An unexpected love (episode 2)


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Yuvraj removes her hand from his collar.
Yuvraj:Look madam i am sorry but you should have notice that car is coming and if the car has hit you then it will be me in trouble.
Suhani: What? Tere ko kya lagta hai that i am worried about that accident.Hey Chikne! because of you that rascal has escaped from me. He has stolen my money and because of your stupid car he succeeded in running away.
Yuvraj: i am really sorry.Tell me how much he has stolen.
Suhani: Why are you a policeman that you will find that thief and return me my money?
Yuvraj: no! I will give you the money from my wallet.
Suhani: hmm i think you are fond of doing social work.Nice.Keep it up.Anyway he has stolen Rs 10.
Yuvraj: What! Rs 10! For Rs 10 you are making such a..
Suhani:heeeeey! To get that Rs 10 i had to work so much.Hmm You seem to be rich.Ok as you are rich give me Rs 100.

Yuvraj removes his wallet and then he thinks of something.
Suhani:Hey Chikne! Kya soch rahe ho.Jaldi se paisa de do( What are you thinking.Quickly give me the money.)
Yuvraj: Will you be my wife?
Suhani: teri toh..
Suhani is going to give Yuvraj a blow on his face that Yuvraj moves backward.
Yuvraj:Wait! Not what you are thinking.i mean to say that will you act to be my wife for some days.
Suhani is going to say something that Yuvraj interrupts her.
Yuvraj:I will give you Rs 8000 per day.
Suhani:(shock) Rs 8000 per day. Wah meri life toh set ho jaye gi yaar.hmm tell me what must i do.
Yuvraj tells Suhani( no voice hear)
Suhani: nice. But tell me why you are not is your marriage and like the hindi movie actress you are running away from your own marriage.
Yuvraj: Actually i am not ready for marriage and my family is forcing me to get marry.I don’t even love that girl.
Suhani: hmm.So let’s go home.
Yuvraj: Home?
Suhani: your house.Now it is also my house.
Yuvraj:Like this.i mean in this dress.
Suhani: what’s the problem in my dress. Hey i am looking cool in this and please don’t ask me to wear traditional dress.
Yuvraj: ok as you wish but please remove this shirt.You will look good in jean and T-shirt.
Suhani: Hey Chikne on the way don’t forget to buy dress for me.and please buy branded dress.i must look like i am rich.
Yuvraj: Ok as you wish. Hmm What’s your name?
Suhani: I am Suhani Srivastav.
Yuvraj: nice name.I am Yuvraj Birla.
Suhani: Wow it seems like a prince name.
Yuvraj: Suhani, will you not ask permision from your parents to let you do this act.
Suhani: Don’t worry about them.Let’s go.

At Birla
Pratima: Sharad where is Yuvraj? He has not come in the hall also.
Ragini: Mom.It’s good that he has not come.How will he bear that his would be wife love some else and is pregnant with someone else child.Thanks God Dadi has knew this and breaks this marriage on time.
Just then Dadi enters the house.
Mehka: Dadi Are you fine?How did you know that she was pegnant?
Ragini: Mehka shut up.
Dadi: Pratima. Where is Yuvraj?
Yuvraj: I am here Dadi.

Everyone turns towards the door and is shock to see Yuvraj and Suhani wearing garland.Suhani is also wearing mangalsutra and sindoor.
Suhani her mind( What a big house.I will stay like a queen here)
The scene freezes.

Credit to: ruby o

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    1. thank you to like Suhani new character

  2. NAPSHa J

    Dear its just amazing.. I’m running short of words.. I’m desperate to see how they will fall in love.. 🙂

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  3. Just loved it…??? chikne part was so amazing

    1. thank you dear for loving it

  4. Superb episode but suhani is sadakh chaap ladki then dado will taunt her more and more that’s so sad …but bring some twist and make her rich plzzzz than birlas

    1. no Aparna you are wrong.She is a fearless girl

  5. Awsm ruby wat a superb charecter suhani is in…

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  6. wow suhani is too stranger character and too much attitude wah..wahh… ruby super ma 😉

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  7. Ruby u have given suhani a totally different character, nice epi, let’s see what happens next..

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  8. komal sontani

    Suhani ko acting karte karte yuvraj se sach me pyar ho jayega ruby plz read my Quick profile of yuvraj its written by me plz read

    1. now when you have written i have to read it..Nowadays there are so many ff that i don’t get time to read all.Thanks for informing me about this

  9. salute for u

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