An unexpected love (episode 5)

Thanks you guys and sorry for late update and short ff..My exams is near so i will not be able to write long ff.Hope you guys understand.. Thanks you..

The next day..
Suhani is seen admiring herself in the mirror.. Her hair is straight and well trimmed. She wears a beautiful pink bracelet. She is wearing a Teenager frock, white and pink flowery coloured and she is also wearing high pink heels. She is looking very s*xy.

Suhani: Wow Suhani! You are so gorgeous.
Just then the door opens.It is Dadi.Dadi enters the room. Suhani comes near Dadi and smile.Dadi looks at her angrily.

Dadi: What nonsense is this?What are you wearing?
Suhani:(in a sweet voice like a child) Do you have vision problem Dadi?
Dadi: Hey ladki.
Suhani: Hey old lady..

Suhani laughs.
Suhani: Sorry i was just joking.Please continue.
Dadi: What do you think you are?..
Suhani: I think that i am Birla’s daughter-in-law.
Dadi: You..
Yuvraj: What is happening here?
Yuvraj spots Suhani.He is mersmerised by her beauty.He smiles and admires her.
Yuvraj: What a beauty!
Dadi looks angrily at Yuvraj.The latter sees Dadi looking at him.His expression changes.

Yuvraj: I mean..You are looking beautiful Suhani.

Dadi: Yuvraj! Staying with this girl you forgot your manners. Will she wear this type of dress here? Tell her to wear traditional indian dress or otherwise she will see the worst part oof mine.
Suhani: But dadi Tell me one thing. Why does indian women dress themselves well?
Dadi: Because their husband wants to see them looking beautiful.
Suhani: So my husband loves to see me in this type of for the pleasure of my husband i will wear this. Now that’s final. No one will argue about this. Ok Dadi you may now leave.

Dadi leaves from their angrily.
Yuvraj: You should not have talk to Dadi like this.
Suhani: Where did you go early in the morning?
Yuvraj: First listen to me.This is the last time you have spoken to Dadi like this.
Suhani:( In a serious and angry tone) Where have you gone?
Yuvraj: Suhani you..
Suhani shouts: Answer me God damn it.
Yuvraj looks on.
Yuvraj:(in a low voice) i went jogging.

Suhani: Did you inform me before going? Answer me.Did you inform me.
Yuvraj: No but.
Suhani: but what! Tell me but what? Are you talking me for granted?
Yuvraj:No but.
Suhani: Your punishment will be that you will give me 5 thousand rupees. Right now.
Yuvraj looks at her and remove Rs 5000 from his wallet and hands it to Suhani.
Suhani smiles and takes it.
Just then Mehka passes there and stops seeing them and Suhani with the money. She looks at them well. Suhani notices her. So she comes near Yuvraj. She slowly touches Yuvraj face with her one finger.Yuvraj looks on.

Suhani: My baby. You are so sweet.Thanks you for coming in my life. I will donate this money to the temple today itself. I will pray that we always be together.
Suhani takes her handbag,Puts the money in it.
Mehka hides.
Suhani Kisses Yuvraj on his face.
Suhani: I’ll be back soon baby.
Yuvraj holds her angrily and says: You!.. Suhani interrupts him by putting her finger on his lips.
Suhani: I know you are trying to be naughty but not now. Tonight i will not stop you from being naughty.

Then Suhani leaves and notices Mehka leaving from there.
Suhani in her mind:Thanks god I saw this stupid mehka.She will surely believe that Yuvraj and i had love marriage.
Suhani leaves in the car with a driver.
Yuvraj in his room..
Sharad: What happen guru?

Yuvraj:( in an afraid mood) I made a big mistake.
Sharad: What mistake Guru?
Yuvraj: You know this girl Suhani. She is very dangerous.Very Very dangerous.I should not have include her in this plan. I have an idea Sharad. Let’s run from here.
Sharad: Relax Guru. Tell me what happen.
Yuvraj: Sharad my brother. This mad girl will..
Sharad: Will what?
Yuvraj: she just said that tonight..

Sharad: Tonight what?
Yuvraj: Arre stupid.. What do boy and girl do at night alone..
Sharad: Oh that…
Yuvraj: What that? Just shut up. I have an idea.Today i will sleep with mom. Yeah, That’s better!

The scene freezes here.

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