Annika admired the kanji eyed Bhagad billa sleeping on the recliner in the waiting room.
“He looked very tired”- Annika thought,”he was measuring the length and breadth of the corridor from last night till the early morning”.
“Billuji …Saahil had gained his sense”- Annika tried to awake him,” the nurse informed just now”.
Shivaay wake up in a jerk after feeling the soft touch on his shoulder .
“Annika”- He yawned cutely,”you waked up before me.. lets go and meet Saahil”.

Annika laughed … her eyes twinkled and then gave an unbelievable look at him.
“Billuji wash your face first”.
Shivaay cleared the tiny drops of water from his face and ran towards Saahil’s room. Annika followed.
“You could have gone before me”- he tried to reach her thought ,”Saahil is your brother and your only family”.
“I could have felt incomplete with out you”- Annika replied quickly.
He had kidnapped her to gave her true love that she never had experienced before… a family.
He forced her to sell her house and gave her a home…
“How are you feeling Saahil?”- Shivaay asked sitting on the stool near the bed.
“Like some I got wings to fly in the blue sky”- Saahil is a bit too filmy.
“You will fly Saahil…”- He supported the little boy.
Annika stood silently. How can she show gratitude to Billu after all he did for her.

“Stop there”- Dadi smiled ,”let Pinky do Aarti for three of you”.
Shivaay felt odd as he is not used to these things still managed to stand straight.
“Saahil took the fruit on the Offering plate and ate happily.
“Shivaay managed to spoil you “like he did to Rudra”.
“Saahil this is for you”- Rudra gave a big box wrapped in yellow shinning paper and a plastic flower on it.
“This is the first time”-Saahil started,”I am receiving a gift”.
“This is for you also”- Priyanka handed over him another big packet”.
Soumya encouraged Saahil to open the gifts.

Some pair of long jeans was in the packet Priyanka gave.
Rudra looked sad. He secretly hope that Saahil will open his gift first.
“Its okay Rudra”- Soumya consoled,”ladies first”.
Saahil unwrapped the yellow packet after touching the flower in almost care.
A skate board was there . Saahil was more then happy.
Two things that he dreamed of after watching all the movies.
“I love them…”-Saahil ran to try his gift’s.
Gouri looked at the long haired creature with a respectful eyes as he fill her hair partition with his blood… picked her up in his arm and took rounds around the fire…
mangalam bhagwan Vishnu…mangalam pundarikaskha……..
“come with me”- He is still a human and can’t leave a girl in problem.
He caught the first vehicle to reach the railway station.
“You can go now”- Omkara gave freedom to his recently married wife.
“This marriage was just to save you from angry villagers”- Om added more,”your and mine path are different from this second”.
Gouri couldn’t blame her jatadhari hippi after gaining his care towards her. He is the best human.
“You all middle class girls are same gold digger and in way to destruct the happy married life of other women”.
He may be sounding so arrogant but he could not ignited his eyes. His eyes can never deceive him.
He saw the suicide of Jhanvi Thakur just because her husband was marrying Gouri. His mother’s crying face came in front of his eyes… Suddenly Gouri looked like Shwetlana in his eyes.
“We are married”-Gouri took his blessing by touching his feet,”thank you for rescuing me”.
The word rescue leave a deep meaning in his mind but Omkara Singh Oberoi is not going to fall weak for sugar coating words.
Gouri leave the station to reach her mother.
Omkara sat on the platform waiting for train.

“You are changed now “- Rudra hugged his brother after inspecting him.
“I am just tired”- Omkara told and went to take rest.
“He definitely is becoming another Shivaay Singh Oberoi”-Shakti complained,”he looked move with open hairs”.
“Situation is making him like that… didn’t blame my Billu”-Dadi is always before Pinky to protect her Grand child.
“Haan …Shaktiji… My Shivaay is just perfect”-Pinky took side of her Heera beta.
Annika stood in between them estimating the various shades of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.
The white statues in his room reminded him of a girl with a shop… clothes for God…
“You should go to Mumbai”-Gouri’s mother wished to see her daughter with her Damadji.
“I didn’t want to leave you alone Maa”-Gouri could not explain the situations to her mother.
“Its a wife’s right and duty to be with her husband after marriage”-her mother added once again.
“I am going only Maa”-Gouri picked her bag and came out leaving Bareilly.
She wished not to meet her husband … never as she respect his decision…
“Mann main shanka … lag gayi lanka..”-Gouri also board a train ,”where should I go now??”.
“My brother is ignoring me”-Rudra complained to the Love Angel,”He even didn’t talk to me properly”.
“Who are you??”-Soumya asked.
“I am…. Prem”-Rudra answered after a long time after tiring his brain.
“He is tired and you are very irritating”-Love Angel replied soon.
“Thank you my lovely Love Angel”-Rudra was happy,
“I will call you often to ask various questions”.
“I will recognise you Amar Prem by your voice”-Love angel replied.
“Yeah… yeah… love angel love me and my voice”-Rudra is a crazy fan of the girl he fights daily in his house.
“He had gone mad in happiness”-Shivaay seem worried for a mad Rudy .. a crazy one is managable.

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