The Unexpected Arrival (A SwaSan One Shot)

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The Unexpected Arrival:

Waiting in the waiting area of the airport, Sanskar was highly irritated. Checking his watch again, he left a frustrated sigh. The flight was late and he was in a hurry..!!

He looked at the fellow passengers, who were busy at their own. He got up from his seat to enquire about the flight but as he had just started walking, he dashed with someone..!! Both were on the floor in no minutes..!!

Sanskar: Aaoow..!!(rubbing his forehead)

The girl: Aaow..!! Stupid..!!

Sanskar looked up to see the girl who was struggling to get her things back which had fallen from her purse..!!

Sanskar got up and picked up his phone which had fallen down.

“Hello..miss! I’m not stupid, you came in my way..huh..!!” Sanskar said being angry..

The girl picked up her things, got up and kept her phone in her bag. Looking irritated, she walked away in a hurry..!!

“I will see you some other time..!!” She said shouting and walked off.

“Darpok..bhag gayi??..!!” Sanskar whispered to himself shaking his head..and it was then when he remembered that he had to catch a flight?!!

After enquiring about the flight, he went back to his seat again. He brought out his phone from the pocket, thinking to check some mails but it was when he realised, it was not HIS phone?..!!

“Damn it! That strange girl..gave her phone and took my phone..!!” Sanskar said irritated as he was already in a hurry and now this.

Thinking what to do, an idea clicked his mind..!!

“Let me call on my number from her least i have to get back my phone..!!” Sanskar thought to himself and to his extreme luck, it was not password protected. Immediately, he dialed his number..!! He was highly annoyed!!

The girl,none other than Swara, on the other side, hearing a ringtone, started looking here and there..!!

It was not her ringtone, so she was least bothered that it was coming from her own purse?..!!

When she heard the phone continuously ringing and no one was bothered..”yaar jiska bhi hai..utha lo ya silent karlo??..!!” She said to the people around who were looking at her if she has lost her mind..!!

“Mam, the voice is coming from your purse..!!” One passenger told her and she looked for the phone hurriedly in her bag..!!

“When did i put such a ringtone..?!” Swara said to herself being surprised..!!

She pulled out the phone,” why this number is familiar??..?!”she thought and received the call..!!


Hello my foot!

Whoever you
are! Control ha..!

Just give me my
phone back first!

Arrey it’s in your hand..!!

Ok, let me explain.
I’m the one who
dashed with you
a few minutes ago and
you are having
my phone and
i’m having yours..!!

Swara looked at the phone and realised it immediately..!! Her iphone 7 plus was not there?!!

Ok, tell me your location! And yes, don’t waste my talktime?!!

Sanskar left a low chuckle thinking how crazy she was, and told Swara about his location.

Swara reached there running in no minutes. She was panting heavily and was worried if Sanskar browsed through her phone!

Swara: (giving his phone) Here, take this! Phone ka dhyaan bhi nhi rakh sakte??..!!

Sanskar gave her phone back and was about to go when he heard her again shouting, “and yes, change the ringtone??”..!! Saying this, she went away.

Same day, an hour later:

Sanskar was sitting in the flight which had not yet taken off. He was wearing his headphones listening to the calm music and had closed his eyes. Just then, there was a announcement being made.

“Passengers are hereby informed that there will be a 20 minutes delay as there is a unexpected arrival of a girl as a passenger in the plane who is late. She will take 15 minutes to arrive. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience caused.”

Every passenger in there cursed the girl. Sanskar, after listening the announcement, again put his earphones on.

The girl arrived earlier and sat beside Sanskar. Sanskar sensing some movement, looked beside and was shocked..!!

Swara and Sanskar(unison): YOU!

Sanskar: Not again! I should have expected that it was you!

Swara:(pointing her index finger) I was late only because of you!

Both turned their faces and ignored eachother..!! Swara brought out a book from her bag and started reading it.

Both were feeling something different meeting eachother again. Was it a coincidence or a sign of destiny..!! Looking at each other with the corner of their eyes, both were feeling an unknown happiness❤..!!

After one hour in the flight:

Swara was feeling hell bored. She thought to talk to Sanskar, but was a little hesitant. She was not a kind of person who could resist talking..!!

She was munching on her chips like a baby, some of it falling on her lap..!!

With cold drink in one hand and sitting on the chair with her legs folded, she had made it her bedroom!

Sanskar looked at her and made faces?! “At least..don’t do this to the chips..!!” Sanskar said in his mind and again concentrated on his book.

Swara saw him looking at this way and thought to talk to him.

“Hey..” swara said in a voice loaded with chips looking at Sanskar..!!

Sanskar looked at her and raised his eyebrows asking what happened..?!

Swara: Tum bolte Nahi ho kya?? (Don’t you talk?)

Sanskar: Who should talk with you!

Swara (makes faces): How mean!!

Sanskar: Acha, tell me why are you going to Bangalore?

“Actually, i have been appointed as the personal assistant of the CEO of Maheshwari companies! So as to join the job…” Swara said casually with muching chips but her expressions changed, looking at Sanskar’s!

“Don’t tell me you are Swara Bose!” Sanskar said in utter disbelief with a horrified expression!

“How did you came to know..?!” Swara said to Sanskar a little surprised!

“Oh could Ajay choose such a girl?..!!” Sanskar thought in his mind!

“I’m the CEO of Maheshwari company..!!” Sanskar said in a crying voice?..!!

Swara was shocked to the core and immediately made herself presentable and dusted her off..!! She looked back again at Sanskar..”Hello Sir?..!!” She said while forwarding her hand for a handshake.

Sanskar cursed Ajay again and shakes hands with her.

“Sir..ab toh destination bhi ek hai?..!!” She said winking at Sanskar?!!

He chuckled and shaked his head..a smile was playing on his lips..”how i’m gonna handle this thing?!!”


Both reached The Maheshwari Companies Complex which was a huge building. Swara was staring it with ‘O’ shaped mouth..!! Her dream was finally being achieved, now she will be independent.

Sanskar walked in with Swara behind him, following him like a puppy?…!! Everyone wished Sanskar as he walked in and started gossiping too, seeing Swara. Sanskar entered in his cabin and swara without even asking or anything, entered inside!

Sanskar looked back and slapped his forehead in utter disbelief?..!!

Sanskar: Arrey arrey…ask first where you have to come and where not..!!

Swara nods her head like a obedient student and goes back to the door and asks for permission!

Sanskar: You had already came in?

Swara enters and Sanskar gives her all the details. Swara’s dedication towards work was wonderful. She had listened to all the instructions carefully and she was supposed to join from tomorrow.

Sanskar smiled warmly seeing her dedication and dismissed her. He was in a doubt that a girl like Swara, will be able to handle this precious job or not but somewhere in his heart he had a belief that she will prove him wrong!

Sanskar(to ajay): Sambhal legi na yeh? (Ajay winked with a smile?)

After a few months:

Swara was adjusted in the office well and now, she and Sanskar were good friends! They did every project together..with the arrival of Swara, the company was reaching new heights! They even played pranks on the other employees, who were shocked to see their bond as Sanskar never mingled easily!

Swara was on time and as Sanskar arrived, she started doing her duty well.

“May i come in sir ji??” Swara asked Sanskar knocking the door of his cabin.

Sanskar allowed her and she came in with a cup of tea and sat on the chair in front of Sanskar!

Swara: (smiling) Sahib ji, chai?

Sanskar laughed and took the cup of tea..”swara, what about the new tender..?!” Sanskar asked her drinking the Chai?

“Sir, its almost done, i will send you the files right away..!!” Swara answered with a professional smile..!!

Sanskar: (laughing) Bas bas! Itna formal hone ki zaroorat nahi hai?..!! Aur sir..vo bhi tu?itni izzat?!!

Swara: Haha, itna toh chalta hai boss?..!!

Both gave hifi to each other and continued to do their work..

Such was their bond, masti with work! Their bond was growing day by day! Their friendship had started eventually, with Swara’s idiotic habits?!! Sanskar was happy that Swara was concentrating deeply on her work too, it was not being effected.

Swara and Sanskar felt extremely happy with one another but were pressing their feelings inside.

But both of them never knew that their friendship was leading to join their future❤..!

One day, just like any other usual day, Swara was working in her cabin engrossed in her work. She went to Sanskar’s cabin and entered without knocking the door, and what she saw shocked her to the core.

She saw a skinny girl hugging Sanskar! Sanskar saw Swara and was shocked, and parted away from her.

“Swara!” Sanskar shouted but Swara left to her cabin and had locked the door. She felt hurt, but she didn’t knew the reason. That girl was clinging to Sanskar and she couldn’t bear this. She was unable to name her feelings. She felt that it was her place and no one else’s!

Sanskar rubbed his hands on her forehead in frustration that he had hurt Swara!

Swara’s POV:

Why i’m getting affected? Whoever hugs Sanskar, i should not get affected. It’s his life..and i can’t dictate it! I’m just his mere friend, nothing more than that. Swara, you have to be calm in front of him.

I just don’t know what’s happening with me..!!

Swara’s POV ends.

Sanskar had been banging on her cabin’s door from the last ten minutes. She opened the door and plastered a fake smile on her lips!

Sanskar(guilty): Swara i’m sorry..

Swara: Sanskar! Don’t worry, nothing happened. I came back because I had forget something.

Sanskar: But..

Swara: (faking smile)You thought that i left because of the girl? It’s nothing like that! Why would i be affected? Will see you later, have some work.

Saying this, Swara left. From that day, nothing remained the same. Swara distanced herself from Sanskar! She was feeling something which couldn’t be described!

That girl came to the office offenly and sticked to Sanskar! From other colleagues, she got to know that she was sanskar’s best friend from his college.

It didn’t take time in Swara’s realization. After a few days, she accepted her feelings that she was in LOVE with sanskar! Seeing him with that girl everyday, was eating her from inside! Sanskar had become her life..!!

She didn’t had the guts to confess as she feared that she will lose their friendship too. She feared about his feelings.

Her love for him increased day by day and it started hurting her more. Now they can never be best friends again..!! They hardly talked now,they kept themselves busy.

It was getting difficult for Swara to be there with her feelings caged inside her. She wanted to go, far away. She loved him but can’t spoil his life. She was feeling suffocated..she loved him but couldn’t force him to feel the same way.

The next day, she left. It came as a thunder to Sanskar who was already trying to talk to her!

Sanskar: (angry) Damn it! Where did she just go?! And this..resignation letter! Hell..why she just can’t understand? I LOVE HER! Love her to the core..but she? Never cared about my feelings! Was trying to tell her from that day indeed, but was not ready to listen..damn! I know where you will be..!!

Sanskar’s car halted at the railway station and he ran inside in jet speed..!! He was running here and there like mads to search her..

Sanskar(to someone): Where is the train that’s going to Mumbai..?!

“That’s on platform number 2..”

He ran towards platform number 2 and started searching the train through it’s windows..!! Then finally, his eyes found what they were searching from long..!

Swara was sitting in one of the compartments with her head leaned on the window and eyes closed..!!

Sanskar went inside and held her hand and led her outside the train..because what if the train started moving?! Swara was shocked seeing him there..!! She tried to speak but her voice refused to leave her throat..!!

“What the hell were you trying to do? Why you never care about my feelings? You were leaving me without informing me and you for you was it easy?! And that girl..she is nothing to me! She is just a friend..for you i blocked her?!! And have you ever realised that how would i feel without you..?! Do you know what if i was late in reaching here..?! Do you know how much i care for you? Do you know how much  I love you..!!” Sanskar shouted at her pouring all his feelings out..!!

Swara was in a huge shock listening it and tears welled up in her eyes. She was looking at him emotionally..her lips curved in a smile and her heart jumped..

She jumped and hugged sanskar at once..tears of happiness rolled down her eyes and she tightened the hug! Sanskar rubbed her back to calm her down..!!

She calmed down in his arms..!! Sanskar broke the hug and cupped her face..swara looked at him and held his hand which was on her cheek..

Swara: (crying) Sanskar..i’m..i’m sorry..i..i was scared to tell you..i love you and i can’t dream my life without you..i was not able to see you with her..!!

Sanskar hugged her again..”it’s ok..shh..i love you too..!! Now i will not allow you to go anywhere!”

Swara smiled and tightened the hug finding solace in his arms..!! Both promised each other never to leave eachother❤!!

But wait..oh no!

Swara broke the hug and ran behind the train which had almost left the station..??” hello…you..train luggage is inside the train??!! Stop the train idiot..!! My makeup…??!!

Sanskar slapped his forehead and laughed seeing her antics..”how i fell in her trap??..?!” He thought and chuckled..!


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