Annika waited for her Billuji to pick her up from her new working place.
“I am coming Annika”- He told her that evening from his office.
The black car stopped in front of her in a haste and Shivaay signaled her to sit.
“Shall i put your seat belt on for you”- He came forward for her help.
“I will do it myself”- Annika knew that she will not be able to control her heart beat if the man come close to her.

They covered a few kilometre distance and then the car broke down.
“Phas gaye Shivaay”- Annika was desperate to reach home,”I promised Saahil that I will see a movie with him and I am late today”.
“He will be asleep till the time we reach home”-Shivaay confirmed,”It was before that he was used to wait for you”.
“Now .. do it fast”- She teased,

“Shivaay Singh Oberoi can do any thing… prove it now”.
He came out from the car to repair the vehicle.
“Shit…!!!this is impossible to repair it in this time”-He slammed his hand hard on the bonnet.
“Shivaay your hand will pain”- Annika got worried.
“I can’t throw my mobile now like I do as usual”- Shivaay opened her side and she came out,”I promised myself not to brake this mobile”.
“Can I help you”- A boy with long sleeves and a cap on his head came forward to help them.
“I will help you”- the chirota said,”Here my google chachi can assist me”.
“We don’t know you”- Shivaay was not ready to take help from unknown man as he can’t take risk when Annika was beside him.

“Arre!!!! why are you showing tadi to me”- the boy told,”I was worried as Didi is with you and this place is not good”.
The boy then repaired the car in no time.
“Thank you “- Annika spoke ,”What is your name?”
“Gouri…Shakarji ke kripa se.. Chulbul Sharma”.- The chirota replied.
“Oh.. very nice of you”- Shivaay praised.

“I am searching for work as I am new in this city”.-She let them know her poor condition.
“Tomorrow morning come to this address”- Shivaay gave his home address and his visiting card,”We will help you”.
“Take care of didi and a safe journey”- The guy bid them a very good bye and good night.
“I never knew Shivaay Singh Oberoi took help from an unknown person”- Annika looked at his face.
“Thank God… that Shivaay himself invited you to work in OM”- Shwetlana felt very proud at her choice of servant as she set the trap for Oberoi through
Chulbul,”Now follow my fiance every where and update me about his every move”.
“Jaisa aap kaho Sultanaji”-Chulbul couldn’t’t spell the right name.
“Call me madam”- The chudail show her arrogant nature.
“Ok Ok… Sultana madamji”- She replied.

Shwetlana order her to follow inside. The gas smell poked the sharp nose of Gouri Sharma and she threw a glass of water on the hand of the lady ready to burn and die.
Two men with ran to the lady shouting mom almost knocking her petite figure on the way.
“Thank you”- Her husband’s sweet male voice filled her ear.
She looked at his long hairs flying in air and then she realised her..jatadhari hippi…
her husband in full form.
“Omkara Singh Oberoi”- escaped her mouth ,”This is his home”.

“He is Chulbul Sharma and helped us last night in repairing our car”- Annika informed OmRu as they took Jhanvi upstair to her room. She need rest.
” Annika Di.. late night outing with your Billu.. chup chup ke haan”- Rudra teased.
“Shivaay just picked me up from my working place as it was very late”- Annika explained to the younger Oberoi.

“Annika didi..Shivaay ..Shivaay Singh Oberoi”- Gouri discovered then only,”Rudra.. all the characters she talked via the expensive mobile of her husband when she got calls from his brothers,”all are before her”.
“Hi.. I am Rudra…call me Rudy ..this is Annika di and that lamba Baal wala prani is O..”- Rudra introduced.

Gouri smiled in a very stupid way showing her all white teeth.
“I will come after putting my bag in the servant quarter”.- She need time to digest the result of her great discovery.

The kanji eyed man from last night..SSO the caring bade bhaiyya.. the Annika may be his wife… girl friend or fiance ..the pehelwan is the other younger brother who called his elder brother as O that day.
“Where did you landed your self in Gouri Kumari Sharma”- Chulbul hit his head then put his cap carefully once again,”Aagaye apne sasural wo bhi chirota bankar”.

sounds came from the bed as she sat like a defeated soldier in a battle ground.
She ran out side and sat inside the garden as mouse were all over the room. She was very afraid of the mice.
“Who is there??”- Omkara wondered then went to check and found Chulbul sitting in the garden shuvering due to cold.
“Tu soya nahi”- He inquired,”it is late 11:30 PM”.

“Ab hum kaa bataye Omkaraji…”- Chulbul exchanged her first words ,”Uss kamre toh chuhon ne kabja karliya hai”.
“Chuhe!!!mice!!”- Omkara had an unbelievable expression on his face,” Rudra brought them home from his zoology lab”.

“Chal mere kamre mein”-Om invited his wife to their room.
“Rudra … you brought them home”-Omkara directly blamed,” The whole army in OM”.
“I can see that.. O”- Rudra rubbed his eyes,”you are the one who brought chulbul here not me”.
“Not this poor guy “- Om quickly spoke,”the mice you left in his room. He was unable to sleep due to their harkat”.
“She can take the couch here”- Rudra got perfect chance to shut O’s mouth.
“Tu soo jaa Chulbul”- Om indicate the green couch.
“How can I sleep now in the presence of my husband ??”- Gouri muttered in his usual girly voice,”In the same room with him… my first day in sasural… and first night also”.

“Shivaay I will leave next month from here”- Annika disturbed his mind early in the morning,”I am not ready to stay here anymore especially when I share no promising relationship with the members of this house”.
“No…”Shivaay replied only in one word.

Then it reached his business mind…She want …what!!!!
“I will not let you go away from me”- Shivaay shouted as she ran down stair .
Rudra and Pinky saw her in the stair blushing heavily.
“Bhaiyya!!!”- Rudra hugged his brother,”what did you do that Annika bhabhi turned red like a fresh tomato??”.
“Me… nothing”- Shivaay is always a good boy,”It was she who did every thing”.
“Every thing!!!”-Rudra have a doubt,”before marriage..
very bad bhaiyya”.

“What the wuck!!”- Shivaay shouted clutching his mobile tightly.
“Mom… she is ready for marriage”- Shivaay gave the good news,”she told me now”.
“Mummyji… Shaktiji… Om..Jethaniji…Prinku..”-Pinky used her loud speaker mouth,”I am happy today”.
“Annika has agreed for the marriage”- She passed the message to every member.
“I am going to visit lots of temple in bare foot”- Shakti felt gratitude to maatarani,”taking Pinky with me right after the marriage”.
“Oh my Maata”- Pinky objected,”I am going no where from here before the arrival of my Kanji eyed grand children and after that also”.
“The first takkar wali bahu for our Billu”- Dadi looked at the portrait of late Dadaji on the wall,”OmRu will get the best bhabhi in this world”.

“Shall we invite love angel for your marriage bhaiyya”- Rudra suggested,”She will give you all tips for leading a happy married life ahead”.
“Chup kar khotiyya”- Dadi hold his ear,”just hire the best wedding organiser in Mumbai for this first wedding in our house”.
“She is already in our house… the best wedding planner”- Rudra used his brain,”my Annika bhabhi”.

“I will prepare breakfast soon”- Shivaay tried to hide his red face ,”come soon all”.
“Ahha… special treatment for us on this happy occasion”- Rudra shouted as his ear get more twisted by Shivaay .He is getting more naughty by each passing days.
” Aloo poori is my Annika bhabhi’s favourite”- He shouted for his brother.
“I know that already”- Shivaay replied as he ran to kitchen”Saahil told me”.

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