He realized it soon. He wanted to tell this to her but very thought of Sanchi being his Brother-in-laws sis, stepped him aback. He didn’t want to break his sister and brother-in- laws trust. He made up his mind to leave Delhi after this competition was over.
The big day was today. Shivaay was behaving unusual. He was not focused on dancing. He was just thinking that he would lose Anika. Forever.
“Are you alright?” asked Anika
“Hmm. Just a bit nervous,” Shivaay replied.
“I understand. But don’t worry. You’ll rock.”
“Anika, I want to say something.”
“I..I…I love you.”

Anika remained silent. She was very shocked as well as surprised by this sudden proposal.
The competition had begun. Contestants were being called. “Now the next participants are Anika and Shivaay”, Anchor announced. Shivaay was waiting for Anika.Though his mind was buzzing she wouldn’t come but something kept him waiting. Five minutes passed. Their names were again announced but none came on the stage. When the third time their names were announced, Shivaay stepped up on the stage alone. No sooner he was going to announce that he was going to give up than Anika headed towards the stage. Claps were only one could hear at that epoch.
Their performance started. They danced as if they were two bodies and just one soul. The sync was perfect. Everything was perfect. Music stopped and their dancing too. People cried in unison, “Once more! Once more!” Thanking everyone, Shivaay and Anika left the stage.
“The winners are… Shivaay and Anika,” announced the jury. But there was only Anika standing on the stage and receiving the trophy. She was looking for Shivaay but he wasn’t there.
Shivaay was in his room and crying bitterly looking at the picture of Anika he had in his mobile. Suddenly someone knocked the door. Wiping off his tears quickly, he opened the door. He found Ranveer standing there . he was looking at him with a complaining eyes. “What are you doing here? You should be with Anika.,” said Ranveer, “I want to tell you something Ranveer. I am sorry . I broke your trust. But Ranveer I don’t know how, when I fell in love with Anika. It was a unexpected love. I am sorry.”said Shivaay.”will you now allow me to say something? You didn’t break my trust Aryan. Love is something which just happens even you don’t even realise when you fell in love with someone. infact me aand Prinky also had a unexpected love.So, you need not feel guilty. And one more thing Anika loves you too. When you proposed her she came to me. And she told me she loves you too but at that moment she was so shocked and surprised that she couldn’t react properly. Now, what are you waiting for go to her.”Said Ranveer. After hearing this Shivaay was in cloud nine without thinking or saying anything he just rushed to Anika.
He went to the stage . Seeing him Anika was very happy. “where were you? We were waiting for you since so long. I was so worried.” Said Anika. Aryan without saying anything hold her hand and received the trophy.”Well Shivaay and Anika the stage is yours.” Said the anchor. After saying this she handed the Mike to Shivaay. Shivaay took the Mike. “ Dancing is my passion. I always thought that dancing is my life,it means everything to me but after meeting sanchi my thoughts changed now, Anika is my life, she means everything to me.said.” said Shivaay. After saying this he came to his knees. “So, Ms, Anika Bajaj, today Infront of the whole world I am confessing this to u. I love you, I love you Anika. Are you ready to be mine? Will you marry me?”said Shivaay. Sanchi was very happy , her happiness had no bounds.”Yes, yes. I love you too. And I am ready to be yours by marrying you.”said Anika.
The hug each other. Priyanka comes there and hand over each Ring to both of them they both exchange rings. Shivaay gives a kiss in Anika’s cheeks.

________________=The End=_______________

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  1. Kanfi

    Itss amazzzing meher,,,,,sweet n beautifull,….like it,,,,
    Bt i’ve to ask why the name aryan n sanchi is switching with shivaay n anika??

  2. Kanfi

    Itss amazzzing meher,,,,,sweet n beautifull,….like it,,,,

    Bt i’ve to ask why the name aryan n sanchi is switching with shivaay n anika??

    1. Christie123

      actually I write an ff on aryan and sanchi. and tyats tyr first time I am writing on shivika so names ate automatically changing .

      1. Kanfi

        Ohhkk dear

  3. amazing. I also have the same question as Kanfi about aryan and sanchi.

    1. Christie123

      thanks prapti see the reply of kanfi.

  4. wow meher thu itni romantic bhi omg its awsome that last kiss its awwwwwwwwwwww

    1. Christie123

      mwin pagal hoon adventurer hoon bit uske aath boht romantic bhi hoon

  5. fantabolous meher shivay ko dancer bana diya achha hua singer nahi banaya
    its amazing
    swweet story

    1. Christie123

      actually ham sabne aptak saru businessmen shivaay ko dekha so use dancet bana diya

  6. Thedreamsoul

    This is so sweet and cute . A different one from the rest . Loved it . I thought you wrote a wrote about Aryan and Sancho and then replaced it by Shivaye and Anika . Never ever in my dream I thought billuji can dance , haha . Keep writing dear ??

    1. Christie123

      Thanks and Aryan and Sanchi ? It was actually saved in my keyboard so, automatically .

  7. Soumya85

    Wow meher awesome so tu romantic bhi h wah wah meri pyari behena arayan aur sachi ki story thi kya yeh ? Par koi nai story bahut amazing thi love u??

    1. Christie123

      Love you Meri behna??????

  8. Arthi

    Superb dr and shivay’s passion is dancing and Superb dr…..

    1. Christie123

      Thanks dear..

  9. Ahaana

    So sweet … Amazing… Awesome it was.. ?

    1. Christie123

      Love you ishi?????

      1. Ahaana

        luv uhh too meher?

  10. A very cute and sweet love story. It was such an unexpected love for shivika. Shivaay changing from business tycoon to dancer!! Well not possible in IB but it is such an amazing idea. Anika reacting to shivaay’s proposal in the excited manner is still running in my mind. I loved shivaay’s idea of proposing and confessing his love for Anika in front of the world and media.

    1. Christie123

      Thanks samsun ?? glad you liked it.

  11. Neha_Pheonix

    Great..Awesome..maybe you liks dance a lott..same like the other story and like it…great!

    1. Christie123

      Yeah Neha I love dance it’s my hobby.

      1. Neha_Pheonix

        Ohh great..even I have done training in bharatnatyam!

    2. Christie123

      Bharatnatyam! GREAT

      1. Neha_Pheonix

        which style to you like then?

    3. Christie123

      No style in dance. I dance bcoz I feel happy and yet if you ask me then hip-hop and I also know hip-hop.

  12. Alekhika20

    Beautiful os

  13. It’s just awesome

    1. Christie123

      Thanks tanmai.

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Wow! Its soooo sweet and cute dear….

  15. Orchid

    It’s just mindblowing, I really love the confession part. And Shivaay change to dancer fro m business tycoon wow it’s a awesome idea. Totally love the update.

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