“Rudra “-Shivaay sipped his cup of Americano,”where is Om??”
“I have not seen him for three days… not even Obro moments..”- Rudra was in a complaining mood.
“Come close to me”- He then brought hands near his own mouth to act as whispering,”its a great secret.
Rudy is crazy and Shivaay had an effect of his company.
“He is always stuck to that new boy Chulbul…both are always romancing”- Rudra saw them talking about a spark they both felt by touching each other by chance,”they are always roaming together”.
“Unbelievable…”- Shivaay felt his voice chocked “I never knew my own Brother is like this…never in these long togetherness I felt that”.
“He even brought that Chulbul to his room three days back and blamed me for leaving mice in servant quarter..gave his favourite green couch to that topi wala”.
“You are sharing the room with them”- Shivaay got worried,” Three in a single room!!”
“I am afraid of sleeping alone”- Rudra again ranted,”but the next day I shifted in to guest room being afraid of the static they both share”.
“First Sumo snatched my own room…then O brought Chulbul… I can not even shift in to your room now as Bhabhi has agreed to marriage. I am not a kawab mein skeleton”.
“I will built a new and elegant room for you”- Shivaay promised,”on the top floor”.
“I will meet Om now to ask about the progress of Shwetlana case”- Shivaay put his cup back and left towards Om’s room.
The tray fell from a shocked Annika as she saw a beautiful girl standing in front of mirror to hide her long hair inside of her cap.
“A chirraiya… disguised as a chirota”- The girl get shocked after meeting Annika bhabhi inside Om’s room.
“Breakfast for Om..”- She just couldn’t voiced out her feeling,”I don’t know you are also sharing his room”.
“You are a girl!!!”- Annika spoke after gaining herself back from her shocked state.
“A married girl..situational marriage …and left behind by my husband”- Gouri cried her heart out.
“… Your language..”- Annika hugged and patted chulbul’s head,”Om is very nice and helping in nature”.
“Annika too…”-Shivaay is prone to get shock that day,”His girl friend hugging the same Boy whom his own brother is in love with!!!”.
“Nahi……….”-Shivaay Singh Oberoi ran and hugged Rudra.
“That Chulbul should be out of Oberoi Mansion with in one hour”- Both the brothers concluded after discussing,” very dangerous boy he is”.
Om entered and looked at his brother as they shared a look …
“Shivaay come to my room “- Om invited. Shivaay looked at Rudra then shouted again.
“Chulbul… where is he?”- Rudra asked looking at the tensed face of his O.
” Chulbul went to room few minutes back “- Om informed,”he had important work”.
“I am coming Dadi…”- Rudra ran away from there to save him self from getting attracted to the boy Chulbul.
“Gouri…”- Annika whispered ,”Very nice name dear”.
” My jatadhari hippi pati had no mistake ..he just saved me from Kali Thakur by marrying “- The wife defended her accidental husband.
“Jatadhari… hippi!!!”- Annika remembered only one man in this earth…no in Kailash….Himalaya…Shankarji..
“The Lord who have a snake ornament around his neck…ash in his half bare body and the other half covered by a tiger skin…
“Gouri… and Shankar…”- Annika hold her head in both her hands,”I am not ready to meet any mythological character. It was Gouri who prayed…sat on bhook hartal naming it as tapasya…just to marry her Shankarji”.
“Really… My name is Gouri and his name is also related to lord Shankarji”- Gouri tried her best.
Again we failed to gather any proof against her”-Om’s voice filled the air near the room.
“We will …Om one day”-Shivaay patted his brother to transfer some energy…
“Annika … you are here”-Shivaay act like he saw Annika first time in Om’s room,”wait for me in my room”.
“Chulbul… “- Shivaay looked at the boy…then rubbed his kanji ankhen ..she looks more like a girl then a boy..the structure.
“I will come”- Chulbul left with Annika.
“She killed the detective in the last minute”- Omkara told,”We again faced our defeat”.
“Let her do mistakes… this will lead her to destruction”- Shivaay looked confident now.
“The matter is I got this file from her room…among our office file”- Omkara handed over a blue file to waiting fingers of Shivaay.
“Annika..”..the name read…a file related to his Annika..and a full family old black and white photo.
“Annika..I love you a lot”- He fanned her ear with his hot breath hugging her from behind”-Shivaay reached his room with the file.
“I will not let anyone hurt you”- He promised.
“By this time…I know that clearly”-Annika replied ,”Thank you for kidnapping me from the first place”.
“Wel come…”- he maintained some formality.
“You are a kidnapper Shivaay”- She teased for his unexpected move in their first meeting.
“You are a thief”- Shivaay attracted his girl’s attention,”you stole my neend..chain and my heart too”
“The disaster is I couldn’t file any complain for this”.
“Shivaay Singh Oberoi can’t do this”- Annika finally find a work he is unable to do.

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  1. AWESOME!!!…shivika moments were really cute…loved them..
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  2. The episode was nice and leading to mysteries.This time I found that your writing style was a bit different (maybe ).Coming back, How can Swetlana find out about Annika when the great Shivaay Singh Obetoi can’t…Man!she has a high reach..
    Waiting for next part.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Well the writing style differs according to the mood of the author…it was I only not any nakli Astha.
      It is just a ff so may very from the actual story of IB…..please adjust with that…
      Thank you…

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    Astha di , a very big wala SORRY , couldn’t comment on ur previous part . Was really busy . Sorry .
    This part was really amazing. So , finally ani agreed for the marriage. Yayy !! Awesome .post soon ha .

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