An unexpected love (episode 3)

Thank you guys for your support.I am sorry for a small episode as i am not well today…Hope you understand….

Everyone is shock to see Suhani and Yuvraj.Everyone rushes towards them.
Pratima: Yuvraj what is this?
Dadi: Yuvraj Who is she?
Yuvraj: Mom Dadi she is my wife.I did not want to marry that girl so i had to take this step.
Dadi: Yuvraj do you think that you will marry any girl and i will accept her as my daughter-in-law.
Ragini: Dadi now let it be! They are now married.
Suhani:(with full attitude.WFA) Yuvraj let’s go.

Suhani: I don’t know.You have forgotten that you had said if your family don’t accept our relationship you will leave this house forever.
Everyone including Yuvraj looks on.

Pratima: No.Yuvraj you can’t go anywhere. Maa ji please accept her.
Ragini: Yes Dadi.Accept her look how beautiful she is.
Everyone requests Dadi and finally Dadi accepts.
Then Pratima does their aarti and after that Yuvraj leads Suhani to his room.Yuvraj opens the door.
Suhani looks on.
Suhani: Wow this is my room?
Yuvraj: This is my room.
Suhani: What a big bed!
Just then suhani jumps onto the bed.

Suhani: Nice matress.i like it.
Yuvraj: Plz remove your shoes.and plz for god sake don’t make my room untidy.
Suhani: Do you have servant?
Yuvraj: Yes.Why?
Suhani: So what’s the problem? If i make the room a mess then he will make it tidy.Problem solve.
Yuvraj: God! Quickly go and be ready for dinner.
Yuvraj leaves the room.
Just then Ragini and dadi are passing from there.Suhani sees them and waves her right hand.
Suhani: Hey Dadi! What’s up?

Dadi looks angrily at her and continues her way.
Ragini(in her mind): Oh god whom has Yuvraj brought as his wife!.

The scene freezes here.

Credit to: ruby o


  1. komal sontani

    I love that part when suhani waves the hand to auhani its awesomeeee darling u keep writing and we keep reading

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