An unexpected love (episode 7)


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Suhani is lying on the bed. Yuvraj enters in. Seeing Yuvraj,Suhani starts crying in pain.

Yuvraj: What’s wrong with you?Why are you crying?
Suhani: Hey chikne. Bak bak karna ban karo. My leg is paining a lot.
Yuvraj smiles and thinks” Ofcourse it will pain as you had to run a lot”

Suhani: Why are you smiling? Come here and massage my leg.
Yuvraj: What ? Me?
Suhani: no. Me.. Ofcourse you. Massage it or else..
Yuvraj: Or else what? You will tell my family about our fake marriage. So in that case Go ahead i will not stop you.
Suhani: You think i am a fool to tell your family the truth. I am getting everything here so why i will do something that they will remove me from here…hmm if you don’t massage my leg, i will call the police and tell them that you torture me..Then you in jail and me here… Come on Yuvraj birla..Think about it..
Yuvraj starts massaging Suhani’s leg. Suhani smiles while Yuvraj is angry..
Joh tu mera humdard …plays..

After some time Yuvraj notices that Suhani is sleeping. He then goes to the bathroom.

Early in the morning…
Dadi: Ramesh have you cleaned the guest room?
Ramesh: Yes dadi.
Dadi: Ok now go and buy some beautiful white lilies..
Ragini: Dadi i have already cooked the food. Is there anything else to do?
Dadi: Go and see if Yuvraj has already woke up.
Yuvraj: Dadi i am here. Who is coming that you have ordered Ramesh to clean the guest room?
Dadi: Someone very special. Now stop questioning me and today you will stay at home.You will not go anywhere.
Yuvraj: As you wish.

Everyone sits at the table excluding Suhani.
Saurab: Dadi.Let’s start i am very hungry.
Dadi: No wait for some more time.
Suddenly the bell ring and Ramesh opens the door. A beautiful girl wearing skirt enters.

The girl: Dadi..
Everyone looks on.
Dadi: Soumya..
Pratima: How are you dear?
Soumya: I am fine aunty.
Sharad looks at Yuvraj.Yuvraj does not look at Soumya.
Soumya: Hi saurab bhaiya, Ragini bhabhi,Anuj,Mehka,Sharad. Hi Yuvraj.
Dadi: Yuvraj talks to her.
Yuvraj looks at Soumya angrily.
Yuvraj: Why did you come here?
Soumya: I am sorry Yuvraj. Are you still angry with me? Please Yuvraj forget all that had happened.
Dadi: Yuvraj it is better to forget the past and move on.
Pratima: Yes Yuvraj.Dadi is right.
Saurab: Arre mere bhai. When a beautiful girl wants to talk to you.You must not ignore her.
Sharad: Yes Guru.Forgive her.
Yuvraj: Ok. I have forgiven you Soumya.
Soumya smiles and hugs Yuvraj.Yuvraj also hugs her. Just then Suhani comes wearing a top and jean. Suhani looks on.
Suhani: Yuvraj Who is she?
Soumya looks at Suhani.
Soumya: This is Suhani right.
Suhani:Yes i am Suhani.But how do you know me?
Soumya: Dadi told me about you.
Suhani: Really? Dadi told you about me. That’s mean Dadi likes me. Oh how sweet of you Dadi.
Suhani hugs Dadi and dadi break the hug.
Dadi: Hey ladki.
Soumya: Suhani!
Soumya hugs Dadi and Dadi also hugs her.
Soumya: Dadi loves me a lot and will not mind if i hug her.But if others hug her, she will mind.
Suhani goes towards Yuvraj and hugs him very tight. Everyone looks on. Suhani breaks the hug and kisses Yuvraj on his cheek in front everyone.
Suhani: If you can hug Dadi, I can also hug Yuvraj and kiss Yuvraj as i am his wife.And You! I have seen you hug Yuvraj but that day i have seen you kiss him.. That day will be your worst day..And i will make it worst..Mark my words…
The scene freezes.

Credit to: ruby o

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