Understanding you (Chapter 2)


Chapter 2 :
Radhika could not believe it. It’s been 6 days since the wedding and she already felt like a part of this family. The only problem was her husband was ignoring her . They were staging a drama in front of the family . The script was made on the morning after their so called suhaag raat aka sleeping in a strangers room and pretending as if u were comfortable in the sofa . She had got no sleep during the night . She missed her bed and her teddy bear , rainbow. She had kept on tossing and turning all night . When she woke up in the morning she was so tired and her back ached . But she didn’t tell him anything . He shouldn’t feel happy seeing her condition . When she woke up , he was in the shower and a dirty towel and running shoes were at the door of the bathroom. Mr. Arjun Mehra was up , had gone jogging and was now enjoying a cool shower while she was trying to mend her throbbing back . She looked towards the bed . It was huge . Would it hurt him to give her an edge on such a huge bed. But she was not going to ask for it .She would get used to sleeping in a short sofa in spite of being 5 feet 7 inches . well she hoped she would . she heard the door of the bathroom open and turned around to see her husband with wet hair and pants that hung to his thighs and a tshirt that stuck to his toned body and looking godly come out . She quickly averted her eyes promising that she would never again check him out or be affected by him . She would not help to add to his stuck up pride. “Hey ! when we go down for breakfast I want us to pretend as if we are happy and do whatever newly weds do”he said . “why?” “Because my family wants us to be happy” he shot angrily . I didn’t reply, I just grabbed a towel and walked to the bathroom . I shouldn’t be so easy going and he has no right to order me around . I felt him coming towards him and I knew he was angry . I ran to the bathroom and locked the door .Now for a relaxing bath .!!

Arjun’s POV :Did she just ignore me! The nerve of hers . I will teach her a few lessons . I decided to wait for her to get out .Not that she was somebody who could keep me waiting but I was worried that she would disclose the truth of our relationship to my parents… It had been about an hour ? ,
he had a mind to just break that door . but then he heard her open it . he turned to see her wrapped in a big towel that reached upto her knees with her eyes closed and she was humming to a song. I took this opportunity to actually see my so called wife. She looked so different without heavily embroided saree ,and her humongous spectacles. Her face was so innocent and fresh . the mangal sutra looked beautiful on her naked neck . She was tall but had a perfect figure .Her hair was dripping with water. Arrrrghh!! I suddenly came out of my trance to see her running towards the bathroom .I felt like laughing, realizing that just a few moments ago I had been checking out my common place wife, I followed her . “Come out of the bathroom , we have to talk” “no, get out of here” “I will if u promise to act as a good wife in front of my parents, I don’t want them to be dissapointed “ there was silence and she said “ok , I agree,because they are my parents too , and I would never do anything to hurt them , not because im scared of u or intimidated by you . Now get out. “
He was shocked , so this girl did have some courage , but he didn’t care because though she denied it he knew his very presence intimidated her . Smirking he walked off.

Nandini had watched them carefully . She knew they were pretending . Those forced smiles were followed sneers from her son and scowls from her daughter in law. Arjun barely came early at night and always left early in the morning . They would sparsely interact during day , and she knew they didn’t even sleep together at night. One morning she had accidentally entered their room and saw radhika sleeping on the sofa . No wonder she looked tired in the morning . Arjun was always looking at her as Natasha and nandhini knew radhika was trying to establish a cordial relationship. But Nandhini knew her son . Sometimes she would see radhika’s eyes brim with tears .Poor girl she was being hurt emotionally . Nandhini walked to arjun’s cabin slowly . The office members were surprised to see her . She knocked on the door and heard a gruff” come in “. “mom!what r u doing here?” “why shouldn’t a mother come see her son ? she barely gets to see him at home .” “I have been busy that’s why?” “Hmm I know , you’ve grown too busy to even have time for your family” “come on mom” “Since u r very busy , I’ll say what I came to say . stop ignoring Radhika, Arjun . She is not natasha and never will be. U need to get over with Natasha . Just consider radhika and she will be a wonderful person” arjun looked angry and nandhini knew why “ u don’t hv to question her , she doesn’t even know that I came here. But give her a chance , atleast for my sake and be nandhini mehra’s son ” saying so nandhini walked away .Now she had to talk to Radhika.
Arjun felt his eyes fill . His mother was disappointed in him . He knew radhika would just add oil to the fire . He wanted to slap her , but no , he had always been obedient and he would always be , he would give radhika a chance . and if she didn’t satisfy her role he would throw her out of his life forever .His phone was ringing , he picked it up and and heard a bold but filled with glee voice,”hey , bro tomorrow is ur reception and I am finally coming to meet your “not my type bhabhiji””

Radhika was nervous, tomorrow was the wedding reception, and she would be introduced as Mrs. Arjun mehra .There was a knock on the door and slowly Nandhini peeped in ,”may I come in” Radhika smiled ”What maa , why r u asking for permission?” nandhini slowly walked in , she had a packet in her hand . “Dear , I wanna talk to u” “what is it maa?” “Beti I know that u and arjun are not on a steady ground” ,”maa, there is nothing like that, its just a starting trouble” Radhika interjected “ no u don’t have to explain . though we’ve only known each other for 6 days u are my daughter and ur face can never lie , I wanna tell u a story , once there was a boy who was a little proud but caring and loving , he was innocent and always wanted love like his parents , he met a girl, Natasha , she was perfect to him and he started giving his whole heart to her , and he thought she also loved him the same way , but one day he walked into her house unexpectedly and saw her sleeping with another guy. His heart broke . all his dreams , everything he had about love, including his trust on girls thrashed. He vowed that he would never fall in love again and closed his heart at all except to those he considered family . With rage and revenge he built his empire and sneered at girls who swooned at his beauty and money . Soon girls were a plaything for him and he looked at all of them with the same eye.He became the proud ruthless Arjun Mehra to the society while those who were close to him knew that he was loving and caring. All he needed was a sincere wife to make him feel secure and fill his life with love and happiness . One day his father met a wonderful , positive , sincere girl . He felt that she was his own daughter , and somehow felt that she could break the walls that surrounded his son . And he got her married to his son.

Radhika’s eyes filled with tears . She knew that there were cheap girls like that , but she never realized that arjun was a victim of that .How stupid she had been , she never stopped to even think that maybe it was not money that made arjun so ruthless but his life. “I’m so sorry maa , I should have been more sensible and given arjun time instead of giving him the cold treatment.” “Mrs. Radhika Arjun Mehra , u hv done nothing wrong , I told u this because I don’t wanna lose you . Arjun will be a challenge but you have to change him , he has to get over what happened with Natasha .. OK now emotional part over , I have brought you something” saying so nandhini gave radhika the package. Radhika opened it and what she saw took her breath away , it was a beautiful red saree , and along with it were gold earrings and a perfect necklace to go with it . Radhika was overcome with happiness , “there is no need to thank me , Radhu… I bought this solely for u . Its going to be perfect for u , and u are going to wear it at the reception .There will be a lot of foreigners and models but everybody will be dazzled by u in saree . You will be a true indian beauty .” Radhika hugged nandhini and said “I don’t know how to express it but thank you ,maa “ . As maa and beti enjoyed the moment nobody noticed a person swiftly remove himself from behind the door.

So guys . this is it for today . Some of u had asked me about Sam and Neil . well ,i’m just waiting for the right moment . Hope u enjoy and i look forward to ur reviews . Next update might be a little late ..
Have a great day everybody…..

Credit to: Veena

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