Understanding You (Chapter 1)

Hi everybody , I’m new here . I don’t actually know how to complete this story . Just got the impulse to write it. I’m kind of nervous . I hope all of you will like it .

Chapter 1 : Standing at the edge

Radhika could not believe it , here she was sitting in her room , dressed as a bride for a marriage between two strangers . He was handsome… Why wouldn’t he be? He was named the most desirable , rich bachelor of the year . Fate was strange, here she was , an ordinary girl , a “behanji ” as her friends called her to be married to the rich handsome Mr. Arjun Mehra .She could perfectly remember their first meeting . It was rainy and Mr. Mehra had called her and told her that his son would meet her at the jaguar cafe for tea so that they could originate a mutual understanding . Her salwar was wet due to heavy rain and she regretted this instantly after entering the cafe . It was too expensive to have tea here . the cafe was more like a posh restaurant . She walked to the table at the corner that had been reserved for them. Arjun had not yet reached . Being a stickler for time radhika was early .She was nervous . She gazed out of the window and she calmed . Rain always had an effect on her. Somebody coughed behind her and she was startled . She turned around and was struck with the sight of the man in front of her . She felt like gasping for air .. NO wonder girls swooned at the sight of him . “Arjun Mehra. ” he said . ‘hi , i’m radhika” she said and smiled at him .all she got back was a grunt. So much for a smile ? he looked at her condescendingly and radhika felt too plain and ordinary in front of his handsome face and well toned body . He understood that because he was smirking at her. “look i have no time to waste over your drooling .if u hv anything to say finish it .unlike u i lead a busy life ” he sneered at her . aargh she was grinding her teeth . she could just reject him to his face but she couldnt , her papa owed alot of money to Mr. Mehra and if she accepted for the marriage the debts wouldnt be a trouble… ” I have nothing to say ..” she answered timidly. Not even looking at her he walked off . Now it was official , she was going to be married to a proud monkey!

The day before the engagement was when she met his whole family . They had a family dinner . He was also there . But she had a great time . Though he was an a*s there was no hint of it in his family . they are wonderful people . His mother Nandini was very nice to radhika she had a good loving mother’s aura in her , and a beautiful smile adorning her striking face. No wonder he was so handsome.. His family was like a group of Hollywood actors. He has a younger sis Sam . she was a bubbly , charming girl who was doing her mba. His father was a very warm person . He had liked Radhika and her behavior and had wanted such a daughter in law like her , tht’s why he had come with the proposal. Arjun respected and lloved his family. He was very charming when he was with them. He seemed very cordial during the dinner. Radhika liked that about him . That ended the list if that which she liked about him.the list of what she liked about him kept on growing . He had called a friend of his called neil and had termed her as a commonplace dumb girl with barely nothing remarkable about her or even her figure.s He had overheard this when she went to give the invitation cards to his family .She left there frustrated and angry . Beauty had its appeal but she always admired a person for his character . Now dressed in a heavily embroided saree she stared at her self. She had always thought that everybody had a certain beauty about them . But now as she stared at herself she felt he was right , what was remarkable about her?But no she, Radhika Mishra would never let somebody as naïve as him injure her vanity . She would remain as herself and if he found that a torture that would be his problem. Her beauty would never be revealed to somebody like him . “Radhikaaa, the groom is here ….. Get ready …” It was her mother calling her .Taking a deep breath she gathered her confidence as she was on her way to a dark unpredictable alley……

e was staring at her . Despite being in a strange house , she didn’t seem uncomfortable . She was surrounded by his doting mother and sister . She seemed happy and there was a certain warmth in her eyes as she listened to sam narrating her college stories . Her eyes sparkled with humour when she laughed . Her eyes were very expressive . “kya arjun why are u staring at bhabhi? Didn’t get enough last night ?” asked sam . Radhika averted her eyes to the ground , embarrassed . Somebody had to close that motor mouth of my sis .” I don’t have time for ur silly talk sam” I said and walked away .
As arjun walked away radhika remembered lastnight . As radhika entered his room he gave her a pure look of disgust and said “I hate milk” and radhika started laughing .She stopped seeing his face .He was so angry and said “and I don’t like you “ Radhika was hurt . Nobody had spat like that to her face. “Neither do I like u” she retorted her eyes glazing with hurt and anger . He sneered at her and started walking towards her . He cornered her and she could feel her heart beating fast . She was so affected by his proximity . Her body was giving her queer feelings . . Her body was betraying her. He came close to her and whispered “then why is your heart beating so fast? “ and sneered Radhika could not take his attitude anymore. She pushed him and grabbed a pillow and a blanket from his bed and lay down on the sofa that was near the bed. He looked surprised but then sneered at her and said” looks like u know ur place” . Her heart stung at his words but she just turned over to the other side and closed her eyes .

Well Guys , that’s all for today .Forgive me for the mistakes .Hope u enjoy the story and have a great day!!

Credit to: Veena


  1. Sammy

    |Registered Member

    Hehe nice name proud monkey …they are always fighting ..our cute ardhika 🙂 🙂 pls do continue

  2. Rossy

    Superb…awesome veena….let radhika show some attitude to Arjun also…there’s no raneil or Sara friendship??? I want Arjun to fall first for her n should be jealous…Www so much demanding…sorry

  3. Shubhadha

    |Registered Member

    Hey nice starting yaar..i want first Arjun confess his feelings..then Radbima mishra show her attitude…Hw these bots are so rude yaar..

  4. Aastha

    Its nice….plzzz update fast…….feeling like killing that bastard…….how dare he say Rads isn’t beautiful……….Veena do make him feel jealous when she chats with her friends……….what is his problem??????y us he soo angry ?????? Please update soooooon dear………

  5. Eyn

    Wowowo kya baat hai.. great story yaar.. i really enjoyed it.. pls do continue.. update as soon as possible

  6. Ritu

    Awesome start..if he wasn’t our Arjun then I would have punch him hard…is raneil or rasam frnds here?..post nxt soon

  7. Sweetie

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    It’s really nice Veena dear..Please continue..Waiting for next..Stay blessed and keep smiling.. 🙂

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