An unexpected love (episode 4)

Thanks a lot guys you are all my courage…

Everyone is sitting at the table for dinner. Suhani comes,wearing a pink and white angry bird pyjama.
Everyone is shock seeing her.

Suhani: Hi everyone. What happen? You are all looking at me. Oh i understand.You all like this Angry bird pyjama right. Me too i like it.
Yuvraj stands up and goes near Suhani.
He whispers to her.
Yuvraj: Suhani please go to the bedroom.
Suhani: But Yuvraj.there are so many delicious food here. I can resist myself.I want to eat.
Yuvraj: Suhani go.I’ll bring your food.
Suhani: Ok.
Suhani leaves.
Yuvraj: Sorry dadi.Please forgive her.She is still immature.

Ramesh brings the food in the room.Suhani’s eyes become big seeing the food. Ramesh leaves and she starts eating the food in bad manner with her hand.
Yuvraj enters the room.
Yuvraj: Chee Suhani. That’s digusting.
Suhani: Hey Yuv ka Raj Just shut up and let me eat in peace.
Yuvraj: What! Yuv ka Raj.
Suhani: Yaa Yuv Ka Raj mean Yuvraj.Hahaahahaha.
Yuvraj: Ok jokes apart. Suhani you are now my wife.
Suhani stares at him.
Suhani: From when?
Yuvraj: From today.
Suhani: hmm so.
Yuvraj: you will have to learn how to eat with spoon and fork. Just like a well mannered person.

Suhani stops eating. She takes the spoon like filmy type and eats with the spoon.Yuvraj is shocked.
Yuvraj: You know how to eat with spoon.
Suhani: Noooo! I have just eat with a stick.
Yuvraj: When you know how to eat with Spoon then why you were eating like this.
Suhani: Actually i was really hungry.But now i am full.I’ll go and wash my hands in the mean time you remove the plates and clean the room.
Suhani goes in the washroom.
Yuvraj to himself: Wow.Before i was the owner of this room and now she makes me a servant.
Yuvraj: Ramesh! Ramesh!
Ramesh comes.
Ramesh: Ji yuvraj Bhaiya!
Suhani comes out of the washroom.
Yuvraj: Ramesh cleans all this right now.
Suhani: Ramesh what were you doing when Yuvraj called you.
Ramesh: Mme i was cleaning the dining table.
Suhani: So go and clean the table.
Ramesh: But..
Suhani: Didn’t you hear what i say. Go and continue with your work.
Ramesh leaves.
Yuvraj:Suhani you sent who will clean this?
Suhani: You!
Yuvraj: What? Me?
Suhani: Are you deaf or what! Ofcourse you will clean this.
Yuvraj: i won’t clean it.
Yuvraj leaves.
Menka is passing by.
Suhani: Menka! Please come here.
Menka: Yes tell me.
Suhani: Menka you are very beautiful.
Menka: Really?
Suhani: ofcourse yes. You are so sweet.Guess what i am planning?
Menka: what are you planning GiGi?
Suhani: Later i will tell you.First i have to clean this.
Menka: please tell me.
Suhani: If i tell you then who will clean this?
Menka: I’ll clean this.
Suhani smiles…
Meanwhile why Menka is cleaning,Suhani lies on the bed.
Yuvraj enters the room.
Menka: I am finished. Now tell me what you are planning.
Suhani: i am planning to go outside tomorrow.
Menka: Really? With whom?With me right?
Suhani: Wrong! I will go with my sweet husband.
Menka becomes angry and leaves.
Yuvraj: God! You are so clever!
Suhani: Thanks you for praising me.Come on now come to bed.
Yuvraj: What?
Suhani: offo! I will put a barrier of pillows in between.
Yuvraj: Ok.

Both Yuvraj and Suhani sleep.

In Dadi’s room.
Dadi: I will make this girl’s life worst.She does not deserve to be my daughter-in-law.
Menka: Yes Dadi She is too smart.
Ragini: Dadi. Yuvraj loves her.It has just been only one day since we know her.So we must not make any descision in haste. Who knows she may be perfect for this house.

In Yuvraj’s room..Late at night.

Suhani strangles Yuvraj and hits him. Yuvraj shouts” suhani” and tries to defends himself.
His hand reaches the glass of water and he takes it and throws water on Suhani’s face. Suhani wakes up.
Yuvraj takes deep breath.
Yuvraj: Are you mad?You were killing me.
Suhani cannot understand what has happened.
Yuvraj: One minute! Do you suffer from any illness. Tomorrow i will take you to the doctor for a check up.Else one day you will kill me.

Suhani laughs loudly.
Suhani: I am so sorry. I was dreaming that i was fighting with a that thief who stolen my Rs10.
Yuvraj: God! You are still behind your Rs 10.
Yuvraj touches his neck.
Suhani smiles and hugs him.
Yuvraj breaks the hug.
Yuvraj:You are mad.I am 200% sure that you are mad.
Yuvraj leaves the room. Suhani smiles.
Hua hai aaj pehli baar joh aise muskuraya houn.. Plays..
Yuvraj comes outside the room and smiles.”You are Mad Suhani”

The scene freezes..

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  1. NAPSHa J

    I’m running short of words.. Its getting more interesting day by day.. Love ur ff!!

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  2. YuvAni moments were so cute!! 🙂

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        No ruby…

  3. 😀 😀 u r ff was too humours and funny ..
    suhani as attitude girl in this ff i luv it

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  4. Awesome yaar, I just loved it

    1. Thanks you Khushi and as per your name..Always be happy

  5. This is hilarious I’m so loving your ff. Hope you keep this talent flowing coz it’s epic. Luved it, luved it, ohh I can’t even express how much I loved it coz words are not enough ????????

    1. oh how sweet! I can’t even tell u how happy i am..I am on the moon..hahaha

  6. A super se uper wala epi… Best ff ever

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  7. i just luved it

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  8. Nithu

    Too gud

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  9. komal sontani

    Wow suhan7 is so smart ipesa hi hona chahiye

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  10. Aqsxxh

    May I just mention how perfect and creative your ff is. I can’t believe I never commented when I read it ;-; Its perfection x

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