Understanding you (Chapter 3)


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Chapter 3: The reception

Radhika felt the sun rays fall on her face . Today was going to be a eventful day ,she sighed and slowly opened her eyelids .Her hubby was sitting on his bed after his morning jog and was looking at her .She gave him her best warm smile deciding that she wouldn’t let anything spoil the morning ,not even her throbbing back . “good morning, arjun , u ought to sleep on the sofa , it just makes u have a great sleep and ur back just feels more wonderful. Whenever u want u just have to ask me ,I’ll be kind enough to lend u the sofa” she said and grinned . Her handsome proud husband who always jogs kept on staring at her. “hallo,r u asleep or is there something on my face?, wait u don’t have to reply ,I know I look likebhorror but u ought to know u didn’t exactly marry a plastic Barbie “ saying so she ran to the bathroom and turned around, stuck out her tongue and grinning said”fooled you!i’m the first to bath today.” Laughing to herself she entered the bathroom, something was seriously wrong with radhika . She was euphoric today .One had to look closely but if they did they could see that arjun was smiling .”mad one” he whispered with clear mirth

Radhika was happy that today she was batting first . Arjun could hear her humming softly . He wondered whether She would come out in a towel again . He would like to see her again like that .Surprised at his own thoughts Arjun walked away .

Arjun was staring at the roof of his room . He sighed, his reception would start in less than 4 hours and his best buddy had not yet arrived. Suddenly the door opened to a tall ,well built ,handsome guy ,who was grinning eat to ear. “finally Neil, u r here ..l I thought u would atleast reach a little more early on my reception day .”arjun complained . “oh! Come on buddy I had to celebrate my promotion once I landed in india” “what promotion?” Neil replied with a grin “Now I am officially the most desirable bachelor of the year as u got hitched” He laughed . Arjun walked towards Neil and pinched his ear saying “I missed u buddy” “whhat? I see bhabhiji has not been doing her work!”Neil said mischievously which of course landed him a box from arjun. “Don’t hurt me. I have been appointed as ur official groomer for the evening by auntyji . I’m going to make u a darling” arjun groaned. The evening was not turning out as he had expected.
Radhika was nervous . She stared at the Saree in her hand .

She had never been a good stylist . Sam peeped in and gasped “omg my dear bhabhi u r not yet ready? What r u waiting for?” “hey Sammy it’s too early plus I’m not exactly good in getting myself ready” radhika said in a low voice .”that’s why I am here ,to help u. Sammy the world’s renowned beautician has been appointed by Mrs. Nandhini Mehta to make her daughter in law beautiful .And there is no time to waste .” Sam replied but was reluctant “there is more than5hours to the party” “exactly, we have very little time left!” saying so Sam dragged radhika to her room

“wow! Radhu u look so beautiful” Sam announced as she looked at her dear sister . Radhoka looked stunning in the red Saree which was over her slender ,tall body. She had very little make up on ,but that just added to her beauty . Her hair was let out flowing till her waist. The jewellery for perfectly and she looked like a model . She smiled and her eyes twinkled giving her a natural beauty “oh sis u have such unblemished beauty. “seriously Radhika ,arjun never had time for anything other than office work ,but today he will only have eyes for u” Sam shamelessly teased.Radhka blushed and replied “thank u Sam , u r the only one responsible for this . I can barely recognise myself. And as a reward u can have a wish”Radhika declared mischievously. “My dear princess I shall keep that in mind for the future as for now I am happy for u and i don’t have any other special wish . “sammy declared. Radhika was so happy she hugged sam
The reception was on the great compound of the Mehra’a Mansion . The place was beautiful. There was grand stage for the programs and dancing ,tables were arranged around it . The whole place had lights of different colours hanging .

As arjun walked down the grand steps there were gasps and sighs ,the ladies were sad that he had been hitched but they were still eyeing him lustly . The men were jealous of his capability to swoon ladiea by his mere appearance . He was followed by neil who also got his share of gasps and swooning ladies. Arjun headed straight to his seat and neil satbnext to him. They were talking and sipping on The expensive wine . Suddenly Neil ‘s attention turned .His eyes widened and he was staring at the grand steps. Arjun followed his stare and what he saw caught his breath .Radhiak along with his fav ladies were making their way down . Arjun was staring at his wife and he was dumbfounded.

He couldn’t believe it ,that woman took his breath away .The red Saree was just perfect for her soft fair skin and her sparkling eyes .She had a small smile which was enough to excite her expressive eyes. She also had a slight blush and unlike most women she had very little make up on but she looked so stunning. “so this is your “not my type , commonplace wife. I agree .. she’s not ur type but she is everybody’s type ,man .All the men r staring at her lustly “ neil said ,sneering. Arjun looked around him ,neil was right ,every man was staring sat her with a look that made him angry ,he clenched his fists .such an attention seeker she was. He could barely stop himself from taking her away and locking her in his room . “dude don’t tell me u don’t have feelings for that woman .” neil said interrupting his thoughts .What neil said struck him , he had no feelings for her, then why this wreck going on in his mind ?he would remain ignorant. “call her bhabhiji,neil.” Arjun said to his surprise in a very possessive voice. Neil just stared at him .

• Radhiak was so nervous. Her heart beat was very fast. As she walked down the stairs she felt all of them staring and scrutinizing her . But she didn’t look down . “they will look at u ,with judging eyes ,but u should never lower ur eyes. It just shows that u r weak .And a Mehra is never weak” nandhini had told radhika before they descended the stairs. She looked around ,everybody was looking at her but she was searching for her hubby .Why? She didn’t know but she knew she would feel safe near him .As she reached the bottom of the stairs ,she was stopped by the sight of arjun ,he looked as handsome as a Greek God . The black Armani suit for well on his fine body . One could feel the air of confidence and esteem around him .his face had no emotions and he was an expert in closing off his emotions . “aahh ,I never arjun had such a beautiful lady hidden…” Radhika turned to see a guy sneering at her. He was clearly handsome but radhika was suddenly uncomfortable under his stare . His eyes were piercing into her . She felt Nandhini stiffen behind her .

“Saral ,long time no see” nandhini said coldly. Sarah smirked “I have been busy , the world demands a lot from Saral, aunty. But I have missed a lot “he said looking at radhika . Radhiak was getting angry , so much attitude. “you did ,Saral , u missed a lot , but nobody missed u” a cold voice replied. Radhiak almost gasped as cold but strong arm clasped her waist and pulled her closer to him .She was even more surprised as she caught the a strong smell of cologne and aftershave that her husband usually applied .She looked sideways at arjun ,he was looking straight , but his eyes sparkled with anger and his mouth was pursed . She could feel that his anger was at the utmost level. “Meet Mrs Radhika Arjun Mehra ,my wife ,Saral .”arju said his voice possesive and he pulled her closer to him .All Radhika could do was stare at him. Saral sneered “u hv landed urself a hot one ,man . better job than natty .” Arjun was losing his control ,he would have pounced on Saral but he felt a warm but small hand , adorned with the ring he had chosen hold his arm . He looked up to see scared but beutiful eyes pleading him .He took a deep breath . Those eyes were doing magic to him . If he hadn’t know himself well he would have thought he had fallen for her . “Hallo ,Arjun” a seductive voice pulled him out .He recognized it ,but gathered his courage and looked at her coldly “Hi , Natasha”….

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