“Aah……..”-Rudra shouted from washroom after meeting the horrible himself.
Om awaked from his beauty sleep . Whole family gathered in his room to check on their baby Oberoi.
“Om… long hair is your speciality but why this long mustache!!”- Shivaay was stunned after watching the long line under the sharp nose of his artist brother.
“ha ha…. “- Saahil laughed along with Soumya. The culprits are in open.
“I am Omkara.. you guys made me look like a Samurai from Japan”- Om watched the mirror.
Rudra came out from wash room to see a fare going in his room.
” ha ha ha….”- Soumya laughed at him.
“I know you guys have made my face as a world map with all colours”- Rudy was cool,”I don’t mind it is Holi today”.
“We all did it!!”- Pinky denied positively.
” Soumya and Saahil did the amazing job”- Shivaay gave the credit.
Annika smiled at Saahil. He is enjoying with Oberoi . She need nothing more in her life as long as her baby brother is happy.
“Your face is looking like a canvas Om threw after misusing it”- Shakti made fun of Rudy. Rudra tried to wash it away but the colour is adamant not to leave his handsome face.
He decided to leave it for looking colourful on Holi.
“Sumo.. I will not leave you”- Rudra saw as Soumya clicked both their painted face with her mobile.
Soumya walked up to Saahil and pulled his cheek fondly.
“You are so sweet and cute Saahil”- She praised the brain of the little child.
Saahil looked at Soumya …his secret crush…
“beta!! mann main doosra ladoo phoota”- His inner soul remained.
Rudra get hold of Soumya and the tom jerry fight started only to result in a broken mobile.
Dadi gave a long lecture about Holi and fun.
Shivaay dragged Annika in to pool side by the back door with out gaining attention.
“Again you dared to drag me”- Annika is super angry as she wanted to hear the long boring speech of Dadi as it was very interesting for her.
“I am very daring Annika”- Shivaay threw Annika in to the waist deep water filled pool .
“Help!! help!!”- her shout attracted many attention and Shivaay ran in to his room.
“Didi… why are you taking bath in open pool”- Rudra ‘s logic failed,”fully dressed”.
“I fell in the pool Rudra”- Annika hided the real reason.
The bhagad billa spread all raita and went at a helicopter speed to his room. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind.
Shivaay smiled after getting support from an angry Annika
standing in his room.
Despite of all the problems in their life they are enjoying the art of living. All thanks to the new addition to his family.
“Shivaay threw Annika in to the pool”- Omkara the truth speaking monk told.
“Did they both fight?”- Shakti was more worried for the well being of his son.
“Yes…they did”- Dadi used her experience,” but it was a love fight”.
“Enough of Oh My Maata.. now all have breakfast and we will rock the celebration”- Pinky looked at her Jethani. Her disease is spreading among other like a viral fever.
Annika, Soumya and Prinku joined the breakfast table.
Soumya attacked the aloo paratha looking at an annoyed face of a protein shake Oberoi.
Saahil sat on the provided seat looking at all as they applied colour on each other and on him adding more and more love.
The latest songs from all movies with Holi sequence played in loud sounds and they twirled.. danced on its beat till they get tired.
Saahil tried to go away from there to stumble against the slippery floor.
“careful”- his SSO managed to balance him on… kept his walking stick on side and carried him in his strong and protecting arms.
Annika ran after the retreating figures.
“Thank you Billuji”- she voiced her feeling out.
” I saved my brother”- he has some duty for Saahil.
She had nothing more to say so went to bring some juice for Saahil.
” Next Holi.. we both will dance on the latest songs of your favourite songs”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi promised a little child…his friend.
The new maid Gayathri survived her first heart attack as she placed the bowl of juice on the side table of the bed.
Annika reentered the room to check on Saahil.
“Annika … come to my room”- the good boy asked with a naughty smirk on his face.
“I am coming”- Annika replied instantly..
She don’t want create a scene in front of family. The bhagad billa is searching chances to touch her.. drag her.. pick her up in his arm. She obeyed him in a single time.
“we are going to Delhi today evening”-Shivaay informed after a few calls.
“You don’t have to come with us Billuji”- his pet name adorned with respect from her mouth sounded like the Ramayana in Srilanka.
“I want to Annika”- his Tadi back to form.
“congratulation … you are progressing in a right track”- he teased tongue in cheek.
She gazed every where except him.
“Shivaay .. I am needed in Bareilly”- Om waited for his request to be granted.
“The owner”- Shivaay couldn’t complete the sentence.
” Some Thakur promised to vacant the occupied land”- Om was more desperate to earn 500 crores from this new project.
“We will be going in the afternoon Om”- Shivaay added Om in his plan .
“I can manage alone Shivaay”- Om assured.
Shivaay knew he is capable. He is very strong and can manage any situation.
” Not me .. its we”- Omkara threw a question through his eyes.
“Saahil and Annika are also going with us”- Shivaay told.
“I will manage.. you proceed with Saahil”- Om is also an Oberoi and best at his attitude.
“Om bhaiyya”- Saahil came and Om bend on his knee,”you are looking like Badri with this pony tail”.
“Barun Dhawan”- Rudra tried to remember the hero who had short hair on his head.
“No Allu Arjun”- Saahil watches South movies too.
“Your hair is so smooth and strong”- Saahil praised.
Annika took blessing from elders before hopping in the car with Saahil.
Om and Shivaay took the front seat. Dadi smiled at them.
Pinky ran to the temple at home to give a new wish list to God.
Omkara wanted to stop at the art gallery to instruct his helper.
Shivaay took a right turn to reach his private jet.
“Wow… helicopter”- Annika was excited too along with Saahil .
“Its a chopper”- Shivaay showed his class.
No one heard him as he was left behind. He hurried towards the jet to see them sitting seat belt buckled.
Omkara reached the railway station to catch the evening train to Bareilly.
———————————————— Rudra was left behind to carry the shopping bags of Oberoi ladies. His easy targets are absent so he went to hug Dadi.
“With whom will I sleep tonight”- He thought aloud.

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