An unexpected love (episode 1)

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The house is well decorated.

Pratima: Rags,Menka..come quickly we are getting late.
Rags: Coming mom.
Menka: We are ready but where is the groom?

In Yuvraj’s room..
Yuvraj is dressed as a groom. His sherwani is very beautiful and he is looking handsome in it.
Sharad: Guru Are you happy with this marriage?
Yuvraj: Does it matter whether i am happy or not.. I don’t even know with whom i am getting married.I have not even seen the bride’s face.
Sharad: I have an idea.
Yuvraj: what?
Sharad: run away from here.
Yuvraj: Are you mad or what?
Sharad: look you are not happy with this you can’t keep the bride happy.Then it is better not to get marry.
Yuvraj: How Sharad..Staying with me you have become intelligent..but i am not a girl to run from my marriage.
Sharad:hmm we must think about an idea.
Yuvraj: i am not ready for marriage but no one will understand me. Everyone is forcing me to get married.
Sharad: Ragini bhabhi..
Yuvraj turns towards the door.He is shock to see Ragini standing at the door.

Ragini: i have heard everything and maybe i can help you.
Yuvraj: Really Ragini bhabhi?
Ragini: i have an idea.
Yuvraj: what is it..
Ragini tells them an idea.(voice is not hear).
Yuvraj: but mum and dadi and everyone else will be hurt..especially the girl’s family.
Ragini: Don’t worry about the girl’s family..Just think about yourself..

Sharad,Yuvraj and Ragini comes outside near the car.
Pratima: Yuvraj you come in this car and i will accompany you.
Ragini: Please mom atleast for today leave Yuvraj alone.He will come with me and Sharad. You leave with Mehka,Saurab and Anuj.
Pratima: ok as you wish.

Then Pratima,Saurab,Anuj and Mehka leave in a car.
Ragini: Yuvraj you go alone in your car.Me and Sharad will go to the marriage hall.
Yuvraj agrees and leaves in his car.It is daytime.The sun is shining brightly in the sky.

Yuvraj is driving the car very fast as he is tensed. Suddenly a boy crosses the road and Yuvraj stops the car suddenly as it is going to hit the boy.Fortunately the boy escapes but a girl who was running after the boy falls down because of sudden stop of Yuvraj’s car.

The girl’s face is not shown as her hair covers her face.She is looking at her arm if she got hurt.Yuvraj immediately gets out of the car and approaches the girl.
He touches the girl’s shoulder.The girl suddenly moves and face Yuvraj. The girl is with beautiful.Yuvraj is mesmerised by her beauty.He looks at her angry eyes.
The girl pushes Yuvraj and grabs him by the collar.She looks very angry.Yuvraj is shocked. The girl is wearing jean and a shirt with a knot in front.Inside the shirt she has worn a t-shirt.She has wear bandage around her left wrist. She looks like a cool street type girl who is not afraid of anyone….
(Guys that’s none other that our dear Suhani and she is completely different here especially in dressing sense)

Hope you like it…

Credit to: ruby o


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