Omkara Singh Oberoi looked at the mere girl who opposed him to achieve his goal.. dared to stand opposite him just for her shop near the temple area… tried to protect her small shop.
“Leave this place”-Om tried his arrogant nature.
“”I managing my small family by this shop from last 10 years”- Gouri Sharma protest strongly to the long haired Oberoi, ” stop dreaming about this place”.
Omkara threw a huge bundle of new currency at her face to show his money power for the first time in his life.
“I can see a horrible person falling in my eyes just the way you are able to see the currency lying on ground”- Gouri Sharma is nothing if not an agnostics.
The bulldozer break her small shop at the order from Omkara.
A man gave lot of money to buy the small dresses specially designed for God.
A small smile appeared on Gouri’s face. The smile that mocked at arrogant Omkara and then self satisfaction to her. She can buy medicine for her mother.
She then took her mobile to search for a particular video..sat on the same bulldozer to break the brand new car in front of her.
“Very daring”- Om whispered to himself. This girl is smart with a touch of stubbornness.
“A shade of Annika bhabhi is in her”- He searched for his mobile to call and inquire about Saahil but it was missing.
“I have to call Shivaay”- Om thought aloud.

“Tring ….tring”… the costly mobile in her hand rang repeatedly and Gouri answered it quickly. She have to gather clues about the owner of the mobile to return it.
“Hello… O when are you returning back”- Rudra was not ready to sleep alone after the first time.
“Who is the O….”- Gouri was curious about this strange name.”I am Gouri Sharma from Bareilly and got this mobile by chance”- Gouri tried hard to explain the situation.
“I called Omkara …my brother and a Gouri received”-Rudra declared in the whole house.
“When Om come.. please ask him to call home”- Rudra tried to make sense,” By the way I am Rudra Singh Oberoi from Mumbai”.
“Very strange… this Oberoi calls his brother by name”-Gouri was amazed.
“Chalo Maa eat some Golgoppa with me”-Gouri tried to change her mother’s mood.
“Tring Tring!!”- The same mobile rang for the second time a very small time interval.
“Rudraji… I promise I will ask Omkaraji to call you back as soon as I found him”- She chirped in to the call.
Shivaay Singh Oberoi was amazed this time. How can a girl talk this much in a very less time.
” Er… I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi…”-He gave his identity.
“Paun lagoon bade bhaiyya…”- Gouri gave him respect…”I am not a thief type chiraiyya .. I will return it to your brother soon”-She again talked in a helicopter speed.
“Another Hindi dictionary”-Shivaay muttered, “like my Annika”.

Gouri threw the Paanipoori in air to catch in her mouth and looked upwards.
“Shit!!!”-the same jatadhari man banged against her.
He looked at the girl with his round big eyes and then at the two mobile on ground.
“Both these are mine”- He claimed,”you are a thief”.
“Hello you jatadhari hippi”- This mobile belongs to Omkaraji… “-Gouri took vow not to hand over the mobile in wrong hand,”you can’t fool me.. I talked with his brothers”.
“Shivaay and Rudra”- they are his brother only,”I am Omkara”.
Gouri bite her lips and hand over the mobile to Om…ran away from him to dashed against Kaali Thakur.

“Annika “-Shivaay hand over a cup at her hand and sat next to Annika.
“Yuck”-Annika spit the bitter drink on his white shirt.
He dropped his cup as a reflex action.
“So sorry Billuji”-Annika apologised suddenly for her mistake.
“Its completely alright Annika… you are tensed for Saahil”- Shivaay had learn to act mature.
“Your white shirt”- she again opened the same chapter.
“I can buy a new one… and got a new memory to cherish with you with a cup of Expresso”- Shivaay hugged and placed his hand on her head.
The doctor came out from operation theater to gave the very good news.
“Operation is successful. He can walk normally after taking rest for a few days”- the doctor assured.
“Thank you Billuji… “- Annika hugged her bhagad billa,”I could have manage alone but you gave me enough strength during the operation”.
“And got some prize in return “- Shivaay thought,”a hug and a stain”.
They both waited for Saahil to gain sense.

“Hello friends… this is love angel to solve your problem in love life”- Love angel declared over the radio on her sweet voice.
“I am calling my brother and a girl is receiving at the other end”- Rudra was the first caller,”I am worried , afraid of losing him as a paraya dhan”.
“Hey… friend your name please”- Love angel asked.
Rudra scratched his head for some time and then replied “Amar”.
“Your brother may have lost his mobile Amar”-Soumya the love angel gave correct answer.
“I was testing you love angel”- Rudra left his shy side,”you are very lovely.. I like you”.
“Huh!!Amar you are asking a question when knew the answer already”- Love angel is very friendly..”.
“I wanted to hear your sweet talk and more sweet voice”-Rudra is expert in flirting.

“Pinky.. Shakti …Jhanvi”-Dadi gathered others to share the happy news her Billu gave her few minutes back.
“Saahil can run now”-This single sentence made Pinky ran to temple , Shakti promised God to visit him on bare foot.. Jhanvi was more in praise of Annika and Dadi thought of discovering an instrument to measure love…
Soumya returned from studio at the time when Rudra cursed Om for losing his mobile to a girl.
“This cry baby called me”- she wondered.
“I already know the breaking news.. Shivaay called me also”- Omkara replied happily when Shakti informed him.
“I am so happy for Saahil”- He added.
“O …you rescued your mobile”- Rudra snatched the mobile from his chhote papa,”That girl was a specimen”.
Omkara laughed his heart out for the first time at Bareilly.

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