An unexpected love (episode 6)

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Suhani enters Srivastav house. Pankaj is sitting on the sofa,reading a journal.Suhani throws Rs 5000 on the table.Pankaj looks at her.
Suhani: Take it!
Pankaj: I don’t need your illegal money.
Suhani: Hey Mr Pankaj This money is not illegal one. I have work hard to get it.
Bhavana comes in.
Bhavana: Suhani! What are you wearing.From where did you get this expensive dress? And where were you all night?
Suhani: Are you a lawyer that are questioning me all these questions?
Sunita: Suhani!
Suhani hugs Sunita.
Suhani: i miss you and Bhavana di a lot mom.
Pankaj: Sunita ask your spoil daughter what work she is doing?
Suhani: Mom tell your Husband not to interfere in my life and mom trust me.I am not doing any wrong or illegal work.
Sunita: I trust you my daughter.
Bhavana: mom. I am going to the temple.
Suhani: Wait di. Let’s go together.even i am going to the temple.
Everyone is shocked.
Bhavana: Suhani and temple!
Suhani: why? can’t i? Now don’t overreact. Let’s go.
Suhani and Bhavana leaves.

At the temple. Both takes their own veneration plate and gives it to the pandit and pray.
Suhani:(in her mind) God always help me and be on my side.
Suhani opens her eyes and sees Bhavana still praying.
She decides to wait outside. As she turns back ,She is shocked to see a policeman staring at her. Suhani approaches him.

Suhani: Don’t worry i am ready to come.But don’t create a scene here.
The policeman agrees. While walking Suhani makes a lady falls down and that lady sindoor falls and enters the policeman eyes. Taking advantage of the situation, Suhani escapes from there.
Just then Yuvraj and Sharad arrives there.They do not notice Suhani.
Yuvraj: Are you sure she will be here?
Sharad: 200 % sure.Let’s go.

Suhani finds it difficult to run in high heels.The policeman shouts and starts running behind her. So she quickly removes her high heels and throws it in the air. Unfortunately one high heel hits Yuvraj’s head.
Yuvraj: Aaaah! What’s the hell..
Sharad laughs and they turn they see Suhani.They look on.
Suhani wears someone slippers and runs away. The owner of the slipper sees Suhani and shouts” chor, chor,chor”
Yuvraj: She is not chor. Yeh toh chorni hai.
Suhani runs away and some people including the policeman run behind her.
Sharad: Guru Go and help her.
Yuvraj: No.She deserves it.
Sharad: Please go.If she is caught then Dadi will get to know the her truth.
Yuvraj: hmm you are right but..
Sharad: no but.Go!
Yuvraj: Where? Where should we go? She is nowhere to be seen now. Sharad: Oh god ! What to do now?
Yuvraj: Let’s look for her.Come on! Get in the car now.

The people say: Where has she gone?
Policeman: She is very clever.She has run again.Let’s go now.
Suhani is behind some bushes.
She heaves a sigh of relief.
Yuvraj’s car passes by.He sees the people returning back. He stops the car.
Yuvraj: Did you get that Chorni?
One man: No.She managed to run away.
Yuvraj: Shame on you all. You are in group and she is a lonely woman but still you guys fail in catching her.

Suhani hears him and looks on.
Policeman: What to do? She is very clever like a fox.
Yuvraj: hmm. What has she stolen before that you seem to know her?
One man: Arre wo to Samossa chorni hai( She is the thief of Samossa).
Yuvraj: What? Samossa?
One man: Yes one day she has stolen all my Samossa.
Yuvraj: hmm don’t worry One day she will pay for stealing samossa. Sharad.Let’s go.

Suhani to herself: Forget about me.Now think about yourself Mr Yuvraj.Today you will pay for what you have said.Just wait and watch!

The scene freezes here..

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