An UnExpected Gift From God (hindi content)

NOTE: Hello this is a series which doesn’t based on any fiction please publish it under Fan Fiction Original Series
Hello Guys…This is Riya with my new OS which is not related to any fiction series..
This story is about a girl who is an orphan and longing to have someone who will make herself to feel special…

Okay let’s get into this

OS :  An Unexpected Gift From God

Oh god please save me from these people..
Bohut badi paap hai kya single rehna???
Yeh log mujhe bohut irritate kar rahe hai..
Sometimes i want to give punch in all their face..
Par kya karu, i couldn’t do that…after all they are my friends…

I am kavya…software engineer..from tamilnadu..but working here in mumbai…
Actually i am an orphan..i brought up in an orphanage which was in tamilnadu…after finishing my graduation i got a job here….Except my frnds i don’t have anyone in my life but i am sure i will get the one who will make myself to feel special….

Okay dats enough of my intro..

Now in reality,
I am here with my friends or i could say wid my ofc colleagues…we are sitting in our ofc canteen..
Everyone in my gang are committed except me..
This is the one and only reason for them to teasing me…And this will be the only topic for them whenever we met…

Disha is about say something..

Oops i forgot to say…she is my bestie…

My fav one..whenever my friends started to tease me..she is the only one who always speak for me..

Before disha speaks

Everyone said the only reason why i couldn’t get commit is just because i am a short temper..

I really wanna slap them

But my disha said

D : so what’s the big deal in that yaar….we all get angry…its normal…

But none agreed

She didn’t leave..and she added

D: dekho naa yaar…Kavya ko best one milne wala hai..and god will take sometym to give her the best

Disha winks at me..

Though disha is supporting me they didn’t give up…they continued to tease me…

And on the other side…someone is watching till i came here…at first i thought that it was my imagination..but no he is watching me continuously…

So i already got angry because of my friends and as my friends said i am a short temper…so i decided to show all my anger on him…

i pushed the chair angrily which is in front of me..

Everyone was shocked..

I am little happy that i stopped them from teasing me…

But kavya focus on him…my inner mind said to me

I went towards to him..i could see that he is too in shock

I stand infront of him

Me: what??

He: voh…kav….kavya…kuch nahi…

Me: so you know my name…why are you starring at me??.if you wanna talk with me…den you could come and talk…y are you starring me lyk dis…it is irritating..

He didn’t say anything…and i couldn’t control my anger…it makes me to slap him..

Disha shouted my name…

His eyes got filled with his tears and he went from there by having hand on his cheeks…

Though i am in angry…i felt sorry for him..

Disha is continuously scolding me…i saw something under the chair..i pushed the chair..actually it is a wallet…

Maybe it was his…i opened it..

There is a family photo in it…and I am shocked to see that…actually i am in that photo… That guy, an old couple and me….it seems to be that i am with him….with his family….i couldn’t believe this….

disha dragged that photo from me…and she too got shocked by seeing that..

I searched that guy to ask about this…but he is not there… a man came near to us…he stared at us and took the wallet from me and he is about to go…maybe he is his friend..

I stopped him and asked.

Me: excuse me??? Actually who is he?? Why he is having my photo??

His friend: That is not you..His sister..last year his family died in an accident in his native…he couldn’t live he got a job here and came…after seeing you here , he felt like that he got his sister back…i said him a lot…that you are not his sister..but he didn’t listen to me……and now he might understood that you are not his sister…

He just burst out everything in anger and went….

I Don’t know wat to do…i was totally blank…i need to say sorry to him…i need to…and now my eyes filled wid tears…

Disha slowly turned me and hugs me

D: Kavya …why are you crying…i am so happy yaar. you got a brother… not only you are having your own family yaar

Now i am crying more…coz of happiness….that is a different kind of feeling when an orphan get someone who really loves them….i cried more more…

D: relax kavya…relax..

She calmed me and said

D: you should say sorry to him

I nodded my head….and at once i ran from there to see him….

I searched him in many places and atlast i found him in a car parking

I don’t know wat to say…i just…just wanna hug my brother…

He turned by hearing my slipper sound

He wiped his tears…

Thats so rude kavya…u made ur brother to cry…i scolded myself and went near him..

I try to start first but he stops me

He: listen kavya…i just saw my sister in you…whenever i saw u i feel like i got my sister back…not only your face looks like my sis…but also ur attitude…ur character…everything is same…and i didn’t see you with any wrong thoughts…if you think like that…i am sorry…i won’t disturb you…bye..

His tears is rolling out of his eyes…

I just went near and hugged him

Though he didn’t expect this, he patted my head slowly

i asked

I am sorry…kya aap apne behen ko maaf nahi karengi???

 i just gave a look at him..he couldn’t control his happiness..i could see that in his eyes..and still his tears didn’t stop from coming out of his eyes..

Again i asked…
Kya aap apne behen ko maaf nahi karengi???

He smiled and nodded his head.

My phone rings..

I took the phone…it was disha…

D: wer r u kavya??…i was searching you…

K: oi disha,,.don’t worry…i am wid my anna..he will take care of me very welll

I knew disha will smile after hearing dis and my anna too smiling now

I disconnect the call

Me: vaise anna…

He gives me a puzzled look

Me: anna means brother in tamil…i could cal u as anna ryt??

He: ofcourse kavya…you could even call me with my name..i won’t mind..

Me: haan haan…i wil cal you with a respect only when i am in a good mood…agar if i am in a bad mood….

I paused….

And said

Me: u know wat i mean anna

I smirked

He smiled

Me: vaise anna? Wat s ur name??

He: i am raj…

And that’s how i got an unexpected gift from god..

I thought that the one whom i am going to marry me will make me to feel special…but not… our siblings too will make me to feel special at any situation…

Hai na?????

Hello Guyz…hw is my OS…I think the relationship with our siblings is the best one in this world…and this OS is just a try…and please forgive me if you don’t like this story…and also please bear with my grammar mistakes too…Please hit? if you like this…and also you could hit? if you don’t like this…

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    Love you dear

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    So cute OS !!

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