Undekha pyaar (prologue)


Undekha Pyaar- Prologue

Hey Guys:):):):):):):) So basically The Silly Five have decided to write a ff together. It’s called Undekha Pyaar. (Unseen Love). It’s basically about the love sagas of Swasan, Raglak and Uttara and Rahul (Rahul is a character we made up) Rautt. Hope u guys enjoy this.


Scene 1:

A girl was locked in her room. She was crying badly. A man opened the door and came in with a stick. He locked the door and held the girl by the hair and pushed her against the wall. He tied her mouth up and started hitting him with the stick. She tried screaming but no use. He left after leaving her in a bad condition. She fell crying.

Girl weakly: Y God? Y? I used to believe in u but u- u do this everyday with me. When Maa was alive she used to tell me that God will give us exams but v need to pass it with all our intelligence. Here I have no scope for Intelligence! Which exam goes on for 16yrs?! Y am I- I- y does he hate me? If u really exist then pls come and help me god! I just want to get away from here. Pls?

She started crying. There was blood all over her. The man had physically abused her so much. She was very weak now. She fell over there itself.

Scene 2:

A girl entered the college. She was wearing traditional clothes with a dupatta on her head which covered her face. She couldn’t let herself be seen. Another girl came.

Other girl: Hey:) Ur new? Friends?

Girl shook hands with her. Suddenly a guy came and jerked her. Girl got scared.

Guy: Oh masked woman!? Secretive huh? Let’s see ur face then! I’ll decide if ur worth me!

He moved his hand to touch her face but the girl pushed him away and ran away crying. Everyone stared and started laughing. The other girl felt bad for her.

Scene 3:

A stylish girl is walking down to a pub in the night. A guy meets her. They both have fun and she comes back home. Her friend is waiting for her.

Friend: Again boyfriend? U won’t change only! Who was it today?

Both sat down.

Girl: Shivam. He took me to a cheap pub. Gosh he was annoying.

Friend: Look I’m telling u. These guys r idiots. Try looking for someone for a life time.

Girl attitude: Idk. Idc. I’m just dating for fun.

Then she fell asleep on the couch due to extensive drinking.

Scene 4:

A guy is surfing online for friends. He sees a girl online. He thinks to make friends with her.

Guy on FB messages: Hey:) Wanna be friends? (Sends request and message)

Girl messages back: Sorry no! I don’t talk to boys!

She blocked him. He was hurt.

The end….

Kya Ho raha hai? Kaun tha woh aadma aur Kaun hai woh ladki. Aur college mein Kaun the? Aur Phir yeh kya Ho raha hai do dosto ke beech? Aur yeh Internet mein Kaun Ladka tha Aur kya irada tha uska? Yeh ladki itni rude Kyun thi? Kya YAHA par koi Prem katha Ho paayega? Padte rahiye Undekha Pyaar.

Credit: Silly Five

Credit to: Silly five

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