unexpected love- i love that

Im a big fan of swasan …. Almost most lovable telly soaps have been bringing in a pattern of love story.
As far as fans have been used to this expected twists … I think this one factor has been nailing a show to a hit…..
first all the soaps feature a lead pair that becomes fan’s fav, may it be tharuv or swalak……..
first they hate then the hero loves …they love , move around as couple , stabilize their relation ..
then comes the trump card character…. Until his introduction we don’t realize that he’s the turning point. Obviously the character under sleeve on exposure turns to be the main lead.

The bang on between those characters is even more compared to the previous pairing that nails on audience.
A lot of twists that may irritate the audience, pushes them to an extend of not watching those shows.. but still I think the right twist of bringing in the male lead –their chemistry has been the reason for holding fans to that soap…

This romance is a kinda feeling that never wears out especially swasan have had the spark, chemistry between them, inspite of their separation and all those dragggy, irritating tracks … One never will disagree with the fact that they must at some point of time have reconsidered watching the show which they must have thought of quitting due to their lead pairs…..
More than introducing mere lead pairs, love, marriage…. This surprise characters that turn out to be lead never fails to impress anyone…….especially swasan, thahaan….
Pls do comment guys.

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  1. Raina

    really true……
    whatever you have expressed through this update is really true. even i was a fan of swalak, JUST a fan but never thought i will become a mad, crazy and a die heart fan of swasan. UNEXPECTED LOVE…….hmm.. even i love that

  2. Agree with you friend. Sanskar was my favourite character of swaragini show. Actually more than swara or ragini. Someone said once that people are fan of sanskar cause of vk’s good looks but no i am a fan of that character. Ya he was a turning point of show and this turning point was the reason for me to watch that show. Ok ok now enough of praising of my sanskar???. Oho How much have i talked. I just wanted to say that i am agree with you.

  3. to say the truth i had first thought that swalak could lead and never even gave a thought to sanskar(can’t believe it now)
    no offence but this show was a utter crap like other serials for me at first
    but then swasan came and my god they just nailed it
    i from a non caring became a die heart fan of this serial
    love swasan sooooooooooooooo much

  4. Aradhana

    Thank you guys!! Do let me know if u like it.. So that i may try out a better article next time?

  5. SRSL

    Its very true… All these marriage twists…the one I cried the most is when kavlak got married but that was just a twist not a new lead to the story….swaragini never failed to give us twists and shock… Swasan raglak thahaan tanshi and raina are my favorite…..and the funny thing is all of them had marriage twist…?

  6. Adishu

    hmmmm soooo trueeee….
    what u said was so correct…. I was too a swalak fan…. I never thought that their would be something like swasan….. swasan who just have that magic that made me forget how to breathe… made me forget about the people around me…. made me forget my pain if I had any…. made me smile whenever I m sad…. snatched my heart…. I LOVE U SWASAN….. an unconditional n never ending love…..
    I love you….

  7. Tamil

    Agree with u it’s true

  8. Simi

    Swaragini ended..
    Bt when i saw Swasan’s pic still i will smile like an idiot.. Even have tears in my eyes..
    Me too first didnt think abt Swasan first..
    My God bt now i’m crazy abt them.. Miss them?

  9. Yuppp dear,, nobody ever thought about SWASAN rather than Swa__Lak.. even me2… but for d 1st time i had a doubt that d pairs may turn out to b only SWASAN n raglak.. when in Swara’s mehendi (may b)she was dancing madly due to drags effect in blue lehenga n all of a sudden she landed up in Sanskar’s arm placing a short eyelock… That day i had a mere doubt “Pairs will b only SWASAN”.. n i was proved rit..
    oh God SR serial gave us d most EPIC n HEAVENLY couple SWASAN..
    SR may finish but still m mad for SWASAN.. their videos,vms,images,iv clips always brings out tears in my eyes sometimes of Joy,Happiness n sometimes of Sadness n sorrow..
    ending of SR has no effect on me coz i always watch n live my SWASAN… it’s kinda A GOOD HABIT which i would love to carry throughout my whole life…
    Thnk u dear for writing this article.. do write more.. people would love to read them… !! ;-*

  10. Aradhana

    Thnk u guys… Definitely I’ll try to give some swasan articles… Sr may end BT swasan …its beyond words….a part of my life.

  11. Very true

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