Understanding you (Chapter 4)

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Radhika turned arjuns voice and almost gasped at the sight. There stood a woman with a slender body wearing a dress with a deep neck which clearly showed off her ample assets . The dress just reached upto her thighs , and she looked like a model out of a magazine . She was what men would call ‘s*xy’ , “What are u doing here?” Nandhini asked from behind radhika “ Oh , Mrs Mehra , she is my date .”Saral replied with a smirk . “Darling , I would like u to meet the wife of ur ex-boyfriend ,Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra” Saral said eyeing radhika .The girl in the flimsy dress was actually the Natasha who cheated on arjun . Radhika felt her eyes on her but did not look down she returned the stare. Natasha eyes were filled with jealousy . “Oh my, arjun I didn’t know you liked the behanji type .”Natasha said smirking at radhika “She has much more class and substance than many women her” Arjun replied looking at Natasha pointedly , and in her plain sight he pulled her even closer to him. Radhika could feel her heart racing with their closeness. She looked at arjun, his face was still grave . His fingers were piercing in her skin with every look of natasha’s . Suddenly Ntasha came close to them and whispered “u can never compensate for me , behanji .arjun will never get over me” she smirked .Radhika looked at arjun ,he was not saying a word . Instead she saw slight wetness in his eyes .Enough was enough , radhika thought . “Oh , dear Natasha I am sure arjun has learned to donate his old toys to people like saral , he is a grown man now and doesn’t miss his old toys” Radhika retorted with fake attitude , grabbed arjuns hand ans walked off . Natasha was boiling with anger , sam was smirking at her and Nandhini was smiling “Spoken like a true mehra, she is the best for my son” Nandhin said and followed aradhika
Arjun couldn’t believe it , this woman was a tough one , he was about to embarrass himself when she jumped to his rescue giving Natasha the answer she required . HE watched her . and slowly tucked a hair strand behind her ear . She liked at hin with those round eyes of hers and he felt a soothing inside him . it was the first time that he was so close to her. When saral eyed her his possessive part had come out , he wanted to rip him for his sneering looks .All the men were looking at her , why wouldn’t they she looked so innocent and radiated true beauty. “hey , hot couple , do u hv time for me?” arjun lifted his eyes from her face and faced neil . “Neil.. what r u doing here , u said that u wouldn’t be able to come for the reception” Radhika said delightedly , arjunlooked at neil , “Chasni , I wanted to surprise u ,I would of course make it to the reception of two of my best friends !”arjun was not able to comprehend the situation . they knew each other? “Wait , you guys know each other?” arjun asked “Of course, Neil is my childhood friend , and I am his chasni , oh I forgot to introduce u , Neil , this is arjun .” Neil burst into laughter , even arjun felt like smiling , “Chasni , we know each other , he is my college buddy , oh and he told me to call you bhabhiji” neil said cheekily , this earned him a look from arjun . “I didn’t know that , but anyways y didn’t u bring maa?” “aree , chasni , she has gone to her sister’s house” neil said , arjun watched their interaction . they clearly adored each other , but just as a brother and sister , so this was the radhika neil used to always talk about , she was just like he used to describe her , neil cared for radhika very much . Nandhini came to take radhika to the other relatives , arjun and neil were left alone. “why didn’t u tell me that radhika was ur chasni?” “Well ,bro I like giving u surprises , but to warn u , u will be having more surprises in the future .” “What do umean ?” “oh no spoiling of surpirses” then suddenly neil’s face turned grave “I don’t care who is my dude when it comes to chasni , arjun , u should take care of her , she is not like the others” saying so Neil walked away. Neil was right , she was not like the rest…..

Sam was so excited , she had always dreamed of being in charge of her brother’s wedding “ok friends now it is time for us to call on stage the sizzling couple of the day , Mr. and mrs arjun mehra. Both of themwere surprised , radhika and arjun slowly walked to the stage . they faced each other, radhika looked down to avoi arjun’s intimidating stare . she gasped as his cold arm held her waist and the other hand clutched hers . the song thousand years was played and they slowly swayed to it . Arjun was leading radhika she was not even conscious of her movements . “did I tell u that u look stunning today?” arjun said much to radhika’s surprise .she checked his face for hints of sarcasm , but there were no signs of it except helooked much relaxed and was smiling . Her heart melted at his smile “well you look even more dashing if that is possible with that smile” she said . suddenly his face was grave. Oh god she should have kept her mouth shut . Everything was calm and silent around them . they were staring at each other , arjun’s eyes trying to hide his feelings , radhu’s swimming with emotions . once again he was struck by the power of expressions on her eyes . He was so lost in her eyes that he wouldn’t have known the end of the song if it weren’t for the applause that followed it . “Now I think my brother and sister are gonna defeat jack and ross in romance . what a chemistry’ sam announced as radhika blushed and arjun stared at her amusedly at her blushing . Far from the stage somebody was staring at them with eyes filled with jealousy
The night was long and endless that radhika was happy when it ended , all she wanted was to sleep in a warm bed . But suddenly she remembered of course she was sleeping on a sofa , but if everything goes according to plan , she would have a share of his bed .
Arjun was so tired .Damn this parties . He yearned for a hot bath . Radhika had already gone up . As he opened the door he saw radhika , her hair wet ,clearly out of the showr , lifting her pajama’s top and examining her waist on the mirror. He was shocked to see five red nail marks on her fair , baby skin . Suddenly as she turned she spotted arjun and covered herself without looking at him .He was troubled , was she having rashes?. “whats wrong with ur waist ?” he asked before he could stop himself . she looked at him remaining silent. “I asked , whats wrong with ur waist?” arjun repeated his rage slowly rising . Radhika felt his voice burning slowly with anger . “its because u held my wiast tightly” she said slowly , not looking at him , hoping that he would not hear her or just ignore her, instead she felt him walk towards her , she looked up to face his crystal eyes filled with emotions , he looked worried , apologetic. “does it pain” he asked his voice low with a tingeof concern . She couldn’t get herself to say anything , their proximity was affecting her and her mouth had gone dry . He suddenly drew back took a first aid box from one of the drawers , bend down and grasped her waist , she tried to move away but he shot her a dangerous look .She subsided and he started applying cold oilment on her waist , she closed her eyes as it stinged not just at the wound but everywhere he touched her . “You have a beautiful waist” he said in a low rasping voice and suddenly he stiffened , his mask came on and he slowly walked to the shower without looking back .
Radhika had been waiting for long, why was a man taking so much time to bathe .After what seemed like ages the door of the bathroom opened and her hubby came out showing off his abs and radhika quickly averted her eyes. “I wanna talk to u” she said “first look at me” “I will if u put on a shirt , arjun smirked and slipped on a shirt “ok , I’ve put on a shirt now wht do u want?” radhika slowly looked up , breathed a sigh of relief and said , “lets be friends” and she slowly extended her hand.
Arjun was surprised , he couldn’t stop from smiling at the official look she was giving him . “why?” “because we have to live together for like our whole life, and it would be much easier if we wereu knw like on talking terms” she said slowly eyeing him . she was expecting him to shout and was approaching the matter carefully . Receiving no reply from him , she turned totally embarrassed. But arjun grasped her hand suddenly and pulled that she fell on his lap . Lockin her in his arms arjun said “Hallo friend”

Precap: Arjun and Radhika on the same bed .” My PA runs on my foot” Arjun says smirking at Radhika .

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