Annika get shocked at the whole Oberoi clan was surrounding her bed .
“Now as you have agrees to marry Shivaay”- Tej put the blue file on the side table,”I want to share some thing with you”.
” The accident that make you an orphan”- He further add,I was driving the other car in that dark night”.
“I could not understand the meaning of death then uncle”Annika took a big incident easily “I have a big and loving family now”.
“We searched for you as soon as we get to know about your existence”- Kalyani Singh Oberoi cried hard,” Its would have been so hard for you to manage life alone when we were responsible for your condition”.
“Dadi… you are the sole reason of the unity of this big and united Oberoi family”- Annika left her breath,”leave crying over the past that we can’t control Dadi..”.
“you were our responsibility then..”- Shakti also repent,”I wondered we reached you this in expectedly after so many years”.
“Shivaay told suddenly that he loves you right after kidnapping you for my stupid words”- Pinky Also prayed her maatha Raani,”No wonder the right person to reach the right place”.
“I could have did something for you then only”-,Shivaay sat on the edge of her bed,”I did nothing for you then”.
“Shivaay..You are just 28 right”- Annika whispered,”I am also 24.”.
“How can a Boy at that age can help a girl younger to him by only 4 years then??”
“I did the mistake Annika beta”- Tej repeated his words,”I did nothing for you then”.
“Uncle I got a family after one year of their sad demise”- Annika tried to console Oberoi family,”Saahil and his parents took me in”.
“I wondered then only”- Rudra touched his head with his index finger,”Shivaay Singh Oberoi fell in love this easily with a girl. This is called fat and fortune”.
“Now I am ready to get punished for my sin of stealing parents from an innocent girl”- Tej took his mobile to call police,”I did a very big crime”.
” Uncle now that I got a family from Shivaay”- Annika snatched the mobile,”You have no right to snatch my family from me.. you all are my family now”.
“Your heart is really big Annika.. and you are very straight forward,”I am proud of you”.
“Tej from where did you get this new information about Annika suddenly today?”- Dadi asked her elder son.
“Shivaay gave me this blue file which contains the photo of that couple in that accident “- Tej pointed find at the kanji ankhen wala son of Oberoi.
“Bade papa”-Shivaay shifted his finger at the long haired creature,”Om find it in the guest room where Shwetlana is currently staying”.
“She was blackmailing me to get me arrested for the this acccident “- Tej disclose the truth,”If I didn’t marry her with in a month she will send me behind bar”.
“Now we can fight her as Annika bhabhi is with us “- Rudra is very advance,”Chalak lomdi.. we are coming to thrash you “.
“All the crime she did till today is not forgivable”- Omkara finally told against his fiance,”the blackmailing ..murder and all this property issue ..stealing important file from Oberoi office”.
“Where is Chulbul today”- Rudra searched the sweet and cute addiction boy,”He is the witness of certain incidents.. the icebox thing and the knife she get stabbed.. the Maaya bhootni”.
“He was searching for a robot”- Om cleared the doubt,”I wonder where did Dr. Dang disappeared from the under ground coffin??”….
” We don’t need any thing now…”- Jhanvi got ready to kill the single lady devil who destroyed her marriage life and now was ready to destroy the life of her son,”This regretion from Tej is enough to punish that Chudail”.
“Omkaraji the robot..”- Chulbul get stop on his track as he saw the whole family in a round table …no around square bed conference..,”there is some thing this robot is saying and do do Shwetlana is there with Dr. Dang”.
“Laptop”- Shivaay forward his device suddenly,”Lets see what information the Robot have for us”.
“Police…”-Shwetlana get shock treatment,”Who died among the family member that police came for further inquiry”.
She did not kill any one yesterday. Dr. Dang filed a complain against her for the murder case!!!
“Tej Singh Oberoi filed a complain for the international criminal hiding in his house from last few days”- The senior officer hold her hand tight around the hand cuffs.
“I got the real Shwetlana from the underground room..”- Rudra smirked,”You are not even Shwetlana ..you identity stealer..blackmailer “.
“The real Shwetlana filed a complain against you and Dr. Dang for your crime”- Shakti prayers his Devi Maatha,”Now get out of our house as this is not a refugee camp”.
” Oh my Maatha”-Pinky dragged the police towards Shwetlana,”Take her away soon”.
“The child from that night is Annika “- Tej smiled ,”My detective gave the details about her where about today morning only”.
” Chalti hai yaa do lagaun gaal pe”- The lady police dragged Shwetlana away from Oberoi Mansion…
“Jethani ji.. she went to her real Sasural”-Pinky laughed out ,”Sad her naseeb have no husband written ever”.
“Omkara shall we see a girl for you to marry on the same occasion of Shivaay’s marriage??”- Dadi wished for the second grand daughter in law.. dramatic lady.
Om remembered the beautiful girl he married in Bareilly . He couldn’t disclose the truth to all…
“Ek ke baad ek.. in a long line”-Rudra used his logic,”more number of marriage means more fun”.
“Priyanka is there before me”- Omkara said in a low voice.
“I will marry numerous time for more fun”- The duffer Oberoi get angry glares from all,”to the same girl..my love angel”.
“In your dream duffer”- Soumya defend her self from mayying the same duffer several times,” People dies mistake only once not bar bar”..
“Annika”- Shivaay was left behind as all leave Annika’s room,”tomorrow is the engagement”.
“When is the marriage happening “- Annika act like Rudra,”The biggest mistake you are going to do at which auspicious time??”
“You are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to Shivaay Singh Oberoi “- He hold her hand” look here I am gifting Moon and stars to you”..
“I searched for my bracelet every where Shivaay”- She looked happy,”It was with my sun… the powerful SSO all these times”.
“I got it in my room few days back”- He added,”my solace when you were away from me”.
“These stars and moon are my partner in every thing”- Annika shared her memory.
“This moon and star is mine now”- He hold her face in his wide rough palm and then kissed her forehead lovingly…,”my personal moon Annika”.

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    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thnx. Nita … I wanted to deviate from actual story of IB….thats why connected the accident and past of Annika to Oberoi family….

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    Let’s see what you have in stock for the marriage.I’m sure its going to be rocking.
    Waiting for the next part.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Its not about the age of a person that makes them mature…its their experience with life….that make them sound older….
      You can call me as Astha di.. I am elder I think.. (in my post graduate 2nd year…)…kyun ki I left history before 7 years…ha ha…and Thank you…keep reading and loving me…..

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