Undying Faith (Ch 1)


Ahem had gone to get Dharam to MM to marry his daughter Meera who is hurt when she was rejected. When they are on the way, Ahem meets with an accident. However, before that, he sends Dharam to MM to stop Meera’s marriage with Sanskar. The Modi family gets a shocking news about Ahem’s death but his body is missing. Everyone tries to search for his body but didn’t find it. Gopi believes that Ahem is alive whereas everyone had lost their hopes. Kokila got devastated to such an extent that she was admitted to the hospital.

Hetal goes to Gopi and says, “Your Ahem is no more. You need to cry to make yourself feel light.” Gopi said, “No kaaki, I know that my Ahem is very much alive. If he is dead, where is his body? I won’t believe unless I see it in my own eyes.” Hetal said, “Even we are searching for that.” Gopi cries saying, “No my Ahem cannot die. If he dies, I will also leave this body & go to him. But I believe that he is alive.”

She then goes to the puja room and prays to Lord Krishna to get Ahem back wherever he is. Everyone goes to the hospital to see Kokila.Jigar takes all the hospital responsibilities. Gopi too comes there & takes care of kokila day & night. Kokila recovers. Days pass by but no news about Ahem. Police is investigating Ahem’s wherabouts.

Samar gets married to Monica. All are missing Ahem a lot. Meera had a miscarriage which Nayya had actually caused but the blame had gone to Vidya. So there was a strain in relationships between 2 sisters.

Paridhi does not accept Sona as her DIL. She said, “Yeh sab kuch hua jis din Sona ki manhoos saaya yahan par aaya. Sona, nikal jao yahan se.”

Sahir said, “If Sona leaves, I will also not stay here.” Urmila too leaves MM & shifts to chawl taking Sahir & Sona with her.

Motabhai (Chirag) proposes Gopi to to take care of Ahem’s empire to which Jigar agrees. However, Paridhi gets jealous saying, “Gopi neither has the management qualification nor any knowlegde about business whereas I am more eligible than her.”

The family rejects Paridhi’s proposal. She calls Urmila & said, “Maasi, I need your help. The family is ready to involve Gopi in their business whereas she does not have that management degree.” Urmila interrupts saying, “Whatever decisions they took, it is right. Gopi may not be as qualified as you but she has been running achar business for many years & had also been a school teacher. You don’t have any work experience.”

Paridhi said, “If Rashi was in my place, would you have said the same thing?”

Urmila said, “You are not Tolu & Molu’s real mother. I believed that you can give them the same motherly love to them but you have proved me wrong by ignoring the fact that Tolu loves Sona with all his heart. He never cared for her educational qualification. You’ve overeacted when they got married without informing you. You cannot replace my daughter & I’m not that Urmila which I used to be.”

Gopi joins the business as a Managing Director. she learns the work very fast & starts handling everything singlehandedly like how Ahem did.

One day, Anurag comes in search of a job as a pre process trainer in Modi industries. Jigar had conducted his interview & had selected him. On his first day, he sits in Gopi’s chair where there was a name plate in Gopi’s name.

Gopi sees this & is furious. She said, “How are you here?”

Anurag said, “Maam, I’m sorry, it was by mistake. I had come for the interview. Jigar selected me & asked me to join today.”

Gopi said, “Couldn’t you read the nameplate before sitting on my chair?” She then calls the peon who says, “Madam, he is a new recruit. Jigar Sir appointed her.”

Gopi said, “Fine, show him the place.”

After they leave, Gopi starts wondering how Jigar has blindly appointed Anurag? Jigar comes to her cabin.

Gopi asks, “On what basis have you appointed this chap? Was it not necessary to inform me when you appoint somebody?”

Jigar says, “Sorry bhabhi but I took him because he seems to be good at his work. I heard that he sat in your chair & am sorry for that but we need to induct him before issuing him an appointment letter.”

Gopi said, “If I’m the Managing Director, my signatures are needed. If you people have given me this post, no one is going to join here without meeting me.”

Chirag said, “Gopi is right. You have not even informed me about it. Anyway, if he is selected, we have to induct him and do the background verification. Please make sure to inform us hereafter.”

Anurag and the other new recruits are waiting to get inducted. They fill in the details along with the references. They have to wait till the evening or the next day to get an appointment letter.

At MM, Gopi gets many proposals but her family reject them.

Credit to: Kavita Ramnarayan

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